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Our First Official Community Get Together

Our First Official Community Get Together
Fiverr Team

When Micha and Shai co-founded Fiverr and began talking about the Gig Economy, they knew they were creating something special, but neither they nor any of us at Fiverr who were able to attend our first Fiverr community event were prepared for the enthusiasm and inspiring stories of the truly amazing sellers who joined us.

The invitation-only event took place on Thursday evening, October 3, at the Downstairs bar of ACME in New York City. The select group of sellers, who came from across the U.S., have made significant contributions to the Fiverr community, and the event gave them an opportunity to finally meet each other and many members of the Fiverr team, including Micha, Shai, Ryan, our customer support director, and Natalie, our community manager.

While everyone enjoyed the cocktails, sumptuous appetizers and finger food, and soothing jazz, Micha and Shai kicked off the festivities by personally greeting many of the attendees and then introducing three extraordinary people — Harold, Morrissa and Barbara — who shared their stories about what Fiverr has meant to them and how it has changed their lives. These moving tales of transformation left many of us speechless because we know they represent something that is happening over and over again around the world.

After these talks, it was time to mingle, and the discussions that took place were equally exciting and inspiring. As voiceoverwork posted in the forum:

We mingled, drank, ate, shook hands, hugged, bragged, shared, applauded, took photos, shot videos, swapped stories.

It wasn’t until well after 10:30pm that the venue finally insisted we leave. Otherwise, we would have stayed and talked all night! Click here to see more photos of the event.

All of us at Fiverr are deeply moved by the response to the event, and we feel honored to be supporting all of our sellers and buyers by constantly improving your marketplace. This is just the beginning. We’re planning additional gatherings across the globe.

If you’re interested in attending a future event, please complete the form below to stay tuned!

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    Come to the UK! 🙂

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  6. Allana

    That is so cool! It’s neat to see photos of the fiverr community – it enhances the humanity of the whole thing.

  7. Biby

    Come to India….

  8. alfan123

    Just signed up on this event and hope to see something special,exact what fiverr team is used to tell us 🙂

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  10. Angellera

    It feels like I joined a big family I love Fiverr I can not gat enough of it

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