Introducing Local Photography


It’s no secret that businesses need high-quality photos. Whether it’s product photography for an eCommerce store, photos for social media accounts, event photography, or headshots — quality visuals are crucial.

Fiverr successfully launched its first photography category in 2018. The quality of work being done and customer feedback for our Product Photography category has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re inspired by the enthusiasm and have spent the past few years thinking of how we can expand. Today, we’re excited to finally share our newest category to help meet those needs. Introducing, Local Photography.

So, how does this work? While nearly all categories and services on Fiverr are digitally based, Local Photography is a bit different. Since we’re trying something new,  we’re going to be rolling out this category slowly. We’re planning a beta launch with verified Fiverr Pro sellers in New York, London, Berlin, and Tel Aviv. The Fiverr Pro status signifies that all photographers in this launch possess a strong portfolio of work across a wide range of photography including: product, portrait, real estate, live-events, food, and more.

As we launch, learn, and make product improvements, we welcome feedback and opinions on how we can make this category as strong as possible. Additionally, if you’re a photographer interested in joining this category, please apply here.

Yoav Hornung
Video & Animation Category Manager here at Fiverr. I’m responsible for making the category a professional and up to date service for both - Buyers and Sellers. Formerly Co-Founder & CEO at, video production marketplace that was acquired by Fiverr.