Gig Economy News: Glass Half-Full


Can you believe that we’re more than halfway through 2017? As we move into the third quarter, take some time to reevaluate your resolutions for the year. There’s still plenty of time to achieve your business goals.  And in case you need some extra motivation, we’ve rounded up some Gig economy news to help you think about the year as being half-full rather than halfway gone.

Inspire Your Team  

No matter the size of your business, recognizing the value of diversity early in an organization’s lifecycle is an important part of creating a sustainable and ultimately positive cultural foundation. Our CEO Micha Kaufman spoke with Entrepreneur about how to scale culture alongside growth through diversity.

Connect With Clients

We hear frequently from people who are already freelancing but don’t live in media-rich areas and wonder how to connect with more clients in order to create a sustainable business. Find out how Fiverr can help you do the freelance hustle over on No Film School.

Stay Focused

Love the freedom of solopreneurship, but struggle to focus in a work-from-home environment? This one is for you. In this article, Forbes tackles one of the biggest challenges which is also one of the biggest benefits of entrepreneurship: working from home. It’s time to get stuff done even without leaving the house.

Aim High

Who wants to be a millionaire?! Umm, everyone—and it is more achievable than you may think! After all, plenty of entrepreneurs before you have done it. So what’s the secret to success? Entrepreneur Magazine has a few insights with their 10 tips to become a millionaire this year. This is one you can’t afford not to read.

What do you still hope to achieve this year?? Tell us in the comments below!

Hannah Curran
Hannah Curran is Fiverr's Social Media and Content Manager. Originally from Connecticut, she lives in California and works out of our San Francisco office. Have an idea for the Fiverr blog? Connect with her on LinkedIn.
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kashif ali

i want to get a job to fulfill my feeses of university , i got fiverr and do some work for clients and now i see it is easier to get in toucch with customers in this year i want to earn about 4000$ but how i maitain time but some i am not getting order