Doers Make a Difference: How the Fiverr Community Can Help

Doers, let's brainstorm how to work together to help our community members in Houston and beyond.

The Fiverr community is made up of makers and doers. Each individual brings their own unique skillset to the table to help people and organizations around the world get things done. The amount of awesomeness that’s achieved from working together is truly astounding.

The Fiverr community has grown to offer 10 million online services in 150+ categories, and more than 30 million projects have been completed on Fiverr since 2010. 

Imagine if we channeled a small fraction of the community’s skills into focused bursts that help address a cause or time-sensitive problem?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and as the Caribbean, Florida and the southeastern US brace for Hurricane Irma – the Fiverr community is joining together, and hurricane preparation and relief is a logical place to start.

We’re still figuring out the logistics, but we’d like to focus on identifying specific needs for non-profits, emergency responders, and municipalities where the Fiverr community could provide assistance. Some might require specific asks from an organization, while others might be proactive resources and solutions designed to meet the specifics of that location. Before we get too far down this path, we need some input from you guys.

  • How interested are you in occasionally volunteering your time and skills?

    1. Absolutely! Where do I sign up?
    2. Possibly, but I’d need more information first
    3. I’d like to, but…financially cannot afford to do things for free
    4. I’d like to, but…am too busy
    5. Zero interest
  • Do you have any specific ideas or suggestions on how you (or the community) might be able to help?

Rest assured, we are not looking to undermine the economics of the services you provide or turn the platform into a place where people can ask for free help. We’re just looking for ways to come together as a community and make a difference.

As Helen Keller said best: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

This is something we at Fiverr have been wanting to do for a long time. If you’re interested in volunteering or have ideas about how to help, please email or leave a note in the comments below and we will be in touch shortly! 

Fiverr Team
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Here’s an idea but not sure if it’s allowed or even possible. What if an Extra-Life approach [see] were taken but modified? Instead of gaming why not have a series of collaborations between one or more individuals where they brainstorm ways to help with recovery, sustain communities during and after clean up of a natural disaster, keep people connected and informed with what’s going on in the outside world should their main method be disconnected along with any and all methods for re-purposing materials. The simpler the implementation the better as materials will be limited. Funds could be raised… Read more »

Is it possible if not done already for this to be pinned to the fiverr homepage and the forums please?

Arden Davis
Arden Davis

Take an extra $0.50 from every order I get and Fiverr can also put $0.50. How’s that for an idea?

I think one of the best places to start would be to team up to create creative commons content kits. We create and distribute editable versions and offer to add branding/customize if they need the help with this piece. Note: Some of this will require research and talking to agencies on the ground and thus some coordination. Content kit ideas (include blog post templates, images templates, fliers, social media, etc) 1. Where to bring stray animals (by region) 2. Crowd Funding starter packages (imagery, copy, setup) 3. Emergency Shelters Addresses & Maps 5. List of medical services by [city/region] 6.… Read more »