Gig Economy News: Kick It Up a Notch

Kick your business plan into high gear using these top tips.

Are things going well in your business? We sure hope so! But don’t get too relaxed! When things are going well, it’s easy to stop being vigilant and settle for, “good enough,” when you should be pursuing greatness. This week’s Gig Economy News is all about giving you the motivation and the tools to take your business up a notch. If you’re an entrepreneur because you’re passionate about following your dreams and achieving real success, then this one’s for you!

Upgrade Your Writing

You know you’re a good writer, that’s why you’re finally self-publishing that book you’ve been working hard on for so long. You’ve read your work and checked it twice but wait, before you send your work out to be read by all, are you really sure it’s good enough? Copyeditors are a crucial component of a polished piece of writing, and one that you can’t afford to skip. Don’t publish a good book, publish an excellent one.

Survive to Thrive

Like marriage or a new baby, the first year in business can be an intense learning experience and it can be tempting at various points along the way to throw in the towel. Sometimes just surviving is a step above what you think you can do, but with these tips from The Guardian you’ll be sure to get through and come out on top.  

Boost Your Blog

Blogs are a great way to share your thoughts and experiences with the world, and even make an income along the way. It’s easy to get complacent when you have a solid readership, but take springtime as an opportunity to spruce up your blog with our advice. These tips are especially great for mommy bloggers, but there is something for every blogger to learn.

More Productive Mornings

We know there’s not enough time in the day, but what if there was a little more than you have now? Starting off your day the right way can help you be more productive, more effective, and more successful. Check out these 7 things you should be doing every morning in order to get a little more oomph out of your day.

How will you take your work from good to great? Tell us in the comments!

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