How Fiverr Freelancers Can Help You Scale Your Local Business


Promoting your local business and attracting new customers may seem like a challenge especially during the coronavirus pandemic. 

It can also be difficult for local entrepreneurs with no marketing experience. Besides navigating the world of business, you may have to create ads, dominate local search, and generate leads. It’s hard to be a jack-of-all-trades when you’re starting out. 

The good news is Fiverr’s marketers have vast experience at launching campaigns at an affordable price. If you need a marketing guru, then here are some services that they can offer. 

1. Local SEO Strategy 

How important is local SEO?

According to Hubspot, 88% of shoppers that conducted a local search via mobile, are likely to contact or arrive at the store within the day. In addition, 97% of customers learn more about a local company through online search than other available means.   

Fortunately, Fiverr freelancers can create local citations so your business will exist on the web. They can boost your store’s visibility on Google Maps and post contact information so you can get discovered in the online realm. 


2. Create a website

Local stores can effectively promote their business by creating their own website. 

An ideal website contains your businesses’ information, latest deals, contact information, and services. But how do you design a website? How can you write effective landing pages that compel customers to visit your store?

Fiverr has web designers that can create informative and eye-catching websites so they can effectively advertise your local business. You can also hire a Fiverr freelance writer to create a landing page copy. 


3. Launch online ads 

Online ads can help local businesses reach out to their audience, especially during the social-distancing era. 

According to Smallbizgenius, small businesses earn an average of $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend on Google AdWords. In addition,  88% of consumers who search for a local business via mobile search, call or visit that business within a day.

How to get started? Fiverr freelancers can create online ads and pop-up messages so you can boost awareness and traffic to your store. Imagine having the ability to send discounts or tempting offers to your local community. It’ll inevitably boost your popularity in your local area. 


4. Lead Generation

Service-oriented local businesses probably need to prioritize lead generation. 

Fortunately, Fiverr freelancers can help you find email addresses of companies and clients within your area. The manually curated email list will include the company’s name and valid contact details of potential clients. 

This means you can reach out to people that are not in your network. 


Ready to Skyrocket Sales in Your Local Business?

Fiverr has professionals that can help you scale your local business and ramp up promotions within your community. Our platform has hundreds of pro marketers that are guaranteed to help you launch effective ads, create attractive flyers and improve local SEO at an affordable price.  

Fiverr Team
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