Gig Economy News: All About Chatbots

Everything you wanted to know about chatbots...but were too afraid to ask.

The robots are coming! Well, the truth is, they’re already here. So what does this mean for business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs? While some may worry that increasingly sophisticated technology may spell trouble for much of the workforce as automation spreads – this same tech can actually help you generate more revenue. Read on to learn how.

The What and Why of Automation

The biggest automation trend that your business should be capitalizing on is the “chatbot.” You may have heard of this tool but if you haven’t looked into it you’re probably wondering what the big deal is and what it has to do with you. For a simple beginner’s intro to what a chatbot is and why you should think about using one for your business, check out our chatbot 101.

Harness Data for Growth

Chatbots are just one piece of the growing AI puzzle – that’s artificial intelligence – but there is a key ingredient to any AI tool which you should be using for your own benefit. That ingredient is simply: data. Data is surprisingly easy to come by, and if you play your cards rights you can use data-fueled AI to make significant gains in your business. Check out how you can gain data and use it with this article from Forbes.

Boost with Bots

Still not convinced that AI or chatbots are worth implementing in your business? We think we can convince you otherwise. Check out this article with practical tips and insights on how to use chatbots to cultivate customers, increase your revenue, and grow your brand. After reading this piece you’ll be clamoring to get a bot of your own.

A Human Touch

While we love seeing AI develop and take innovators to new places, we can’t deny that there’s nothing quite like a human for ideating, informing, and implementing advice to build your business. That’s why even though we’ve always got our ears open for AI news, we also make sure to listen to the people who know the biz best. Take a look at Mashable’s list of some of the best podcasts out there for developing yourself and your business.

How do you use automation and artificial intelligence in your business? Tell us in the comments!

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