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Categories Merchandising Manager at Fiverr. Our core focus is helping people get things done. As a merchandiser, it's my passion to help current and future customers understand Fiverr as a destination to achieve their goals--whatever they may be--and navigate the marketplace effectively.

How to Say ‘No’ When Freelancing

When you begin freelancing, your first job is cause for celebration. That feeling of honor that someone has chosen you from among all of the competition is priceless...

Offline Efforts That Can Boost Business

Entrepreneurship in the digital age can mean spending a lot of time alone with your computer. It can be easy to let your social...

Do’s and Don’ts for Working with a Developer Online

Technology’s rapid growth over the last several years is making it easier than ever to think outside of the box and revolutionize the way...

Roses are Red, Don’t Let Your Valentine Be Blue

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. But for some, the day is more of a stressor than...

How Donald Paid off His College Debts with Fiverr #SuperSeller

Donald, Donaldjr on Fiverr, is a husband, father of two, and middle school teacher. Living in Orlando, Florida, and saddled with college debt, Donald...
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