How Fiverr’s Expert Gamers Can Help You Win Video Games & Level Up


Can you make money by playing the games that you love?

Game coach Dean Ford is one of the most successful gamers on Fiverr. He earns €2000 ($2,200) per month by providing insights for Fornite fans. 

His success is a far cry from Fortnite champions like 16-year-old Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf who won $3 million at the Fortnite World Cup Finals. However, getting trained by a professional game coach could help you win thousands or millions in prize money.

If you want to make money like these esports gamers, here’s how you can make the most out of Fiverr’s gaming services:

1. Game Coaching 

Fiverr’s game coaches are experienced veterans that can help you upgrade your gaming skills. 

A coach can provide live feedback, find flaws and issues with your gameplay. You can also find coaches for Overwatch, Fortnite, Apex Legends and other mainstream games. 


Their services usually include discussions on character strengths and abilities, gameplay mechanics and team dynamics so you can become an esports champion! 

2. Build Teams

Some games require players to form teams like MMOs and MMORPG games. If you can recruit experienced gamers through Fiverr’s game sessions, you might have a higher chance of winning. 

Getting a Fiverr gamer to join your game session lets you learn from an expert and meet a new buddy. After all, it’s more fun to overcome challenges with friends, instead of going at it alone. 


Matches inevitably improve your skills so you can also compete against Fiverr’s gamers too. It’s extremely hard to score a win from some of these talented veterans, but you can use this opportunity to gain more loot and improve your ranking. 

3. Stream games  

Fiverr’s gamers can help you launch your esports career. They can train you to stream games in high resolution with good sound quality. Some of our professional streamers can record your game through OBS studio for Twitch and Youtube. 

Streaming on Twitch can help you earn big revenue. Some streamers even earn $1 per viewer per hour in sponsored live streams where they are paid to play specific games.  This means that having a 1000 viewers could help streamers earn about $1,000 per hour! 


How to start your first stream? Fiverr freelancers can also help you integrate overlays, add Twitch extensions, add filters for audio and set up alerts. You’ll grow a fanbase in no time thanks to your quality video content. 

Start gaming with Fiverr

Earning money from gaming seems like a pipe dream, but you can do it fast and easy. 

Fiverr’s expert gamers can provide coaching and tips so you can clinch your victory. If you don’t have any playmates, you can easily learn from the best or build a team. Meanwhile, those who want to become professional streamers can hire artists and video editors that can help them pave their way to success. 

How to get started? Where do you find top gamers? Head to Fiverr’s gaming services to jumpstart your esports career. 

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