5 Ways Voice-Over Work Can Help Your Business

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Nicole Leinbach Reyhle is the Founder and Publisher of Retail Minded, the Co-Founder of the Independent Retailer Conference and a regular Forbes contributor. The author of “Retail 101: The Guide to Managing and Marketing Your Retail Business” and Spokesperson for Small Business Saturday from American Express. Follow her on Twitter @RetailMinded.

Communication is an interesting thing. It happens in a variety of ways, ranging from a stare among two people to an email exchange among friends. But no communication is as strong or as powerful as the verbal voice. Whether it’s a British lad yelling “ace” (aka awesome) or a whispering woman singing a baby to sleep, voices can represent moments, ideas, experiences and even products unlike anything else. Loud or quiet… soft or bold… raspy or smooth, the voice has historically been the most powerful delivery of messages worldwide and continues to be the most powerful delivery of messages today. Keeping this in mind, does your voice deliver the messages you need it to for your unique business? If not, consider how voice-overs can help.

By definition, voice-over production is a technique where a voice is used in radio, television, film, theatre and other channels that may include social media and digital marketing. The voice-over is read – or narrated – by someone who has experience in voice talent, delivering a message pre-scripted to share news, offer explanation of a product or service or promote something in an exciting way. There is no black or white description to what voice-over work has to be, but rather it’s a creative opportunity with endless avenues. To help, consider the below five ways in which voice-overs may help your unique business.

Jamming With Jingles

When was the last time you heard a commercial whose jingle stuck in your head? Wouldn’t you like it if you knew customers had your business’s jingle stuck in their heads? It’s easier than you think to make this happen… but then again, it takes the right jingle and voice to make this happen. If you aren’t a poet, good with words or don’t have the voice that really demands attention, let someone else do this work for you. As a result? You can share a catchy jingle with your consumer audience that they won’t forget.

Voicemail Victories

Who doesn’t love a catchy or entertaining voicemail? Blah is so boring, so kick it up with your voicemail options. As a business owner, brand or simply as an individual looking to have some fun, incorporate a voicemail with your phone number that will make people calling you want to leave a message… plus call you again and again! Voice-overs are the perfect complement to any strong voicemail, and the best part is that this is a very easy, affordable addition to your brand and business. Another perk? You can customize a message that people will want to actually listen to thanks to the voice-over delivery of it.

Second Language Additions

Customers nowadays come in all shapes, sizes and even languages. Are you supporting them with this? If speaking Spanish, French or any other language other than your native one isn’t an expertise of yours, then have someone else deliver core messages for your brand or business through a voice-over. Your customers who speak those languages will appreciate the extra effort you put into connecting with them and as a result, customer loyalty and sales will soar.

Mixing & Mastering

Think your voice is already good on its own? Lucky you! Not everyone has that kind of verbal strength. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could edit your voice up a notch or two to make it even more dynamic? Today’s technology allows you to do just that. And it can easily and affordably be done for you, allowing you to use your own voice with the help of some mixing and mastering. As a result? You’ll gain a more exciting voice masterpiece that you can use to help promote your brand or business.

Just Because

And finally… what’s your unique reason to add a unique voice to your brand or business? Is it to direct people from the front of your store to the back over a store intercom, possibly leading them to a sale or special promotion? Is it to offer explanation to a recent series of business mishaps through a social media push you are incorporating? Is it to simply say “thank you” in a captivating voice every time someone makes a purchase? You’re the boss… so you tell me.

Whatever your unique reason is, remember that “unique” is the key word. Voice-over work is meant to deliver just that, something unique and unexpected to your business or brand. There’s no right or wrong, it’s not black or white and it definitely isn’t written out in fine print. Get creative by incorporating voice-overs in your brand or business and as a result? Enjoy the extra attention from customers along the way.

How have you used voice-overs for your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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I’m a voice-over Artist, and I say KUDOS for a well written article.
Building a long term working relationships with clients is always a goal of mine.


very nice information


I never took the time to enjoy my voice but always was into sales and singing and people always told me I should get into voice overs, and news presentations or anchoring for news stations or radio, I used to sell air time but never landed the right job as a voice over artist or news anchor …I really got motivated again after reading this article…
Thank you, now how do I get started …

Time Machine


As a voice artist, I think this was a great article. The only thing I would add is to make sure the person can supply you with a sample of his/her finished product so you can be sure you are working with someone that can produce quality work, and not someone sitting at their kitchen table using free software and the built-in mic on their laptop.


really helpful for me ?thank for this post .