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Jasmine Glasheen is an established writer and thought leader with a knack for creative problem-solving. With a passion for the written word, artistic disposition, and unique generational insights; she looks forward to lending a millennial voice to The Do List. Follow Glasheen on Twitter @GlasheenJasmin1 and Instagram @MillennialRetailSavant.

6 New Freelancing Skills You Didn’t Know You Needed

Being a freelancer means you have a certain amount of control over your work days, so you can take on projects and clients on...

Time for a Refresh: 4 Ways to Repurpose Content

If you’ve ever written (or commissioned) an excellent piece of content, you know firsthand how tragically short the timespan can be in which that...

5 Signs That It’s High Time to Tweak Your Rates

For those of us without formal business training, it can be pretty daunting to consider making adjustments to how we price our Gigs. After...
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