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The Vision Behind the New Fiverr

Micha Kaufman

Dear Fiverr members,

Three years ago we embarked on a journey. A journey that started with this simple understanding: everyone has a talent that someone else needs. Today, 1.5 million people use Fiverr to buy and sell Gigs and many millions more visit the site every month. Our members come from more than 200 countries and our sellers offer over 1.8 million Gigs in 120 different categories. A Gig is purchased every 6 seconds. That’s amazing!

We are at a turning point in history. The Internet gave us unlimited access to information and knowledge, and with it the opportunity to gain and develop skills. The Internet also made the economy of services truly global – everyone has access to millions of people all around the world in the click of a mouse.

We call this cultural movement the “Gig Economy” and we believe it is changing the way people think about their financial independence.

The problem was that the traditional ‘freelancing’ models were broken, outdated and filled with friction. Most existing marketplaces are just too darn hard to join and use. They push for the cheapest price instead of the most creative and most talented. They often cover very limited range of skills and they are not fun to use.

In 2010 we launched Fiverr with a mission to fix what was broken by building a simple, intuitive and fun marketplace to serve as a home for the pioneers of the Gig Economy – you.

Today, three years later, we are proud to present a whole new experience that is all about the Fiverr community. It is Fiverr. Reinvented.

We admire creative people and feel that everyone deserves a chance to participate in the new Gig Economy.

We believe that freelancing should be about the global share of talent. We built a marketplace for those who are creative, talented and more efficient, not necessarily for those who compete for the lowest price.

We believe that participating in this new economy should be simple and fun.

The new Fiverr introduces a beautiful new experience. It makes discovering amazing talent simple and fast. Buying on Fiverr takes less than a minute and starting to sell takes less than five minutes. It is a revolution.

We are introducing dozens of new game changing features that will allow our sellers and buyers to manage and scale up their businesses. The new Fiverr offers the same great experience across your devices – desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The new Fiverr was made for you. We hope you love it.

Thank you for your energy, creativity, and boundless entrepreneurial spirit. We look forward to seeing you on the new Fiverr.

Stay awesome!

Micha Kaufman (first name)

Micha Kaufman
Co-Founder + Chief Executive Officer



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  1. Jane Peppler

    This is a content-free announcement. What are you actually changing?

    • Dave

      I think the new Fiverr looks great..however as being a seller here for over two years lem it really seems like we as sellers are put in some pretty strange predicaments at times. From strange request to buyers who want more than we state in our gigs, it can be mentally draining. The fees can be a problem too especially when Paypal takes their cut. For the founders, I’m sure they are making a killing but we the sellers are actually what make Fiverr what it is. Make no mistake about it. We may get good promotion for our services on the platform but that dollar a give adds up after a while. It would be great if once you reached a hundred sales you are waived fees for the next 20 gigs. Something like that would perk my ears. However in any profit driven venue, the bottom line is something neither party wants taken from. Point is, the sellers are who really make this site great, not the particularly the ones behind the scenes.

  2. Killer Ready Adsense Site for only $5 |

    New version looks Awesome .. I like it 🙂


  3. Claudia Vallejo

    Hi! I want to say this new fiverr is amazing! Congratulations! When I saw it for first time it made me smile 🙂

    Amazing work!

    Claudia Vallejo

  4. The thinking that created this concept is mind blowing; the way off- the- wall talented skills and individuals who offer their talents for $5 is really MIND BLOWING!

  5. This is fantastic re-invention and thanks to fiverr for helping all of us make money.
    I would appreciate if fiverr could reduce the amount of time taken to get our funds.
    Thanks fiverr.

    • Melissa

      Fiver is great, but not waiting to get paid. Fix that and I’ll be back.


      • Zohair

        True that. Also, I applied for a Fiver card 2 months back, and still I havn’t recieved any card, and I card withdraw my money via paypal as it’s banned in my country. Fiver should really add a new checkout method for countries like Pakistan. Skrill Money Bookers is a really nice alternative.

        I am hopeless and Can’t withdraw my money. Please Fix this Fiverr!

  6. Joel

    Looks great, but can you please make the gig link clickable inside of the job order page once someone orders a gig. In the old version it was nice to get an order, go to that order’s job page and be able to click the link for a quick reference of what exactly entails.

  7. I think the whole responsive website design you put together and the universal access capability is a huge step in the GIG direction you are advocating. Good job. I think fiverr might even just become a hobby like Ebay to just find things to buy just because they are fun and five dollars.

  8. Sharif

    Thanks for getting back to me!

  9. I really enjoyed in working with fiverr newlook .. thanks for fiverr team who behind in developing such a great and new look … i like it 🙂


  10. fantastic and innovative Design, dudes!

    3 niche HD videos for $5

  11. Andrew

    So I read the email, and now I read the blog post, and I still don’t have a clue what the “new” fiverr actually is. Have you actually changed anything, or is this a PR event signifying nothing?

    • Hi Andrew,

      The new Fiverr is an entirely new look-and-feel, which you can see from the screen shots here. Have you clicked “Switch to the old Fiverr” perhaps?

      Let us know.

      Team Fiverr

  12. The website is beautiful and very interesting. Now you need to put more effort on the content. I have come to love shopping on your site however I am limited on what I can buy.

  13. I wrote a small review of the new Fiverr V2 and shared some advice on how to become a better seller.

    The statistics shared here are incredible…Let’s hope for another three good years for Fiverr!

  14. i am a school teacher from Sri Lanka.By joining to i have help to do science homework and earn few dollars. But my e-mail passward was hacked by someone and couldn’t get the money.Due to that I can’t use my previous e-mail.Please help me to solve my problem.

  15. I love the new Fiverr, but there are still many improvements that can be made. More flexibility in time is needed (Divide the time into number of hours for gigs that can be done that quickly, or can be done in a matter of hours for a gig extra). I also think that the price structure is too limiting. The best that can be done for a very difficult gig is charging three 20 dollar gig extras. I have many services that I cannot offer because I cannot charge the price that I command on other platforms. However, Fiverr does a much better job of promoting the gigs that I can offer than any other site. Thank you guys for working to make this site better instead of resting on your laurels.

  16. sir i wanted to ask..why my account has been restricted and my gigs are denied? what wrong did i do? I followed your TOS perfect than ….what is the problem…please

  17. Great It’s very simple to use new fiverr design. Hope buyers also known all these new features to find out that buyers want.


  18. I do agree 100%, we are living a new economy,this is what I call a “new renaissance” the iternet came to start a new era just like the availability of paper did prior to the renaissance, today availability to share ideas makes for an explosion of innovation all across the world, things change really fast and milions of people will benefit of the “democratization of business” on a global scale.

  19. Pub

    I really regret the good old Fiverr. I don’t see anything positive in this new design.

    Before it was a pleasure to use Fiverr, but it was Before!

    Now we cannot sort the gigs by rate or whatever, it doesn’t make sense. We are obliged to look at each gig to find one that we like.

  20. dipak

    I just love jew fiverr the fiverr reinvented.

  21. hey Admin
    I have seen that new fiverr really works. I gots some huge new orders. But worry about that Buyer can’t find easily gigs services.


  22. alex

    I have purchased more than 400 gigs so far. Is any way I can generate a report that put all of them in one excel sheet.

    • Hi Alex,

      The first place to start is to make this request to Customer Support at Please be sure to include your username and the period of time you would like records for. We will do all we can to help.

      Team Fiverr

  23. I love the new fiverr design, but would like to see the sort function back. I like being able to sort gigs by popularity, featured etc, and I’m sure that I am not the only one. Thanks

  24. You guys are awesome thanks for the opportunity you gave me to sell my backlinks and seo services to the whole world

  25. On the begining of the Month, when V2 became Open to Everyone, when you would enter in search engine keyword “soundcloud” #first result would be as well in Auto and in Rated Gig’s;

    This Gig just Poped Out(probably was suspended for last 2 months), and it’s in the Top Result’s, whenever you submit keyword in search engine, when ever.. I tough OK likes it because of high rated number of review’s and collection’s as well, BUT ALL THE TIME on Auto (nova days reccomended) sugested Gig’s, it is not right people, it is just not right.

    For two month’s, that I’m active on, I made more then 110 Gig’s with 100%
    POSITIVE RATING, daily about 4 order’s..
    Now When somehow V2 simpatises this upper Gig -“I will give you 20,000+ SOUNDCLOUD plays in 24 hours for $5”-, I get from 1 to 2 order’s daily or no order’s at all somethimes, and this Seller; TRAFFIC_VISITS has 12 active order’s at the moment JUST BECAUSE IT STICK’S ON THE TOP ALL THE TIME. I WAS Tracking all my other high rated competition as well, they also had more work prior to this month.
    Until beginning of the month, I noticed that they also dropped in number of order’s.. it’s a pity this happens, and it’s not just right to have sympathies for one Gig In Particular.. Your Algorithm should mix result’s instead offering every time this very Gig on #1 Place !!! Seller TRAFFIC_VISITS is eating all the soundcloud customer’s past 10 days.. YOU MIGHT WANNA CHECK THAT, please please please 🙂
    I know you have a lot of inquiries, when you find time, please address this issue with right response

    That Much From Me !

  26. apprentice_need

    The best that can be done for a very difficult gig is charging three 20 dollar gig extras. I have many services that I cannot offer because I cannot charge the price that I command on other platforms.

  27. Alexander von Ness

    New Fiverr is TERRIBLE!!!!

  28. KeepTheOldFiverr

    Why are opinions that are critical of the direction you guys are going not published?

  29. shungang

    hi. To be honest I do not like new version. It is slow, a bit dark, boring, not funny, not too friendly. The cow in first version was stupid good and it was great. Now access to gigs is for me not so good as it was earlier. Most important minus in new Fiverr is slow loading pages and this unfriendly dominating green color. Many times I switch to old version becuase I HAVE to! Thanks

  30. Nadifsd

    good topic I really enjoyed in working with fiverr newlook fiverr is best website thanks

  31. Thrandur

    I have really fallen in love with fiverr 🙂

    The new interface is not working though. I have tried a few times but I can’t seem to get it to work for me and my Chrome browser.

    Keep up the good work

  32. Andy

    As I posted on another post, the new design is very user unfriendly.

    It may look more modern and stylish than the old design, but gig information is scattered on the screen.

    There’s too much white space resp. information parts are too far apart and some are missing, e.g. thumbnails of delivered work in the gig description and in the customer reviews.

    The only thing that is going to make you reconsider this decision is a massive drop in traffic and business.
    I’m sorry to say that I wish this happens, because I want to keep the old fiverr!

  33. Sami

    Great way to make money

  34. SNSharma

    This is really a nice update in the functionality of the Fiverr. We sellers will find more avenues to serve our clients in a better productive manner.
    Hope to get started with new version and serve more new clients.

  35. Rob

    nice idea and this is very valuable site for us

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