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At Fiverr, we’re all about getting things done. Being a doer is part of our core values. Helping freelancers and entrepreneurs around the world get things done easier, better, and faster is our daily motivator. At the same time, we know that focusing on the task at hand and tackling the many aspects of building a business can make even the most dedicated doer want to throw up their hands and, well… procrastinate. That’s why this week’s Gig Economy news is all about making you the best “doer” you can be!

Get Focused

Procrastination is the monster that haunts all entrepreneurs, but just because you’ve identified the challenge doesn’t necessarily make it easier not to give in. This week, we sat down with Henrik Edberg – a life hack expert – to get the inside scoop on how to stop procrastinating and start getting things done. Ready to get going? Check out this helpful interview.

Structure for Success

Remote work can sound attractive for a lot of reasons, but many entrepreneurs also worry that it can dampen productivity. Check out this piece from Forbes that focuses on how the benefits of working remotely can actually boost productivity for you and your team.  

Do Good

While getting things done for your business is always a top priority, lending your skills towards something you feel especially passionate about can also be extremely motivating. Freelancers and entrepreneurs have unique ways that they can contribute to rewarding work that creates a whole new sense of accomplishment. Check out our tips for how you can make the world a better place by getting things done.

Put Procrastination in its Place

Habits can to be tough to break, but have you considered restructuring the way you think about your tasks? If you use it correctly, you’d be surprised how even procrastination can become a tool for getting things done. Skeptical about productive procrastination? This Fast Company article takes a look at how one doer conquered his to-do list and used procrastinating to his advantage.

How will you increase your productivity this week? Tell us in the comments!

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