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We often talk about the power of entrepreneurship, but too often we forget to highlight the amazing capabilities of the real engine of innovation: people. People and their ideas, their dreams, and their willingness to take risks are what keeps the world moving forward, and the Gig economy moving faster. With that in mind, this week’s Gig Economy News celebrates the power of people and gives you some insights into how you can harness that power for your business’ growth.

Hunger For More

Every once in a while we are struck by the story of a doer who took a challenge that life threw at them and turned it into an opportunity. GiGi DuBois’ story is one such example. Faced with a variety of allergies and food challenges, GiGi took the bull by the horns and has created a personality-powered brand helping people navigate the world with food restrictions without sacrificing the spices of life. Check out how GiGi has turned an obstacle into an opportunity and get those creative juices flowing for your own endeavors.

Influencing for Growth

At the end of the day, people trust people more than anything else. That’s why things like reviews and feedback are much more powerful sales tools than almost anything else. Another growing trend is employing influencers to talk up your brand and get more people on board. This can be a great strategy – if you do it right. Check out this article from Forbes on the do’s and don’t’s of hiring an influencer to represent your brand.

Partner Up?

They say two heads are better than one, but are those words to live by when it comes to starting your own business? We think it depends. Sometimes having a business partner can be the secret ingredient for a successful launch. Sometimes a partner can end up adding dead weight and holding you back. Before you sign someone on, check out our post on the ins and outs and ups and downs of taking on a business partner in your next project.

Watch your Words

Just as people – customers, employees, mentors and more – can be a tool for growth, they are also hard to please and there are some easy ways to lose your audience’s trust and their loyalty which are actually avoidable. One of the fastest ways to lose customers’ trust is by having a website or publicity materials with lots of spelling and grammar errors. Not to worry, Geektime has got you covered with this list of tools for being the best writer possible. With an impeccably written site, your readers are sure to be impressed.

How do people drive your business forward? Tell us in the comments!

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