How Fiverr is Helping Jennifer Bootstrap Her Business


Jennifer Gore, CEO of Weleet, began her career as a copywriter at Young & Rubicam on Madison Avenue. But after a decade of watching the advertising industry fail to keep up with changes in technology and consumers, it was time to strike out on her own.

But being completely on her own just didn’t feel right because Jennifer needs a lot of stimulation and engagement with people, which is how she came up with the idea for Weleet, a social network for independent workers to connect, co-work, trade and share space. She describes the company “as a kind of Airbnb meets OKCupid for co-working.”

Jennifer bootstrapped Weleet in 2013, and launched the company in July of 2014. As with any start-up, one of the challenges for Weleet was getting everything done that needed to get done on a budget. One of the tasks Jennifer needed help with was the company logo. She ordered designs from several Fiverr sellers to try out different ideas and used the opportunity to collaborate with sellers in order to find the right one.

Here it is:

Weleet Logo, Fiverr

“People love our logo, and we love Fiverr,” said Jennifer. “When I tell them we got our logo designed on Fiverr, they are impressed by that, so that is something I feel was a huge return on investment for us.”

In this episode of Fiverrcast, Jennifer talks about her buying experience buying on Fiverr and why she keeps coming back:

Are you a Fiverr buyer with a great success story to tell? Let us know in the comments below.<M/em>

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I am a newbie on Fiverr and i speak French , i try to get the game’s rules
i don’t know where is the button to post on forum to get advices and help
so i tried to contact an admin to ask and there is her nice answer :
“Why on earth did you contact me? I am reporting you for spam and harassment.”

And now she tell me she’s an admin ??? Waw.

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teguh setiyawan
teguh setiyawan

Nice your information, fiverr is best business online.


Fiverr is great place to start small businesses build their logo like Jennifer did. And many things can build through business. Stationary, Web and more…