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Promoting Other Sellers Over Herself: Fiverr Super Seller Oldbittygrandma

Fiverr Team

An active community memberoldbittygrandma (aka Jo) has been selling on Fiverr for over a year now. Her Gigs range from video intros and script writing to video greetings.

Jo always offers helpful advice to sellers on Facebook and LinkedIn. What makes her stand out is how much of her time she spends promoting not just her own Gigs, but the Gigs of other Fiverr sellers online.

Being a savvy communicator, we asked Jo to share some secrets from her “Seller Toolbox”. Here are her top 5 tips for communicating with buyers.

Lessons to Earn By

  1. Thank your buyer so they know you received your order and are working on it.
  2. Make a ‘template’ document to answer common questions and remember to personalize it for each buyer.
  3. Ask buyers to approve a draft and finalize work details on the order page.
  4. For multiple orders, designate one for delivery and place that order number on the additional orders for tracking.
  5. Update your buyer when Gigs take more than one day to deliver.
  6. Create ‘template’ messages for deliveries that can be customized for each order.
  7. To make sure you and your buyer are on the same page, send a draft for approval.
  8. Prep instructions with video or screenshots to help you provide explanations about your Gig.

oldbittygrandma, thank you for sharing these helpful tips with us and the Fiverr community.

Inspired by Jo? Have advice to share? We’d love to hear it! Please post it in the comments below, on our forum or email us at



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    I would like to say congrats to oldbittygrandma. Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us. I am sure that it will help to alots of new fiverr sellter.

    • Krista

      Way To GOOOOO!!!! Thats how you work fiverr!! This accomplishment is very deserved. We all know how hard you work 😀 Keep it up!!!

  2. briyce20

    Wow, awesome! Congrats Jo! :=)

  3. Anubhab


    That’s a very good Post. You have pointed out very useful points here and I am going to implement them for myself.



    Congratulations oldbittygrandma,hope you will be happy and give more service to your customer 🙂


  5. Marty Koenig

    Congratulations, Jo! Welcome to the fiverr Super Sellers club! Be prepared for a swell of orders. Well deserved!


  6. chrishardy

    way to go Jo! YEAH!!! 😀

  7. Kymmypops

    Congrats Jo!! Well deserved and some great tips there 😀

  8. Jake Wheat

    I couldn’t agree more from this choice, she is amazing! Congratulations you Old Bitty! 🙂 xoxo – Jake

    • OldBittyGrandma

      Ahhh…one of my all-time favorite buyers!!! Thank you so very much Jake!! I love working for you!! I love working for everyone!!! I love working!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jake Wheat

        I love you! 🙂 You make all of my experiences 1000% better! 🙂 xoxo

  9. OldBittyGrandma


  10. seanax on fiverr

    Congratulations! And thank you for some really useful tips 🙂

    I use Text Expander tool to help me replay to common questions and save time.

  11. Arjun Porwal

    superb !!

  12. zahrul




  14. fena3000

    Congratulations, good advises indeed!

  15. Swalker90



    Great tips and actually with the addition of your tips my micro jobs gig on fiverr can be more powerful. Thank you Jo for sharing.

    Best wishes
    (Fiverr Addict )

  17. moo

    well deserved Jo!

  18. ttamim

    Well done!!

  19. Deaun Scott

    Congratulations Oldbittygrandma- You are surly the definition of a Fiverr Super Seller. You have been a good friend to me and personally helped me to imporove my Fiverr profile as I work toward becoming a Top Rated Seller. Thank you so much for all you do : )

  20. AndreaJam

    It pleased me to see that a lot of the tips she gave is things I did from day one, communication is key to happy buyers, maybe I’ll look into the ready messages for when I become a super seller (^^,)

  21. bestidea

    Thanks for the tips. . . Well worth the time.

  22. Funambulist

    Oh yes, she is pretty awesome.
    I wish somebody would write a little about how to get buyers at the first place, though. I have made few pretty decent gigs but so far nobody has showed interest.

  23. bambi115

    Congrats, OldBittyGrandma! Great advice too!

  24. Sharon012

    Thank you so much for your tips. I’ve seen some of your promo video and you are an absolute pro! My tip – if I am dealing with a buyer who is hesitant or who may not be totally satisfied with the ‘delivery’ – yet I am doing my best – I remind the buyer that he or she may request a refund if not totally satisfied with the order. It alleviates any buyer hesitation prior to purchasing. Once the order is delivered, even if they are not totally satisfied, they rarely request a refund since (1) I make sure to explain in detail why the results may not be up to their expectations (2) I sincerely convey that I’ve made my best effort and they appreciate it.
    Again, congratulations on getting Super Seller status – you definitely deserve it!!!

