How Hiring Fiverr Animators Can Boost Your Business

There’s no need to become a pro-animator to create 3D product animations and animated logos. You can easily rely on Fiverr animators to get the job done. 


Animation can convey unique ideas and promote your business.  

Many people aspire to create astounding animation. However, learning the craft requires a lot of time and effort. Not everyone has the time to learn a new skill, but you can hire Fiverr animators who can get the job done.

How can Fiverr animators boost your business? Here are the services that you need to consider:

1. Use 3D Product Animation to Show How Products Work

Selling a complex product? You can easily communicate how these products work through 3D product animation videos. 

Fiverr freelancers offer all kinds of product animation like VFX and preview animations. They have a wealth of experience with different clients and you can easily connect with 3D product animators on Fiverr.

2. Make Your Brand Memorable Through Animated Logos 

 Big brands know that animated logos are the future. 

There may be lots of beautiful, static logos already made, but you can still make your brand memorable through eye-catching animated designs. 

Popular brands like Spotify, Nike, and Skype have used animated logos to attract a consumer’s attention. For instance, this Nike logo is more exciting to watch because it leverages motion. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to be a pro designer to animate the logo of your business. You can easily browse through logo animators on Fiverr and have them develop a logo that you love. 

3. Introduce Your Brand Through Animated Explainer Videos 

How do you sell software and innovative apps? Startups and SaaS businesses can use animated explainer videos to explain technical concepts and complex products. 

Since consumers have short attention spans, animated videos can summarize what your product can offer in a few seconds. There’s no need for customers to research your product or software because a 90-second animated video can translate your ideas into understandable terms. 

That being said, you should hire animators to create whiteboard & animated explainer videos on Fiverr so people can understand your complex offerings.

4. Make Your Streams More Engaging

Experienced streamers know that an infectious personality isn’t the only thing that attracts hundreds of viewers. 

Many video game streamers utilize Twitch overlays and stinger transitions to make their videos more exciting for their audience. These animations are tailored to the style and colors of their personal brand which helps make it more memorable for their fans. 

It can be difficult to determine the look and feel of animated assets that you’ll use to make your channel more memorable. Lucky for you, there are many animators that offer services specifically for streamers on Fiverr.

Animations are the Next Big Thing

Animated videos can easily introduce consumers to your products and make your brand memorable. 

Animated videos can make innovative products and software easier to grasp. You can also make your streams more engaging by utilizing animated elements like overlays and stinger transitions.

Don’t forget to use animated logos to make your logos more eye-catching! 

Wondering how to get started? Simply check out these animator profiles on Fiverr. 

Matt Clunan
Matt is a Director of Brand Marketing at Fiverr. He has 8+ years of experience in brand and digital marketing, working in technology and sports.