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Introducing the New Fiverr

Introducing the New Fiverr
Fiverr Team

We’re excited to share the launch of Fiverr® 3.0. We’re thankful to all of you who have shared our dream and helped us grow to become the number one global marketplace for creative and professional services.

Since our founding, Fiverr aims to make buying a service as easy as buying a product on Amazon. Our goal is to provide an “e-commerce experience” that empowers our creative community to package their skills as products, enabling the buying and selling of services in just a few clicks, while eliminating unnecessary sales friction. We call this concept SaaP (Services-as-a-Product).

In every version, we’ve come closer to this goal. But we believe Fiverr 3.0 is going to revolutionize this process. The new, clean vertical navigation will make doing business in the Gig® Economy that much simpler. Buyers will be able to simply browse, search, and buy, selecting from our catalog of more than 100 categories and millions of services. As easily as if they were buying a book online.

New Fiverr Homepage

Advanced Search Capabilities

Beginning today, with 10 sub-categories, and rolling out across all categories in coming weeks, Fiverr 3.0 will allow buyers to customize their search to suit their particular needs.

Photography Gigs

For sellers, it’s an opportunity to define what their Gig will deliver and match it with exactly what buyers are looking for, helping increase their sales.
The first 10 sub-categories are:

For example, if you want to purchase a voiceover for a new product launch video, Fiverr 3.0 allows you to search and sort by a highly specific criteria such as seller status, gender, accent and region, just to name a few.

Advanced searches that include Gig Extra data will also present the total pricing for the requested package right on the results page.

Narration & Voiceovers

With this big change, Fiverr will be able to facilitate the growing demand for larger projects for buyers, while increasing sales for our sellers.

The Fiverr Community

You helped us reach 196 countries in just 4 years. With your support, we hope to build on the millions of Gigs already listed on Fiverr to many, many more.

Still, working as a freelancer can be isolating, as many of you know well. We try to build Fiverr into more than just a marketplace. It is a meeting place for sellers, providing the opportunities, support, and tools you need to turn your talents into sales.

We are working hard to make Fiverr the best place to offer services, make money doing what you love and get things done. We could never do it without our passionate community of sellers and buyers. We look forward to continuing on this journey together.

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  1. Wayne Austin (OzzieUK)

    Excellent News ! So glad to have been a part of Fiverr and see it’s transition from V1 to V3. Let the good times roll !

    • Bob Chapman

      Will you even have a place we can search for people that we have used in the past? I have saved several people to my favorites but evidently that only holds a limited number of people. I have been very satisfied with Fiverr and have ordered nearly 200 gigs.

  2. Ed

    I’d definitely like to see a subcategory for fiction writers, instead of just web content writers.

    • Haestella

      Yes, this. There are a lot of fiction writers shopping for services at Fiverr!

      • AmazingDomains.CO

        it looks like a mix between eBay and Etsy

        • AmazingDomains.CO

          why don’t SHORTEN very much the Fiverr’s URL adopting the or domains???

          more info here


      Most definitely for science fiction writers like myself! Screenplays and the such! Bigger things for a bigger fiverr! Thank you fiverr staff!

  3. Andy

    Awesome! I am so proud to be an original Fiverr seller. Version 3.0 is simply phenomenal. Here’s to many more years of success. Keep rockin Team Fiverr!

  4. Cecelia (Ceceliavo)

    Very cool!

  5. Ricky

    I thought my sales had dropped, I guess this is why 🙁

  6. Hasan

    Any new features for sellers?

  7. moo

    I’ve been here through V1, V2 and now excited to be a part of V3. Onwards and upwards! ~madmoo

  8. gilbertosamba

    Let’s do this!

  9. vpix360

    It was worth the $5 struggle for the first few months to rise to being one of the top copy writers and creatives here on Fiverr. 3 years later, I’m still ranked 100% and the clients love what I deliver. None of this would be possible without Fiverr.

    Let the good times roll. Congrats on the version 3 upgrade. I’m looking forward to it.

  10. TheJeffCallaway

    Excited to be part of the new look and feel! Looking forward to many happy years of FiverrING!

  11. Michael M

    Awesome that is!!!

  12. VoiceActor

    Great to see fresh new change, clean design easier to navigate!

  13. HamnaAbobaker

    Awesome News Thanks for creating an Excellent Feature again!!

    Guest Post Provider ::

  14. Lem

    This is great news and will add to my love for Fiverr!

    I do wonder if you have any thoughts about over-subscribed sellers. Recently (over the weekend) I purchased a few items from sellers with high ratings from thousands of customers. Based on their popularity and rankings, I was confident that the end product would be amazing. Instead the deliverables were subpar and disappointing. While I was able to skip the line by paying $40 for 24-hr delivery, it’s not surprising that the results wouldn’t be good. How can a seller with 190+ orders in the queue, possibly do a good job. I don’t know what the answer is but I hope you guys can help us all help ourselves.

    Anyway, I still love fiverr and these negative experiences won’t curtail my usage.

  15. Matt

    Finally, just what I sellers have been longing for for ages. Time after time I hear buyers saying they hunted for hours trying to find the translator (or other service). But this will make it a lot easier for them, which means more orders for us sellers! Keep those new features rolling out Fiverr.

  16. Samnet

    Wow. I think this will definitely grow our business. I love fiverr.

  17. Jolarin

    Wow!! This is a great news
    thanks fiverr

  18. Vicki T

    glad to be a part of the transition. I’m a gig seller and will be happy to see the FIVERR community rise to the occasion.

  19. Blair2air

    So glad and privileged to be part of the Fiverr community! Thank you Fiverr!

  20. jagan

    Wow it’s great news. Fivert go ahead!

  21. rupak

    Proud to be with fiverr family from V01- V03.

    Professional and eye-catching infographic designer:

  22. katellqc

    BRAVO FROM FRANCE! It’s a fantastic news that should further improve Fiverr. Better search means better sales. I love Fiverr –

  23. ChathurangaK Designer

    awesome! great idea! go ahead !!!

  24. Markus Allen

    I’m a very happy buyer…

    Voiceover work shown here:

  25. Ken

    Good ๆๆ

  26. Danson

    Wow! I hope V3 will make selling a lot more easier. Kudos Fiverr Team!

  27. Moe

    I am so excited about Fiverr new look. I have made some great connections to awome people, due to Fiverr as a Level 1 seller. Much success, to all.

  28. whitehatseo10

    Any improvements are welcome as much these don’t damage the search or other important functions. For example this update lists gigs with a 1 or 3 reviews in front of gigs with more than 1000 reviews – for me Fiverr® 3.0 seems to be rather a bug than an improvement…

  29. