6 Learn From Fiverr Courses To Help You Become A Top-Rated Online Ads Expert


As more people opt to stay indoors, it is crucial for businesses to utilize online advertising platforms to reach their consumers. After all, there are plenty of opportunities for brands that can stand out in the online realm. 

If you want to boost your advertising skills to survive the current recession, enroll in these Fiverr Learn courses. 

What Are Learn From Fiverr courses?

Fiverr’s Learn courses are online professional courses instructed by world-class experts. Some consist of beginner’s guides for business, graphic, design, and marketing. In contrast, some specialized courses enable niche experts to upskill and learn conversion rate optimization, viral marketing, or logo design. 

How to Become A Top-Rated Online Ads Expert With Fiverr?

Fiverr can help online ads beginners and experts to create high-converting ads to make their businesses or clients skyrocket in popularity. 

Let’s take a look at the top courses to consider

1. Facebook Ads Targeting

An outstanding Facebook campaign requires accurate targeting and high-quality content for maximum results. To show you the ropes, Facebook ads experts from Blitz Metrics will offer comprehensive lessons on custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and ad implementation. 

Upon completion, you’ll be able to create cost-effective ads with tons of conversions for only $42. 

2. Instagram Ads Fundamentals

The pandemic may have led to a rapid decline in in-store shopping; however, brands with Instagram ads and shops are thriving. Hence, marketers who can create top-notch Instagram marketing campaigns are highly in-demand. 

Navigating Instagram’s ad manager and analytics may be challenging for newcomers. That’s precisely why this online course by Sharon Lee Thony lets you master the art of launching inspiring ad content to fulfill your client’s objectives for $43. 

3. Google Search Ads Fundamentals

Google Search ads can be intimidating for entrepreneurs and amateur marketers. The good news is you can learn savvy tips from a $41 course by Wharton MBA graduate & digital marketing expert, Sharon Lee Thony. For the past 15 brands, her search marketing capabilities have helped build top companies like Dove, Vaseline, Axe, and COMO Hotels and Resorts. 

4. Facebook Ads Techniques: Increase Your Campaign Results

Besides learning the basics, there are little-known strategies you can use to increase your campaign results. Online marketers who want to harness the full potential of Facebook ads can enroll in this $42 course by Azriel Ratz—a Facebook ads expert who has generated over $10 million+ revenue for clients worldwide. 

Finally, business owners and freelancers can improve their existing campaigns, understand the elusive Facebook algorithm, and optimize their ads — all within a reasonable budget. 

5. Lead Generation With Facebook Ads

Whether you’re in the B2B or B2C industry, Facebook is a powerful channel for connecting with potential leads and clients. Nevertheless, you can’t solely rely on online ads to get leads through the sales funnel. Instead, you must develop a Facebook strategy, access customer accounts, qualify leads, and convince them to try your product or service. 

This topic is complicated, even for seasoned salespeople and marketers so enroll, in this $43 course by Blitz Metrics. The team has spent over $1 billion on Facebook ads for the past decade. As a result, they know the tricks to cut down cost per lead by up to 60%. 

6. E-Commerce Copywriting: The Key To Conversion

Sure, you have the technical proficiency to launch online ads, but that’s not enough. An online advertising guru must be able to write compelling and clever sales copy. Fortunately, this course from top-rated Fiverr Pro copywriter Carrie French has proven strategies for success. 

This $42 course educates students on selling their brand, boosting credibility, and increasing traffic. Here’s to hoping your writing skills get a persuasive upgrade to boost your results. 

Launching a New Business with Fiverr

Acquiring new customers and leads may be difficult during these dark times, but upgrading your skills and learning new strategies, could be the key to generating record-breaking results. These Fiverr courses, led by the world’s top experts, will help you learn the advertising know-how necessary to succeed amid these difficult times.  

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