The Fiverr Super Seller With a Truly Awesome Reputation: Twistedweb123


Adam, aka twistedweb123 is a Top Rated Seller who has done just that through a range of Gigs from social media design and website optimization to business tips. When we saw that one of his Gigs reached over 1,000 positive reviews with zero negative reviews, we just had to showcase him.

Provide Clear Gig Instructions

You need to make sure your Gig instructions are well written. There are a few rules I follow when writing instructions:

  1. Break it down into steps for the buyer. Giving them clear steps to follow will help buyers understand the information you need and make it easy for them to provide it.
  2. You may be working on a computer, but treat customers like you would in real life, make that personal connection. All of my instructions end with a thank you message and my name. From then on, 90% of buyers reference my name back to me. This also helps with repeat customers. I’ll often get former customers connecting with me through messages on a first name basis.
  3. Keep your instructions up to date. As you work more, you may realize some buyers miss things, or certain aspects have changed.

For example: I create Twitter backgrounds with installation as a Gig extra. To perform the installation, I need the buyer’s login details. I noticed a lot of orders were coming in with the extra purchase, but no one was providing the login details. This slowed down my order delivery times. I amended that, which further shaved down my delivery time, making it both cost effective for me and quick for the buyer.

Offer Good Customer Service

I would be lying if I said I never had a bad buyer or experience. I think the true testament of a seller is how they handle it. This weeds out the serious sellers out from the fly-by-night. If a buyer is unhappy, I offer numerous options in stages.

When applicable, I offer to make changes as per their request or offer personal consultation via messages. Don’t forget, your time and experience is worth money.

If changes cannot be made, I offer to provide a Gig extra (Between $5 and $10) for free.

If this is declined, I offer to provide another Gig at a discount or free.

If this can still not be settled, I usually offer a refund. It depends on the situation. If I feel I have done my best and the buyer made no indication of being unhappy during the order, I will contact support for help. I never mark an order as complete unless I am 100% confident they will love it.

As a seller, don’t get mad and more importantly, do not leave the buyer negative feedback, this will just fuel the fire. Always contact the buyer to see exactly what the problem was. Based on their reply, you’ll know how to move forward.

I have seen myself stretching over days to complete an order through messages and revisions. This may sound like overkill, but while the difficult buyers are usually the hardest to please and have the highest standard; when they leave happy, they’ll recommend you as a seller to others.

Turning Negative Feedback into a Positive

This has happened once or twice in my earlier days. Generally, when creating a new Gig, you won’t know how good it is until others sample it, so I want to hear the buyer’s feedback.

When I start a new Gig, I NEVER auto mark it as complete until I hear exactly what the buyer thinks. I then use their feedback to tweak the Gig and make it perfect for the future.

It is important to invest this time when offering a new Gig. After the tweaks on the individual order and as a whole, I am able to thank them for their constructive feedback, deliver to them a great product and in return receive great feedback.

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