Achieving in an Oversaturated Market: Fine Rug Collection’s Fiverr Success Story

Itay Drory

Success isn’t an avenue that’s simply provided for you – it’s a route that’s grafted through time and effort. Across all the hours you could possibly pour into an opportunity, not every single step is going to be positive. Setbacks and gains will constantly pop up but everything down the path is one, singular thing: progress. We at Fine Rug Collection are motivated by this passion for constant growth in order to provide affordable Oriental and Persian rugs to anyone who seeks their luxury.

Tell us a little about yourself. Who you are, where you’re from, what you do on Fiverr.

Since Fine Rug Collection’s conception, we knew the exact service and means we wanted to prove to our customers. Our company is straightforward in the service it offers: high quality, one of a kind Oriental carpets that are accessible and easy for our consumers to obtain. The goal has always been to differentiate ourselves on the market—to provide our customers with an open line of communication and incomparable prices. The result with this goal and our natural drive stands before you today in the form of Fine Rug Collection.

Initially, the business started as a “one man show” led by Itay Drory, our company’s founder. Operating with a single person in charge of everything is nigh impossible considering the scope of our company – it became crucial for aid to be commissioned in some form. This is how Fiverr first became such a pivotal part of Fine Rug Collection’s growth and eventual success.

From the company’s first founding in November of 2015 until April of 2016, Fiverr acted as a versatile resource that could provide all means for success. If we wanted a line of code or tweak to our site’s interface, we’d immediately go to Fiverr and hire a developer. If we needed someone who could draw up the creative concept and execute a promotion, we’d seek an freelancer out through Fiverr. If something needed to be edited or creatively written to provide our business with content, a writer could easily be found on Fiverr.

The bottom line is Fiverr acts as a route to success even when you’re a “one man show”. By putting in the effort and taking a practical approach, any means you could be seeking are at your fingertips.

What motivates you as an entrepreneur? Why do you do what you do?

When you have a drive to provide a fantastic service to as many people as possible, there is not a single thing that can hold you back. That is the mantra and belief our company Fine Rug Collection was founded on, and why, following a year of digital sales, have found utter success. This genuine growth was not met by simply sitting on our hands and waiting for it to come our way; rather, we recognized our passion, but needed the tools to see it come to life. We took the initiative to seek out the tools needed—we wanted every inch of this company to be successful. Through our research and efforts, we came across Fiver. As such with Fiverr, we saw an opportunity to achieve our goals, continue to expand, and look forward toward the future with an excited outlook.

How have your business grown since joining Fiverr?

Through Fiverr, our imagination was our only limit. The amount of resources the site provided for us were numerous in number. When we first started to graft, our business model a year ago, we wanted to first get a corporeal of what our business would stand for – what would be our brand. Fiverr’s site allowed us to easily find freelancers who could design the logo that would come to embody Fine Rug Collection. Rather than getting one freelancer to design our logo, we hired two (skydesigner and gigblast). We didn’t want to get one logo and make our decision purely on that; instead, we wanted to gather as many perspectives as we could to see how everyone viewed our brand. From the two, we established our logo that now flies high at the top of our website with every page you click.

fine rug collection logo

Having a logo can act as a sort of “inspiration” – once you can see what you’re working towards physically, the drive to keep going comes easier. With a brand under our belt, we had our dream tangible, but that was only the first step. From here, we needed to establish how exactly we were going to offer our products to the masses.

After months of initial success utilizing Fiverr, the company was at a point we could hire full time personnel. Over time, we’ve recruited employees specializing in E-commerce, a Content Writer and two Data Analysts. In having several people able to work full time, we’re able to simultaneous keep a steady operation with in-house personnel side-by-side with Fiverr. Since April, we’ve been taking the right steps toward success across a multitude of avenues provided by Fiverr. For instance, every banner we display across the top of our website is grafted by an freelancer we found through the networking on Fiverr.

Tell us about some of your favorite projects.

If I had to name something singularly, I’d say it’s been coming to understand our customers. That doesn’t just go for me – it’s a process that constantly evolves and develops among every member of our team. As we gather elements such as feedback on our rugs, emails, communication and overall selection, we then contact professionals through Fiverr to act on said feedback. This primarily revolves around tweaking our website, coding our manner of presentation, and continuously developing our platform so that it can be accessible to everyone. We wanted to graft the site from its initial format into something that was easily accessible for anyone, and that’s something we’ve been able to accomplish due to Fiverr. The best part is watching our business flourish through all of the moving parts—gears that exist both in house and through Fiverr.

A smaller but constantly evolving project is how we handle discounts. The freelancer we’ve commissioned for our site comes from Fiverr, and any time we’re looking to wave another banner at the top of our page to spotlight our most recent discount, she does a fantastic amount of work. The creative direction she’s able to take with only a lightly worded description is wonderful to see in the context of our business.

What impact has Fiverr had on your life? Has it changed the way you think about your profession?

If it wasn’t for Fiverr, we never would’ve found these resources that now stand as the crux of our business model. The services we’ve grown accustomed to have taught us flexibility—that the standard path may not be the best path, and thinking outside the box is sometimes the greatest option. Time has gone on, and in turn we’ve adapted to feature blog posts, description pages, monetization and layout edits to bring our digital efforts to the next level. The ability to freely create and iterate on our site’s content in a straightforward manner has allowed our operations to streamline. Fiverr has truly done a number for us— we had the tools to bring our aspirations into reality.

Our usage of Fiverr has become a proverbial gear in the overarching functionality of our business. Following our first year on the digital marketplace, the amount of success we’ve already attained is magnificent. Since January, our sales have been on a constant rise. Every month sees a one marginal increase after another. Presently, we’re going into December after an immensely profitable November—through normal sales and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush, we compiled nearly half a month’s worth of sales in a single weekend. Success for us has been a constant, but it hasn’t simply been handed to us. We wanted to succeed, we wanted to see our idea for a business flourish, and we knew we had to work through it.

Final Word

No matter what company or business practice you’re looking to forge, it doesn’t come by waiting for it to work out. You must take the proper steps and put in as much effort as you possibly can to make it happens. If you’re a one man show, there are resources at your disposal – Fiverr is a testament to how great those resources can be. Reaching out, doing your research, making connections and networking is the only way to meet success. When paired with an enormous endeavor to succeed and bring happiness to your customers, the sky is the only limit. We’re looking forward to what the future has in store for us, and we hope you are too.



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I have just joined fiverr as I hope to find somebody to design a logo for my new online business. This article has given me both faith and inspiration.