Pro Power: My Experiences as a Fiverr Pro Blogger

Alexandra Fasulo, aka faswaldo on Fiverr Pro.

Alexandra Fasulo (aka faswaldo on Fiverr) is a 24-year-old writer, editor, and public relations coordinator. She specializes in writing press releases, columns, captions, and blog posts. Find her on Fiverr Pro for your next writing or editing project! 

When I joined Fiverr back in January 2015 (and subsequently Fiverr Pro earlier this year), I never imagined it would become my livelihood a few years down the line. I thought it was an easy way to earn some petty cash. Still working a full-time job, I edited everything from press releases to research papers for clients. The side income was a nice addition to my yearly salary, leaving me sufficiently content.

One year later, I felt the pull of New York City, and couldn’t deny my desire to get up and explore the world. Moving to join a PR firm, I found myself overwhelmingly unhappy at my new workplace and jumped ship for something I hadn’t found yet.

Two years later, I am a Fiverr Pro Seller and professional blogger with the platform that kick-started my imagination, wanderlust, and passion for helping business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.

Fiverr PRO

Fiverr PRO has helped me to find new value, commitment, and dedication to the craft that undoubtedly defines who I am: a writer. As a press release writer, blogger, editor, social media marketer, and content developer with Fiverr, every single one of my gigs comes down to my writing ability.

With Fiverr PRO, I am able to work with an entirely new kind of client: a client that is serious, passionate about their business, and interested in top quality content. It’s a level of professionalism that enables me to envision a future where I work with solely Fiverr PRO clients every day – from wherever I want around the world.

Fiverr PRO Benefits

There are numerous benefits that come from working on the Fiverr PRO platform as a PRO Seller, but I’ll try and keep it brief with what stands out most to me:

  1. Positive Client Attitudes:

It absolutely blows my mind when I see how kind, generous, and supportive Fiverr PRO clients are today. These are people who aren’t afraid to invest more into their dreams and businesses. As a result, they are willing to work with me until we are both satisfied with the finished piece. It’s an incredibly enjoyable experience that helps me fall in love with what I do every single day.

  1. Lucrative Compensation:

After two years of seriously undercharging for my writing services on Fiverr, it’s a breath of fresh air to wake up to orders with price tags that accurately match the amount of time and energy I put into each project. The compensation definitely gives me new motivation to try my absolute best for each client.

  1. Learning New Things:

I love to learn. Part of the reason why I love writing so much is that it forces me to read about new stories, businesses, and developments every single day for my clients. With my Fiverr PRO Blogger gig, I feel that I have more time to perfect my finished product. Since I am researching and reading multiple articles for every single order, I am learning more than ever before.

For example: Did you know that Facebook’s AI system watches Skype every day to learn facial expressions? Just learned that one yesterday!

Pro Power

My hope is to offer strictly Pro Seller gigs in the future on Fiverr. But until then, I am absolutely elated to be working with all the inspiring PRO clients from around the world today.

What are your favorite things about Fiverr Pro? Tell us in the comments below! 

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