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Segev Waintraub
SEO specialist at Fiverr. Segev is working on ranking fiverr as the top marketplace for digital services on search engines. Prior to Fiverr, Segev has spent 5+ years working as SEO and online marketer.

26 Creative Tips to Blog Better in 2017

You might think that blogs are a thing of the internet past. But you'd be seriously mistaken –last year 47% of consumers viewed three...

Test for Success: Why Your Website Needs User Testing

User testing is basically what it sounds like – a person checks your website for clarity, functionality, design, and all the things that shape...

26 Best Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing is essential for any successful business, but it can be difficult to know where to begin and how best to direct your...

All You Need to Know From A Business Idea to Fundraising

So you’ve got a groundbreaking business idea. It’s new. It’s novel. And you can’t wait to unleash it to a hungry audience. But how...

Make Your WordPress Mobile Friendly

A recent report by Morgan Stanley found that mobile browser traffic is twice that of mobile app traffic. Research has shown that when we...

Promoting Other Sellers Over Herself: Fiverr Super Seller Oldbittygrandma

An active community member, oldbittygrandma (aka Jo) has been selling on Fiverr for over a year now. Her Gigs range from video intros and script writing to video greetings. Jo...
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