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Gig Economy News: The Art of Persuasion

Fiverr Team
April 29, 2017

The power of persuasion may seem like something that comes naturally to those who have it. For some, it's second nature. Yet there’s no reason that persuading others can’t be developed and added to your own set of useful skills! As they say, practice makes perfect, and if we can’t convince you that it is possible to become more persuasive and implement more persuasive tactics in your marketing – maybe some of the articles in this roundup can. Follow the Leader The idea that you should listen to the person in charge is ingrained in us from an early age. While entrepreneurship is often about bucking authority, it's just as much about becoming an authority in your field and convincing others to follow along. Here are some great tips from Entrepreneur on how to cultivate leadership qualities that you can use to bring others onboard to your ideas. Be the Voice Persuasion is an art, but sometimes the most surprising things can have unexpected power over people. One example is simply that using the right voice at the right time can be incredibly effective at selling. Check out our insights into how, and why, the power of voice overs can be so valuable in your marketing efforts. Invest in Your Team With the job market so full of seekers these days, it’s easy to take your team for granted. However, you can't build an empire on your own! You need a team who is just as good at, and more importantly just as invested in persuading customers and even investors that your product is the one to bet on. In this piece, Geektime explores how you can create a solid team that will become an invaluable part of your persuasive power. Crowd Appeal Maybe you’re great at the one-on-one sale, relating to your customers personally in order to bring them to buy. Maybe you’ve got a knack for pitching to investors in a boardroom, explaining your passion and why they should be part of it. However, selling to countless individuals who you will never interact with individually is a whole ‘nother ball game. Even so, crowdfunding is one of the most useful tools in the entrepreneur’s belt, and we’ve got the answers on how to sway the crowd with this roundup of expert insights.How will you use the power of persuasion to grow your business? Tell us in the comments!

Fiverr Team
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