  25. Haley

    AMAZING! So so cool. I’m extremely proud of you Jo!!

  26. Nishant


  27. shane

    Thanx and congrats…

  28. videoforceo

    Congrats! my friends
    good luck!

  29. DecentDevil

    Congrats on becoming a super seller…

  30. fiverjob

    Load of bolox and wft i didn’t get a word of that rushed video.

  31. JennyK

    Fantastic! You are an inspiration to us all. Congratulations.

  32. Jack

    well done Jo! x

  33. SHONiR

    Thx n cngrts


    Some good looking tips there from Jo! Congrats on the acknowledgement from Fiverr 🙂

    J (aka chilled35) 😉


    Awesome Tricks …

  36. Adelina

    Congrats and thx for the tips x3!

  37. ewiskan

    Congratsss JO.. you are awesome !
    The first woman who be Fiverr Super Sellers 🙂

  38. mobileapp

    No question that she should be on this list. Great person and inspires us all.

  39. Caitlin

    Congrats Jo, great tips!

  40. Sochima

    I love it all!
    Keep up the good work here!
    It pays most, who serves best.

    The ROTARY Way of life.

  41. Common

    Many many Congratulations to GrandMa.

    I wish I would be listed soon as I am working hard to achieve that Super Level 🙂


  42. thefunpro

    Old Bitty Grandma rocks! You definitely deserve this! I’m so happy for you!

  43. Mayank

    Thanks and Congrats Jo!

  44. Congrats Jo! You are one of the most creative and talented person I’ve meet on Fiverr… No sorry… You are one of the most creative artist I’ve met at all 🙂

  45. authorslynn

    Many sellers offer that difficult to use VLC media red cone file but will not say in advance this is how your order will be delivered. I cannot upload this to youtube and the computer dont recognize it as a real file so what good is it? At least offer a conversion method. Many complaints about this.



  47. Dawg

    Congratulations, Jo! A most deserving individual for Super Seller status. 🙂 Fiverr is lucky to have you!

  48. Fiverr best seo

    Congrats 🙂

  49. Lexie Smith

    Congrats your awesome!

  50. Congrats Jo, you’re great and deserve it!
    I love your videos and shared tips, and I am working real hard on my services too. Hope I’ll be able to gain This status someday.

  51. ceber002

    This is awesome information. Thank you so much for sharing! Love the name choice. 😉

  52. Braveheart

    Well done, business is not about greed, but care. You truly deserve it!

  53. Sakith

    Wow. you’re amazing and thank you so much for sharing your great tips with all of us. A huge CONGRATULATION from me and wishing you all the best for successful Fiverr journey!!!

  54. Allyson Michelle

    Congratulations Jo! A friend and I were just marveling at your hilarious Hippie gig the other day, LOVE IT!

    These tips are great! I think my favorite might be the multiple order suggestion. I am still very new to fiverr and never thought of referring to the first gig in a multiple order.

    Also the draft approval is a definite must! As a seller you don’t want to complete and finalize an entire order without letting your client overview it first. If they do not like the final result you gave them, they may cancel the order and you will have just wasted time and money!

    Something sort of similar to this has happened to me already as a new seller here. I had a customer order multiple gigs then cancelled them all after I completed and sent the work with no explanation! I couldn’t contact them because their account had been deleted. I thought I had just been scammed! Luckily, Fiverr Customer Support helped me out, contacted the buyer for me and let me know it was an error. In the end, the client came back on a new account and reordered from me. Thankfully this situation WASN’T actually a scam. It also made me more aware of how I send work to clients. I now send drafts to all of my clients, and I have not had a complaint yet!


    • OldBittyGrandma

      Thank you!!

      Draft approval occurring on the order is crucial to document the expectations of both the buyer and the seller, but it also crucial that the deatils are fully documented ON THE ORDER, and not split between an inbox convo and the order.

      Having everything on the order itself, will help Fiverr Support follow and understand any issue that may arise after delivery, rather than having to direct Fiverr Support to view the order AND an inbox conversation.

      When I need the assistance of Fiverr Support, I try to make their job easier by keeping all relevant details in one place…on the order.

      Many thanks for everyone’s great comments here!! xx/Jo

  55. Octavian

    Yeah this is really great!

  56. Thanks for sharing these general tips. But it is sure i did not do these simple things for my gigd. Hope to do now regularly.


    congrats! And thanks for sharing these great tips with us oldbittygrandma…you’ve added more to our fiverr minds.

