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Is your #YearOfDo commitment to increase your income? Read on!

While we’re all about the empowerment that joining the Gig Economy can bring, we never forget that at the end of the day we all want to get paid! Money matters are on every entrepreneur’s mind in every stage, sometimes in a positive way and sometimes in a more stressful way. Wherever you are on the money spectrum, and whatever is going on with your business, this week’s Gig Economy News is all about insights on income from a variety of angles.

Get Paid to Travel

Yeah, you read that right. As champions of a life outside of the 9 to 5, it’s critical we share as much as we can about how entrepreneurs live, work, and thrive. So Fiverr is looking to add a Chief Digital Nomad to their global team of doers for a contract position over the next four months, traveling around the world to discover, uncover, and report on entrepreneurial lives abroad. Think you’d be a great fit? Apply here.

Business Tools

Entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of Fiverr. We’re a platform designed to connect freelancers with serious business buyers like you—and serious business buyers need serious tools. So we’re introducing Fiverr Business Tools, a new and improved set of features designed to help small and midsize business teams work better together on Fiverr. Get started here.


We’ve addressed the importance of social media marketing but it’s worth taking a step back to evaluate which platform and strategy can be most beneficial to boosting your business. Last year was the year of Instagram, and we predict that Instagram will continue to be a strong performer in revenue-increasing marketing in the year ahead. Instagram is unique in that it offers the opportunity to highlight the unique and fascinating life behind the scenes of a freelancer. When people connect with your images, they’re likely to also become patrons of your business.

Let the Pros Help

You know that you need high-quality services to turn your business into a high-quality operation, and Fiverr Pro makes those services accessible to businesses around the world looking to grow their revenue. If you’re unsure if Fiverr Pro could be a good fit for your business, then this interview offers important pearls of wisdom! Check it out to see how one business owner used Fiverr Pro to turn his pearl business into an “overnight success.”


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Hannah Curran
Hannah Curran is Fiverr's Social Media and Content Manager. Originally from Connecticut, she lives in California and works out of our San Francisco office. Have an idea for the Fiverr blog? Connect with her on LinkedIn.