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How to Build a Team of Freelancers (to Boost Your Business)

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February 21, 2021

Companies of all shapes and sizes are using freelancers every day to grow their revenue and streamline their processes without having to hire full-time staff. In fact, a Linkedin study shows that “the larger the small business, the greater the use of freelancers” and over 50% of companies ranging from 1-200 employees have used freelancers and plan to hire more freelancers in the future.That’s because building a team of freelancers can be a major boost to your small business.Here's why you should consider building a team of freelancers and offer actionable tips on growing a freelance dream team.

3 Big Reasons to Hire Freelancers (Instead of Full-Time Employees)

While there are dozens of reasons to build a team of freelancers instead of full-time employees, here are just a few key reasons to consider contractors over full-time employees when growing your company.

Reason 1: Hiring freelancers saves you money

If you’re a solopreneur or a very small business, you’ll be happy to know that hiring freelancers can be more economical than hiring full-time employees.That’s because, often, you can hire freelancers by the project or by the hour, which means when they’re done with your project, you stop paying.There’s also way less overhead since freelancers typically use their own computers and other equipment and often don’t work at your office either.Of course, you also save money by not being required to pay benefits like medical insurance or 401Ks for freelancers.Yes, freelancers may charge more by the hour sometimes, but avoiding overhead, HR costs, and wasted time, you end up saving cash in the end.

Reason 2: A freelance team can scale up or down with you

If your company is very small or you’re not ready to start raising money, you may not have the confidence or resources to hire full-time employees yet.The good news is, a freelance team can scale up or down with you as your company fluctuates.As your company grows, hire more freelancers. If an experimental portion of your company didn’t work, stop using freelancers. It’s pretty simple.If you’ve got seasonal demand or need freelancers for the holidays, freelancers make great short-term, part-time workers you can hire cyclically for reliable, quality work.

Reason 3: A freelance team is extremely flexible

Not only can the size of a freelance team change rapidly depending on the nature and circumstances of your business, but freelance teams are flexible in other valuable ways as well.If you suddenly realize you need graphic design work done for a marketing initiative, you don’t have to rally a team of full-time employees you’re already paying to find “someone who kind of understands photoshop or whatever.”Instead, just hire a graphic design freelancer and add them to your freelance team. This goes for any new tasks, specialty, project, or skillset you can imagine.

How to Build a Freelance Dream Team

Now that you’re seriously thinking about hiring more freelancers in 2021, let’s get down to how you actually build a freelance dream team.Whether you’re a large corporation or a single freelancer hiring sub-contractors, building a team of freelancers isn’t all too different from building a team of employees, but there are definitely some sticking points that can cause a bit of trouble if you’re not aware of them.

Step 1: Identify the jobs you need done.

This step is critical. Before hiring any freelancers, you need to clearly identify the jobs that need to be done in your company. If you’re not clear on your jobs, you’ll have a hard time finding the right freelancer to fit your needs.

Step 2: Find the right freelancers for each job.

Next, use Fiverr Business to start curating your perfect team of freelancers.Since Fiverr Business allows you to access a catalog of verified, trusted talent, it’s a much quicker and more reliable way to build a trustworthy team of pre-vetted freelancers.

Step 3: Introduce your team to one another (and clarify roles).

Next, you’ll need to introduce your team to one another (especially since most of them will be working remotely) so they can begin to work together. With Fiverr Business, you can easily move projects forward, communicate effectively, and manage your freelance dream team all in one workspace.

Step 4: Build processes, iterate, and grow.

As you work together, Fiverr Business can help you become more efficient by skipping all the overhead of multiple freelancers, monitoring your team's progress, approving transactions, and setting budgets with ease.Saving all this time and energy will free you up to do what’s most important at work: strategize and grow your business.

Step 5: Hire more freelancers as needed.

As your company grows, you can also expand your freelance team as needed without wasting too much time.That’s because, if you’re using Fiverr Business, a team of Fiverr Executive Assistants will help match you with the best talent for your team, completely eliminating the need for endless guessing and interviews.

Start building a freelance team today

To get started building your team of freelancers, visit Fiverr Business and start learning how to take your business to new heights with the help and support of talented freelancers.

Fiverr Team
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