Gig Economy News: Time to Focus


Finding focus is one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs at all levels face. Whether you’re developing an idea or whether you’ve got a team of employees – losing focus can quickly become a problem. Luckily, this is one issue where other entrepreneurs have plenty of experience and plenty of advice as well. This week’s Gig Economy News brings you tips from around the web on the little tricks you can implement to up your productivity and your efficiency.

Colors of Motivation

Our brains are constantly picking up subtle cues from the world around us without us ever noticing. One of the biggest influencers is also one that we likely pay little attention to – and that is simply color. The color of your workspace can energize or calm you, can make you happy or can make everything seem more complicated. Take a look at our guide to developing an office space that uses color to induce productivity.

When the Going Gets Tough

The tough don’t get going – they stick it out! One of the biggest and most common challenges that we see entrepreneurs facing is making it through those tough spots and coming out the other side in one piece. Times of trouble are some of the easiest times to lose your focus. Check out this article from Forbes about how and why to power through.

Push Yourself

When you get to a spot where you’re making enough money, even if just barely, it can be very easy to suddenly lose your spark – the energy that was driving you to push yourself until you could say you’ve made it. Get that spark back by setting higher money-making goals and achieving them with our tips for 2017.

See the Big Picture

Not sure how to know what stage your business is at and what you should aim for? We think you should aim for the stars! To get a better sense of where your business sits in the normal course of stages towards your first million dollars, take a look at this article from Entrepreneur. Plus, if you weren’t aiming for a million, this article will inspire you to!

How do you make sure you’re pushing yourself? Tell us in the comments!

Hannah Curran
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