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“Who’s Online” Helps You Connect with Customers

“Who’s Online” Helps You Connect with Customers
Fiverr Team

Buyers want to know that the sellers they choose will focus on getting their jobs done promptly, and with the new “Who’s Online” feature, you can let them know that you are ready, willing and able!

When you turn on the Who’s Online feature, buyers will see a green dot on your Gig® page indicating that you are currently online and ready to respond.

Here’s why that’s important:

We’ve been testing this feature and our analysis shows that being online increased the click-through rate for Gigs by 350%. This means that you may see a lot more inbound traffic for your Gigs, which can increase your orders.

Here’s how Who’s Online works.

1. You have to be a seller with active Gigs, and need to be using either the iOS or Android mobile app.

2. Using the iOS mobile app, simply click and hold the Fiverr® logo to turn your Online status on or off.
Using the Android mobile app, tap the menu button to reveal the drop-down box and select “Go Online.”


Buyers will immediately see a green dot followed by the word “online” next to your Gig title. This will stay there for as long as the mobile app is open and for 10 minutes after you close it.


3. Who’s Online will turn off automatically 10 minutes after you close the app. You can always switch it off manually if you know that you won’t be available to respond.

The great benefit of Who’s Online is that you are telling buyers, “I’m here and can respond right away.” If you aren’t there or can’t respond right away, appearing online may actually turn buyers away from your Gigs. So when turn on this feature, be sure that you are available to answer questions that come your way. In addition, Fiverr will monitor the use of “Who’s Online” and may disable it for sellers who repeatedly turn it on but are non-responsive to buyer requests.

Please note that Who’s Online is a beta feature. We’re still testing it and plan to make it available on the website in the near future.

Share your thoughts on this feature including your experiences in the comments below when you start using it.

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  1. Jonas

    Way to go, Fiverr!
    This is a very exciting and important feature.
    It would be great if it is also available for the desktop version.

    • Dread Knight

      I agree. Moved alone recently and I don’t yet have a Wi-Fi :-\
      Might consider getting one faster to check this out, really need to get more freelanging my way.

    • skrdesign21

      Great feature, this feature helps to get orders.

  2. Kristen Brady

    I like the friendly Fiverr community. And I’ve begun to hate the hassle of always looking for a job on bidding sites. I like it when someone orders from me on Fiverr and I can just do the work.

  3. JasonHaze

    Hey, this is fantastic!

    I second Jonas, you have to make this available for desktop/laptops as well!

    • tanvirxia

      Agreed my friend!

  4. Brian Lee

    This is great please make a desktop version.

  5. Muhammad Tayyab

    Yes, Definitely who’s online feature would impact our gigs sales because buyers will only think to buy gigs from who are online, I’m looking forward for this feature.

  6. prince

    This is a very good one and will really bring in Good sales for those of us that are always online and ready to work thanks Fiverr

  7. Haider

    Fiverr always surprise its buyers with some great and new features, i love it..

  8. kirtanp

    This features seems to a very good and hope that it will very useful to us.

  9. spotlessoak

    It bothers a lot when I need to send message through mobile site. Please make it available for windows phone also

  10. Silvana Brant

    I LOVE this new feature!
    I have tested and it’s working great… can’t wait to see my sales increasing due to this awesome tip!

  11. Tuhin

    Great feature , is it available on web also ?

    • Kash Miah

      Hi Tuhin,

      It’s currently not available on the web but it’s something we’re working on it. Stay tuned for more info.

  12. klr

    This is really a welcome development,Kudo to the crews that bring up this idea.

  13. Jonah

    This is nice feature, and can increase sales beyond expectations. But what about the desktop/laptop feature? That will be most welcomed.

    • Kash Miah

      Jonah, our team is working on including it on desktop very soon. We’ll have an update for the community once it rolls out. Appreciate your patience.

  14. Andy

    Great new feature Fiverr! Keep em coming! 🙂

  15. Meg

    Wonderful idea – please create a desktop /laptop feature, too!

    • Kash Miah

      We’re working on it, Meg. More to come on this soon 🙂

  16. KJBLynx

    Neat, but not nearly as neat as it could be. I feel it takes away from us sellers who want to use the full features of the Fiverr site … the app just doesn’t have what it takes to keep up. Give us Online mode for ALL USERS!

  17. Designboom

    I think that feature is great. You know when a seller is online and sometimes if you need something made urgently but you need to be sure and ask somethings first, knowing how is online make your life much easier.

  18. Howard Spence

    Nice new feature. Unfortunately I and many other sellers dont have a smartphone so we would really appreciate a version for those of us with desktop and laptop computers.

  19. Ana

    We would really appreciate a version for those of us with desktop and laptops!

    • Kash Miah

      Appreciate the feedback, Ana. We’re working on it. We’ll update the community once it’s available.

  20. Jessica

    Yeah this is very cool! 🙂
    Thank you for the hard work 🙂

  21. gigdeals

    Really Awesome !!!!

    Waiting for website also 🙂

  22. maryam luiz


  23. Roshan

    If you guys can turn the current conversations into chat…that would be perfect. It should be like Facebook Messages + Chat integration…It makes it so much easier to quickly talk the requirements through to customers on Fiverr…

  24. XtraFastService

    Yeah this is very cool! Thank you for the hard work.

