Creating Successful Gigs For the First Time… or the 50th

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Selling on Fiverr is easy. Choosing what to sell, however, can be a little tricky. We can’t tell you what to pick, but we can however help you in narrowing your choices down. This post is aimed at helping you whether you’re just starting out, or have achieved Super Seller status and are looking to add more Gigs in additional categories.

Every Experience Counts

Some of our sellers offer Gigs based on their education or career. Others use their hobbies or a trade skill. What matters is the most successful community members usually love what their Gigs offer. Passion for what you offer not only translates into great service, but turns working for yourself into a pleasurable, sustainable experience instead of a painful chore.

Think about the knowledge and experiences in your life that make you happy. It could be a few summers spent working in a store, or the years spent acquiring a hobby. Chat with your family and your friends and ask them what they think you love doing most.

Once you figure that out you’ll be one step closer to knowing what to offer.

If you have a successful Gig or two already, consider parlaying that skill into additional Gigs, in different categories. For example, many of our talented singer-songwriters on Fiverr also offer voiceover and creative writing or editing Gigs. Offering additional skills that fall into different categories offers entirely new sales opportunities.

Design your Gig With Lego

Once you’ve picked what to offer, break it down. Decide what you’re willing to offer for $5, keeping in mind that as you level up as a seller, you’ll be able to add extras to your service. It’s always a good tip to offer a little more in the beginning in order to build sales and establish your reputation. Once you’ve leveled up you can then charge for that additional work as you unlock extras.

If you’re a new seller, you should try to design your Gig as if you were already a Top Rated Seller: The base ‘Lego block’ of your service with all the extras attached.

If you’re already successful, think about what you can do to build on your reputation. Feature video or more images of your Gigs and attract new buyers who come to Fiverr to browse every day.

Time is Money (and Repeat Customers)

Setting the right delivery time is not only crucial to attracting and keeping customers — it’s essential to your own sanity as well. The last thing you want is to feel harassed and pressed for time as orders start flowing in. It will take away the joy you feel in the work you do and impact on the quality of the service you deliver.

Pick a delivery schedule that values not only your customer’s time, but your own. Make sure it’s the right balance between being quick enough to satisfy demand and long enough for you to deliver superior work. Many customers are often more than happy to wait a little longer if they know they’re receiving superior work.

Research, Research, Research

The more information you have on the Fiverr marketplace, your competition, and the category (or categories) you sell in, the better. Research Gigs that are similar to yours and see what other users offer in terms of value, delivery time and feedback. Visit the forum regularly to stay on top of the latest information and strategies from your fellow sellers. Also, try and keep an eye on Gig requests from buyers to see not only if you can help them, but to generate ideas to either improve your existing Gigs or as the basis for new ones.

The more information you have the more agile you will be in anticipating customer demands, improving what you offer and how you distinguish yourself from your competitors.

These tips form the basis of creating new Gig, but don’t have to be followed in this order. You could start by researching Gig requests to generate ideas or determining how much time spare time you have to help narrow down what you could offer.

Above all, remember you are unique, with a life experience and perspective all of your own. The closer your Gigs match who you are and what you are passionate about, the more appealing they will be for buyers interested in your services.

Did these tips help you? Have any suggestions or comments? Let us know in the comments below or email us at

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