8 Illustrated Ways to Delight Your Dad on Father’s Day

Surprise your dad with a gift as unique as he is!

They taught us how to ride our first bike, perfected our eye rolls with ill-timed dad jokes and helped mold us into the fine humans we are today.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we collaborated with some of our favorite Fiverr illustrators so you’ll have all the inspiration you need in order to show your pops some much-needed love.  

Browse through, pick a style you love and give your dad a reason to smile on his big day, ’cause your cool dad deserves a cool gift! 

T-Shirt Design #MadeOnFiverr by Top Rated Seller tanja_ru
My inspo: My family, of course! a week ago, I watched my husband climb the monkey bars in the playground and it just stuck with me! 
Father’s Day Card #MadeOnFiverr by Fiverr Pro mariettis
My inspo: I just LOVE drawing animals and dressing them up 🙂
Coolest Dad Ever Mug #MadeOnFiverr by Fiverr Pro sasaelebea

My inspo: Cool dads deserve cool mugs! 

Ducking Great Dad #MadeOnFiverr by leanne.cheng
My inspo: We wanted to create a hilarious pun that includes bright, eye-catching colors and a bold illustration. The style of illustration I wanted to give a comic style with a combination of graffiti art, using controversial colors and bold black lines and minimal detail.
Super Dad Pattern #MadeOnFiverr by lagurley 
My inspo: I drew inspiration from the archetypes of funny parents who have passed through my life and made a mark on who I am today.
Dad Rock Card #MadeOnFiverr by jjohnneecurtis

My inspo: Awesome, thoughtful dads should get awesome, thoughtful gifts!


Luke Skywalker Card #MadeOnFiverr by Fiverr Pro aartkrieg

My inspo: Star Wars, duh!


March of the Penguin Dad Mug #MadeOnFiverr by Agustin86

Want more? Check out all of the amazing Fiverr illustrators waiting for you in the Graphics and Design category.

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Jeff Hammerberg

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