Gig Economy News: Building From the Ground Up

Tips and insights on how to start small and build a solid foundation as you go.

All entrepreneurs have big ideas and big dreams—that’s part of what allows them to think outside the box and take the leap into new territory. But it can be a challenge to start small while thinking big. If you build too fast, then you might be setting yourself up to fail. Setting up a solid foundation and scaling in sustainable increments are the ingredients to a successful entrepreneurship venture. We rounded up insights from around the web on how to start small and grow as you go.

Know Yourself

You are the hero in your own entrepreneurship story, but do you have everything you need to succeed? Before you shift your entire life to a new career, be sure to check out this article which provides some helpful advice on how to do that wisely so that you can really be an entrepreneurship hero.  

Don’t Shy Away from Support

You may be the hero of your entrepreneurial journey, but heroes know when they need a sidekick in order to get the job done! Even the most talented jack-of-all-trades will have an area of weakness, but there is no reason that your business should suffer just because you can’t be an expert at everything. Knowing when to outsource some aspects of your business, or just individual tasks, can be a lifesaver in this whirlwind experience.

Power Through

When you’re doing something new and when it all rests on your shoulders, it’s easy to be tempted to quit and go back to the simple life of the rat race. Don’t give up though! Even the most frustrating challenges can be overcome if you approach them from the right angle. When times get tough and you just want to throw in the towel, keep in mind this advice from the Huffington Post on what to do when you feel like quitting.

No Accomplishment is Too Small

When this Texas mom started her small business on Fiverr, even the people closest to her laughed at the idea. But she carried on and pushed through and today she’s got a booming digital marketing business. Starting with $5 sales can lead to great things. heck out how one woman got from starting small to becoming a full-on entrepreneur.

How do you keep your eye on the prize even when you face challenges? Tell us in the comments!  

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