Shahzaib Ul Hassan: What Freelancers Should Know to Survive COVID-19


If you are new to WFH (Working from home) you’ll want to get to know Shahzaib Ul Hassan, a successful Fiverr seller with years of experience. He is the proud owner of an online training school for freelancers and he is sharing his WFH expertise with us. 

Shahzaib’s passion for freelance work began when he apprenticed under his brother who is a software engineer. Through his brother’s teachings, he acquired skills as a software engineer himself, however, his true passion lies in search engine optimization and helping clients improve their online rankings. 

Although there is much traction behind WFH, there are a lot of new challenges in communication and overall workflow in the beginning stages. Shahzaib is very familiar with these challenges as he faced them back in 2016 when he fully transitioned into freelance work with Fiverr. You can learn everything that he knows about working from home through his online platform called ‘Otrainings,’ where he teaches you how to master WFH. 

Due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions working from home was a change that many people experienced overnight. A sudden change is not usually easy to adapt to so it is wise that you hear the advice of seasoned WFH freelancer.  Working from home will test your patience and space, but with the insight from Shahzaib Hassan, you can learn to make it successful. 

We asked Shahzaib what freelancers should know in order to survive COVID-19 and how to navigate the formula for WFH. 

Fiverr: How are you managing your clients with COVID-19 happening right now? 


Right now, I am in Lahore, the City of Pakistan. 

COVID-19 has impacted my work and created new difficulties in managing my clients. So, I am trying to adjust myself, I rescheduled my daily routine all the while keeping in mind the factors of Health. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was harder to manage, but once I adjusted my daily routine it got easier to communicate with my clients. 

Fiverr: You may be familiar with remote work, but is the increased isolation affecting your mental health? If so, what are you doing to stay connected or balanced?


Yeah obviously at the start I had a lot of problems, I felt very stressed, but I have rescheduled my daily routine to ease that additional stress. 

I’ve made sure to include time in between my work to listen to music, watch Netflix, water my plants, video chat with family, and even play some video games! The best parts of my new routine are the online events I have arranged in which I share my online experience throughout all of this. It is great to reach out to my community amidst the coronavirus pandemic. I recently began a Youtube channel and I provide webinars to the Fiverr community as well. 

Fiverr: What tools/resources have you found to be the most helpfulvirtual events/content/articles? Please feel free to share your favorite or most useful. 


Ahrefs is one of my favorite blogs, as my main field is as an SEO specialist and this field is constantly growingI keep up with the latest news from this blog. All the articles within this blog can help freelancers brush up on their skills. My favorite writer is Joshua Hardwick as I feel he speaks directly to my work.  

I also enjoy the Fiverr blog as it is a host for so much content related to my work and small business needs. 

Fiverr: It’s only been a few weeks, but is there something that you’ll take away from this and apply towards your future—saving money from every project towards an emergency fund, updating contract terms, etc.?


I think in general, the Pakistani people are more digital people, and this is a take-away that we, as a country, will all apply in our future. 

As for my specific take away, luckily, my business has not suffered as much as others, but I am motivated to continue the online sessions and webinars. I think it’s incredible that we can create a global impact by simply sitting at home. I think that a lot of companies will indefinitely change the way they work as they will see upsides to WFH. 

Fiverr: If work has been slow in the past few weeks, how have you been spending your downtime? 


Although work has been steady for me, there has been a slight lull that I have been using as a time to reset and catch my breath. 

I video chat with my family, participate in chats on social media platforms, listen to new music, watch movies, and share my experience through my webinars. I have also been periodically updating my website– something I couldn’t prioritize previously. I have a large following on social media so I am making sure to engage them in chat as well as new content daily in order to connect with them. 

I recently gave a webinar on the subject of confidence. I am happy to hear back from the viewers, I see their productivity increase as a result of their newfound confidence. It feels great to try and help others stay positive in these trying times.  

Fiverr: What advice would you share with other freelancers at this time?


I have always told new freelancers that the only difference between a successful man and an unsuccessful one is never giving up. 

Allow yourself time to get into a new routine, work out the kinks along the way, and once you’ve found a routine that works for you, stick to it daily. During this pandemic, you should do your best to stay home, use this time for your benefit, learn a new skill, and later cash in on those skills, but never compromise your health as without it nothing is possible.  

Seek Advice From Professional Freelancers

The key to knowing how to survive through these trying times is to seek help and stay connected. 

Luckily, there’s support out there, and Fiverr is a great resource if you need other freelancers to help you work from home. 

You can also get more in-depth help from Shazaib Hassan on his website and stay up to date with his advice via his blog

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