Gig Economy News: Work from Roam

More and more doers are choosing to break free of the confines of a traditional 9-5.

We aren’t remotely surprised to see that remote work is growing, and swiftly becoming a staple of the professional landscape around the world. At the same time, we are always fascinated by learning new insights into who becomes a remote worker, why they are motivated to do so, and how it affects their income and their life. To celebrate the new AND CO from Fiverr report focused on these new “anywhere workers,” we rounded up a few articles from around the web about working from wherever.

The Future of Work is Anywhere

As mentioned, the new And Co report on Anywhere Workers is a fascinating read for anyone with interest or skin in the remote working game. Detailing who remote workers are, how they earn, and what they do, you can learn a lot, whether you’re already a remote worker or planning to become one.

Grow Your Remote Team

Adding remote workers to your team may be an attractive, but daunting prospect. There are many benefits to working with freelancers all over the world, but if you’ve never done it before, you probably have some questions. Luckily, Entrepreneur Magazine is here with the answers on how to seamlessly integrate remote workers into your business.

Freelancers Make Dreams Come True

If you have a great idea, freelancers and remote workers can be the catalyst you need. Working with affordable, skilled freelancers can turn your business, your book, or in one Fiverr user’s case, your musical album, into a reality. Check out how one “professional” used Fiverr to do just that.

Meet the Future

If you’re skeptical that remote work can be part of your life, then we’ve got news for you. Not only is remote and freelance work booming, but it’s truly becoming part of the “new normal” for businesses of all sizes and types. Take a look at how remote work is changing the basics of business, and don’t be afraid to try and incorporate it into your own life!

What has your remote work journey been like? Tell us in the comments!

Mara Friedman
Mara is a writer and editor who has been working with Fiverr since 2014. In true Gig Economy fashion she has written blogs, articles and copy for a variety of online and print publications.