Gig Economy News: Long-Term Strategy

It's time to start thinking about your long-term plan.

Being an entrepreneur requires embracing chaos when it happens, but successful doers know that strategy is the cornerstone of success. Even when everything seems up in the air, a savvy entrepreneur always has an underlying strategic plan. In this week’s Gig Economy News, we take a look at a few articles that touch on different aspects of a sound strategy for your business endeavors.

Curate Your Content

If you aren’t already using Fiverr Pro sellers as part of your strategy, you’re missing out. One of the best ways to utilize these impressive sellers is in your content strategy. Take a look at the way that your content strategy can be completely overhauled to your advantage with Fiverr Pro. Remember, content should be a key part of your marketing efforts and investing a little in strong content can go a long way.

Email Marketing

Just as content is part of any successful strategy, email marketing is one of the most popular ways to implement content to your advantage. Almost any business can benefit from strategic use of email, the trick is to know your customers so that you can figure out how to influence them. Check out how to use email to sway customers your way from this Forbes piece.

Mobilize Strategically

If you like the idea of going mobile to boost your business, but you’re not sure how to start, we’re here to help. Mobile can be a great strategy for many entrepreneurs and it’s easier than you think. Take a look at our guide to making an app in six simple steps and make apps a key part of your overall strategy.

Turn Rejection Into Your Advantage

Even the best, most carefully-thought-out strategy can hit road bumps. As an entrepreneur, the most common obstacle in your way is also the most frustrating – rejection. Whether it’s an investor, a customer, or anyone else, it’s easy to turn rejection into dejection and want to stop moving forward. However, using rejection as a strategic way to grow and develop is an invaluable skill, and Inc. Magazine is here to explain how.

How will you develop your strategy this week? Tell us in the comments!

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