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How Outsourcing Transcription Can Save You Time

How Outsourcing Transcription Can Save You Time

You are sitting in an important meeting but no one on your team remembers exactly what was said last week. You check your notes, but they are incomplete because you did not have time to write down everything. This is where transcription services could help boost your productivity and effectiveness.

Good for Business

Transcription is good for business because it creates a level of quality assurance that simple note taking cannot provide. For important phone calls, interviews and meetings you can completely invest your attention to the task at hand, knowing that a full transcription of the event will be provided. This gives you a whole new level of accessibility to information that can be easily catalogued and recalled digitally when necessary. Even if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed, transcription services may be right for you. You can turn podcasts or interviews into a blog or build content for production of EBooks and other online material.

An Investment You Can Afford

The real benefit to transcription services comes when you look at the incredible prices that are being offered now, brought down through fierce online competition. Quality service with low prices makes transcription a necessary tool for your business.

However, entrepreneurs are known for doing it themselves, for bootstrapping and rugged individualism. Why pay another business for something you or someone on your team can do in-house? But, when is the last time you transcribed something?

Increasing Efficiency

We hold this belief that transcription is “easy” but just because it is a mundane task does not mean that there are not certain skills that can enhance the process. One hour of audio will take somewhere between 4-6 hours to transcribe. Are you willing to spend an entire workday transcribing one hour of discussion? It doesn’t make sense to do so. Nor should you waste the valuable time of your staff to do something that can easily be outsourced. By hiring a transcription service, your internal resources will be freed up to pursue more valuable work. With quick turn around times of transcription services, the entrepreneur or the company can continue to stay focused on the core goals of the business and not get bogged down in mundane tasks.

Instead, as you barrel ahead with new ideas and strategies for growth and profits, a talented transcription professional, who can type much faster than you, will do the task using special tools that you do not have nor would be able to use. Just because you, or someone on your team can type is not the only qualification for transcription services. Think of it as if you were translating a document into another language. Just because a staff member may have fluency in that language, it does not mean they will effectively and efficiently be able to translate the document. Nor would it be the best use of their time. Instead, choosing a for-hire professional to do the mundane, repetitive tasks is a sure-fire way to succeed.

So when you are ready to begin transcription services, take a closer look at outsourcing the task. There are a multitude of highly skilled professionals who are ready, willing and eager to do the task for you, so that you can keep doing what you love.

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