Gig Economy News: ‘Tis the Season

Plan ahead to be able to enjoy the holiday season without sacrificing your business needs.

Now that it’s December it’s officially time to ramp up and get ready for the holiday season. For entrepreneurs, this can be an exciting time as it’s an opportunity to get your business in a festive spirit, share special deals, and reach new potential customers. It can also be overwhelming to keep track of all the possibilities, opportunities and necessities around this time of year, both in your business and outside of it. That’s why this week’s Gig Economy News is all about how you can gear up for the holidays without wanting to give up!

Keep Calm and Entrepreneur On

It’s tempting to do “all the things” and tackle every aspect of holiday marketing, decorating, shopping, selling and so on and so on but there are many reasons to be wary of getting swept up into the holiday frenzy. Primarily, if you’re burnt out then you simply won’t be able to manage your business at peak levels. So, before you go haywire, check out these hacks and get ready for a stress-free holiday season.

Strategic Colors

This season is usually bursting with colors, lights, sounds and action and you might think that your business, website and social media should be too. However, when it comes to holiday colors, think quality not quantity. Take a look at what psychologists found when they examined effective use of holiday colors for businesses.

Built to Last

At this time of year you know you should be reaching out and building personal connections with your customers and target market. The real question is how do you sustain those connections beyond the season to last all year round? That’s why we recommend reading this Forbes piece on how to build connections with your customers that will outlast the holiday cheer.

Go For It

Remember, even though the holidays are an intense time, they are also short and will fly by before you know it, so don’t miss out! If you’re feeling too overwhelmed to know where to start, then you don’t want to miss out on our post that gives you the most important strategies for tackling this time of year. Take a read and then take on the season!

How are you getting your business ready for the holidays? Tell us in the comments!

Matt Jensen
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Brick and mortar – fairy lights all the way, I love to work with light. Else not much, some decent natural material decoration. A couple special offers.
Online, I´m too busy, working on orders as usual, the main change is the background music, my niche doesn´t lend itself to Christmas specific things really. I adore December. It´s always over far too quickly.

A happy second Advent Sunday to anyone reading this today.

jessy lipperts
jessy lipperts

My business is all about holidays because I organize personalized travel into South Africa. So busy times ahead (and in between some days to enjoy Cape Town Summer)