Gig Economy News: Get Out the Vote

Don't forget to vote on (or before) 11/6!

Election season is here, and freelancers are going to the polls! All around the world, politicians are paying more attention to freelancers’ needs and concerns. This is great news for the future of work, especially for all of you entrepreneurs out there! For this special election week issue, we gathered all the news about how the freelancer vote is impacting policies in the US and around the world.

First – A Tip

How have freelancers gained political clout? The more freelancers earn, the more they contribute to the global economy and the more important their voice is in elections at every level. If you’re looking to grow your freelance business and your voice, but feeling a bit stuck, be sure to check out our top skills that can help you land new clients.

Strength in Numbers

If you’re wondering exactly why policymakers are suddenly taking notice of the freelancer bloc, we’ve got the answers for you in this recent Forbes article. The short answer: the number of freelancers is skyrocketing and the demand to update the basic infrastructures of our day-to-day lives to reflect this trend.

Get Out the Vote

So what does all this mean for freelancers and how are freelance voters affecting American politics? We were wondering just that, so we set out to get some answers. Take a look at what we discovered in our latest post which includes an overview on the hows and whys of the freelancer vote.

Be Heard

One of the most interesting things about the freelancer vote comes from this Fast Company article which explores the intricacies of voting trends and political activism. It turns out that freelancers are more likely to vote against their party lines, and are more likely to be active politically. We’re not surprised that freelancers go against the flow!

Freelancers, what issues are important to you? Tell us in the comments!

Mara Friedman
Mara is a writer and editor who has been working with Fiverr since 2014. In true Gig Economy fashion she has written blogs, articles and copy for a variety of online and print publications.
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