Starting a Career While Starting a Family: Aldo’s Seller Success Story

Fiverr empowered Top-Rated Seller Aldo with the freedom to find both personal and professional success.

Aldo, or as you may know him on Fiverr, aldodel, has been a graphic design, songwriting, and music professional on Fiverr for the past five years. While he quickly rose to Top Rated Seller status on the platform, at home he and his wife struggled to start a family. But as of today, after earning enough on Fiverr to afford fertility treatments, he and his wife are now expecting twins! We’re thrilled to share Aldo’s good news and his success story, here:

Tell us a little about yourself. Who you are, where you’re from, what you do on Fiverr.

I’m a graphic designer, songwriter, and musician from Guadalajara, Mexico.

What motivates you as an entrepreneur? Why do you do what you do?

My goal is to be independent and manage my own time. I want to be able to balance time spent with my family and doing the things I love, and that´s why I do the things that make me feel complete (music and design) on Fiverr.

How did you get your start? Is Fiverr your full-time Gig, or just a side hustle?

I started designing on Fiverr a few years ago. Step by step, I have acquired repeat customers, new orders, and good reviews. While it’s currently just a side hustle, I’m hoping that in time, Fiverr will soon be my full-time Gig.

How have your skills grown since joining Fiverr?

My skills have grown considerably, because I have tackled many challenges that I needed to resolve in short time. Wanting to produce a quality final product, while adapting to time constraints improved my process and technique over time.

Tell us about some of your favorite projects.

Every project I take on is a favorite, because I have to make each project mine, and respond accordingly to unique client expectations. So every project is different, challenging, and interesting.

What impact has Fiverr had on your life? Has it changed the way you think about your profession or career?

I started working on Fiverr in 2013, and I spent a few months working and building my portfolio. About a year after that, Fiverr invited me to become a Top Rated Seller. Ever since then I’ve been working harder each day to continue to grow my professional skills.

Meanwhile, in my personal life, my wife and I wanted to have kids. We tried for many years without success. As we are 40 years old, we decided to go for a in vitro fertilization, but it was very expensive. So I started to save all the money I was earning on Fiverr for treatments.

The first IVF attempt was unsuccessful. Although it was difficult to recover, we decided to keep trying and went in for a second round.

We started the treatment again, and a month later, we went to take a pregnancy test, and… surprise! My wife was pregnant! 🙂 And that’s not all—a month later, when we went for an ultrasound… another surprise! Twins: a boy and a girl!

She is now six months along and we are thrilled to finally become parents! Without Fiverr, it would not have been possible.

I wanted to share my story in the hope that it will inspire other doers. Trust that by working hard, you can achieve any goal. THANK YOU,  FIVERR!! 🙂

How has Fiverr helped you find success in your personal or professional life? Tell us in the comments below!

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Siddharth Dutta
Siddharth Dutta

Fiverr made me independent…as a student ….it also showed me what i want to be….currently its my 10th month as a seller on fiverr..i am hoping i can increase my skill set asap 🙂


Good stuff and Fiverr has helped me not only dream of owing my own car but I am a doer. I was able to pay off my car because of fiverr.


Many Congratulations, I know Aldo in person, we are friends, and he has inspired me to work very hard in Fiverr, I hope to become: Top-Rated Seller as is “Aldodel”
Once again, many congratulations !!
Muchas Felicidades, yo conozco a Aldo en persona, somos amigos y el me ha inspirado a trabajar muy duro en Fiverr, espero llegar a ser: Top-Rated Seller como lo es “Aldodel”
unas vez más, muchas felicidades !!

abu yousuf

Fiverr made me independent…as a student..
Thanks FIVERR.
Please see my profile:


“finally become parents!” We are looking to be a mom and dad too, so this story was touching. – Radio Jay


Thanks fiverr,We have know many success story through fiverr.Thanks.