Super Seller Logo_business: 3K Positive Ratings and Counting


Professional graphic designer Danilo, also known as logo_business, lives in a gorgeous city in southern Italy and has delivered thousands of logos to Fiverr® buyers.

He’s maintained a 5 star rating on more than 3K votes, which is pretty amazing!
Add to that a 20-day delivery time and yet his queue is always packed with new orders.

Quick update: As of October 2014, Danilo’s Fiverr business has evolved into his full-time job! In addition, he has built an entire home office from scratch, walls included, with earnings made on Fiverr. This is incredible news and we are so proud of your achievements!

Congratulations to Fiverr Super Seller Danilo!


My Fiverr Story

Two years ago I was looking online for ways to increase my income and for new inspiration for my local designs. I was a frequent user of freelance sites, but when a friend suggested I try Fiverr, it was love at first sight. I immediately understood how big it was and how much potential it had. Signing up was straightforward, and my first Gig® was up and running in less than one hour.

For that first Gig, I focused on the most important part of a corporate identity, a logo. I’ve been selling my custom designs for two years, and now, through my Extras and a second Gig, I can also provide the other pieces of a corporate identity package, such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, banners, headers, and Facebook timelines.

Getting It Done Right

My Fiverr business grew exponentially once I became a Top Rated Seller. I suddenly found more than 20 new orders in my queue daily. At that point, I had to develop a more efficient way to work. Today, I design my Fiverr orders mainly in the mornings, dedicating three to four hours a day. To be more efficient, I use up-to-date professional design software. I’m always searching for modern, attractive fonts and trending colors, and my mind is always on, even when I’m not working. I take inspiration from everything around me.

But getting inspired and producing a good professional design requires the right amount of time. I don’t think a quality logo can be delivered in 24 hours. A 20-day delivery time allows me to create the best possible design for each order and make sure each one is unique. I think that when my customers receive their brand new logos, they feel that it was worth the wait.

What It Takes

For your Gigs to be successful on Fiverr, you should focus on your areas of expertise and you should feel passionate about what you are doing. Just as with offline businesses, on Fiverr if you like your job, you’ll do it better.

I think my effectiveness on Fiverr is based on the fact that I’m a professional graphic designer and I deliver original and unique works that aren’t copied from others. You can always take inspiration from the work of others, but don’t just copy. You must add your personal touch.

It’s also important to be flexible and maintain friendly communications with buyers. I make sure I’m always available to my clients and I’m open to a few corrections.


Fiverr has had a great impact on my professional life, both financially and creatively. Fiverr now makes up about half of my income. And I am inspired by my buyers from around the world and by browsing all the Fiverr businesses. The different languages, different styles people have, and all the services I’ve never seen before—it all makes me more creative.

My Fiverr experience has been great so far, and I believe it will continue to improve. I hope that one day I can attend a Fiverr conference so that I can meet, in person, the Fiverr staff and other sellers like me.



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