  25. XtraFastService

    Yeah this is very cool! I’m Online for deliver orders.
    Order yours now.

  26. pdniaga

    Fantastic. This features seems to a very good.
    I love this new feature!

  27. Murtaza A.

    This is great.
    I am waiting for web version it see what happens.

  28. Jannet

    good feature,hope it will help us more.

  29. Ken

    I love this new feature.

  30. shupto

    We knoe it’s a beta version, but it will be good if you also test on Desktop

  31. originaltraffic
  32. spiritmax123

    Wooow!!! I like this new feature. But sad story is i have not smart phone. But i will try to get new one.

  33. Joe - @TheCreativeGuys

    To fiverr, I am in need of an answer.



    I have seen this feature on the website using windows 7 on the chrome browser.

    I have seen it twice!

    Or are my seeing things?

    Fiver please respond.


    • Kash Miah

      Joe – it’s currently a mobile feature. You might have seen a desktop test. We’ll let the community know when it’s available for desktop users.

  34. gilskiebrazil

    Go go go for the desktop version, please we need it very much. I luv fiverr.

  35. RobbZ

    Android app is available only on android 4.0.3 (or above). Today there are not a lot of devices with that android version. Could you make it available starting from android 2.3? (the most widespread android version)

  36. Emnazar
  37. laknath

    Wooow!!!that’s awesome !!!!!!!

  38. bhanuka yasas

    i am honest seller

    i love fiverr

  39. jessywells

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  40. jessywells

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  41. Bill

    It’s an amazing feature. It adds value to work, commitment n responsiveness. Looking forward to it and many more

  42. SNSharma

    This is really a nice update in the functionality of the Fiverr. We sellers will find more avenues to serve our clients in a better productive manner.
    Hope to get started with new version and serve more new clients.

  43. Rohitha

    Wow! nice feature and easy to communicate with other users.
    Thanks with

  44. Work_in

    This feature is really helpful.
    Thank you.

  45. tlb_sagor

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  46. Sera

    I like, totally live online…at home. Sure someone might have their phone on all the time, but they aren’t looking at it all the time. And we all know Fiverr’s ability to deliver timely notifications is a constant hit-or-miss. Since I’m AT my desktop all day, I occasionally look at Fiverr to see if I have any notifications. People are less likely to do that on their phone. Maybe you could pay someone a Fiverr (or 10 Fiverr’s) to help you make this available for
    I always been one to take risks and speak what’s really on my mind (when appropriate). I hope this constructive criticism was helpful.

  47. Alexcreativity
  48. saurabh vora

    Very useful and exciting feature

  49. Crazy graphics
  50. noni315

    i can not with draw my money. my pay pal account was closed. please help me

  51. Jack

    That’s a really good feature, It does help my customers to see that I am online and help with my orders.

    Many people ask for flash ad banners and when they see I’m online they order. Thank you fiverr.

  52. Maduranga

    This is so good and i have a 2 question.

    1. Is there a any system to work this for windows version( desktop)
    2. Fiverr aplication doesn’t support My samsung note 1 mobile?


    • Fiverr Team

      Hi Maduranga, as stated in the post – you need to be using either the iOS or Android mobile app, so it is not for use on a desktop. We currently do not have an app for your samsung mobile.

  53. Ghulam Mustafa

    Very Informative… (y)

  54. Nilswapno

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  55. Zümrüt Klima

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  56. Daniel

    That’s great!
    I have a suggestion to make. I suggest that fiverr include the feature whereby one can use custom offer when responding to customers requests in the mobile app.

  57. Emailsenderpro

    i totally agree with the article because there are some jobs that are more weighed up more than just the 5 bucks that are bend to, for example you can this service :

  58. Engr. Falak Zaman

    I request all readers to use the comment option for constructive feedback instead of promoting Gigs. Your valuable comments will definitely enable the fiverr team to introduce new features and improve old ones for better services. Hope, all friends will post feature based comments in future. Thanks for your time.

  59. marybelle

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  60. Ome

    Its very good and I love it.I got job for that 🙂

  61. tangil

    This is very Helpful tips for any seller in Fiverr

    Thanks for this awesome tips.

  62. sahanjaya

    this is very helpful for new comers in fiverr. So great work and I would like to thank for fiverr team.

    • saddam_

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  63. designingstore

    I love always new future

  64. excellencearena

    this is good for newbies. i like it

  65. brand_services

    Yes Yes… That’s the way to go Fiverr

    In most cases am always online 24/7


  66. uh_designer

    Nice Feature fiverr.. Go baby <3

  67. mohsinkhan127
  68. dataentry890

    Very helpful tool to increase my sales.

  69. hossain836

    I like the friendly Fiverr features and improve old ones for better services, Thanks.

  70. ionpann

    a great feature..

  71. Jessie_saldana

    Excellent feature. Thanks fiverr

  72. lelarhodes

    Good to know!

  73. sheril96

    Great feature

  74. hichamnih

    Thank you my friends, i am new on fiverr, i hope i can have help * _-

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