Gig Economy News: On Top


As an entrepreneur, you always have to have the big picture in mind but it’s important not to lose sight of the small details along the way. From your day-to-day management of your business, to the complete customer experience, you have to keep an eagle-eye focus on all of the finer points. That’s why this week’s Gig Economy News is about different details that it’s easy to let slip between the cracks – so that you can make sure to stay on top of them.


One of the biggest mistakes we often see early-stage entrepreneurs make is seeing the entire world as their potential customer. Not zooming in on your target audience is the fastest way to get lost in the vast world of options available today. Make sure to learn who your target audience is so that you can create highly-tailored strategies to reel them in.

Inspire to Innovate

When we talk about innovating in the entrepreneurship world, many people tend to focus on the side of creating newer, better and bigger products. What gets lost along the way is the importance of seeing the people who are in front of you, and inspiring them to become innovative themselves! Don’t ignore the greatest innovation tool you have – your team. The more you inspire the individuals around you the more innovative your environment and your business will become.

Unwrap Your Potential

Thoughtful design is about considering the entire customer experience – from the moment they enter your website until they use your product. One important detail that often falls by the wayside in this process is the importance of purposeful packaging. If your packaging isn’t serving your brand, then it’s detracting from it. Creating packaging that stands out is an important part of creating a great customer experience.

Use What You Have

Scouring the web for the best tools to become the best entrepreneur out there? You’re probably missing out on some of the most helpful resources that you already have! Make sure you look to what you have before searching for the next bright thing, you might be surprised to find that you’ve got everything you need to succeed already.  

What details will you focus on in your business this week? Tell us in the comments!

Mara Friedman
Mara is a writer and editor who has been working with Fiverr since 2014. In true Gig Economy fashion she has written blogs, articles and copy for a variety of online and print publications.