  58. aditya

    i love your videos too and keep it up jo and all the best

  59. Dilip

    Congrats Jo!! Well deserved and some great tips

  60. | Killer Amazon Store Seller

    Congrats Joe !! These are really great tips to improve sales on fiverr. Thank you for it.

  61. rinchan86

    It’s about time Jo got some recognition around here! 😀 She’s always going above and beyond to help others around her!

  62. Bookmarkexpert

    I Congratulate you oldbittygrandma. Wish you all the best. And I appreciate for the Tips you shared. THank you so much.

  63. redWORX

    Thanks for the great and useful tipps!

  64. imaPrincess

    Jo 😉

  65. RoyalPrincess (Fiverr name)

    Joe Congs !

  66. joceewprx

    Congratulations and thanks for the tips. Those are helpful especially for newbie gig sellers.

  67. Wupscy

    That an interesting idea.
    Somebody please help:
    Am new at Fiverr, i have been getting jobs via Fiverr message facility which i did and deliver using the same means. Despite all, i only have one registered other.
    Is this how things work around here? I need answer(s).
    Thank you in anticipation.

  68. shibin

    Congratulation..and thanks for the tips

  69. gigmasterr

    one of my favorite sellers 🙂 Go Jo !

  70. Andrew

    Very useful tips Thanks for sharing and congratulations for your achievements.Also Thanks to fiverr for publishing these kind of blogs.


    Well done congrats !!!

  72. Matt

    hey Im new to Fiverr and I dont know how to become a top rated seller or featured because i cant get rated because no one views my gigs/profile. Could someone help me out check out my videos and teach me how to get someone to buy my gig.

  73. Matt

    I notice these tips involve after someone buys your gigs but what if noone does cause thats my situation

  74. Matt

    Check out this awesome profile, got really useful gigs!

  75. jmhhacker

    what if you get 60 orders a day and 100 messages how do you keep p with that?

  76. Annie

    Thank you for sharing that! Its useful info we can use to improve sells.
    Id like to become a super seller one day, so far Im 200+ gigs 100% rating 🙂

  77. Darren133

    Congrats on the achievement and thanks for the tips on the video.

  78. shorya

    thanks for awsome TIPs grandee .

  79. experts_

    Congo Pongo Shongo 🙂

  80. Kitty

    This is some great advice, thank you! Also, congratulations on becoming a super seller! That’s so awesome. :]

    • saifulshohag

      thanks for your advice …. 🙂

  81. childish on fivver


  82. Stephen

    Your post is very helpful and informative, it takes innovations on fiver to make more sales, besides I think we should concentrate on adding value to life

  83. Eric Nanson

    Congrats on the achievement and thanks for the tips on the video.


    Congratulations……. !!! 🙂


    Very helpful advice! Thanks!!

  86. Michelle - cheekymm

    This is so deserving. Jo is inspirational beyond words and just when i think she can’t pump out any more brilliant tips, there she goes with MORE! Such an asset to fiverr and to all of us that are lucky enough to have crossed her path. Well done Jo, very proud of you and so glad you have been so deservingly recognised.


    awesome! those are really great tips! Ive always had a hard time communicating with my buyers because im not that chatty..but i will definitely try this out! thanks!

  88. trafficbombs

    Well deserving Jo!

    Good communication with a client buyer on fiverr got my friend a wife!

  89. trafficbombs

    Thumbs up Jo!

    Good communication with a client buyer on fiverr got my friend not just loyal clients but also a wife!

  90. Adtolly20

    Great tips and ideas. I use this tips, whenever i got an orders i will immediately contact or send thank you for ordered message, let them know that am working of their order and i will deliver shortly. This give them confidence. Even after i delivered i still get in touch with them to say hey and how is my services. Thanks

  91. Lisa Parziale

    SImply one of the best on Fiverr and most generous!!

  92. Marysaysit

    Thank you so much for your tips!!! You are amazing!!

  93. Johnbhai

    Congrats 🙂 Grandma 😛

  94. bilal

    wow fiverr you’re rocks.

  95. bhanuka yasas

    really good post and i like to promote me

  96. aiza_design

    Great tips!

  97. chrylent

    Wow! She’s cute looking. But she is not active now. But I had tried video gigs that doesn’t work that much good.

  98. shifat27

    Such a wonderful inspirational story,wish you more success in Fiverr! Huffingtonpost guest posting

  99. nirkri

    Good idea

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