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Chase Maser is a full-time freelance writer and content marketer. Aside from meeting deadlines, he writes poetry and fiction, and hosts poetry events throughout Los Angeles, CA.

Maintain Your Success with a Freelance Routine

I know that my mind starts to wander when things get out of hand.  For instance, if I have an entire day of deadlines to...

Get in the Habit of Creating Content Every Day

Just like how you brush your teeth every day or put on a new change of clothes (hopefully)—creating content should be no different.  And that...

Making Your Freelance Services Available Everywhere

If you've just created an account on Fiverr and developed your gig packages and rates—congrats! You've officially launched yourself into the world of freelancing. However,...

When to Quit Your 9-to-5 and Freelance Full-time

For anyone whose been teetering on the decision of when to freelance full-time, all I can say is that I've been there, too.  Throughout my...

Why You Should Join the Freelancers Union

Even though you work from home or spend your time isolated in the back of a coffee shop, you can still find ways to...
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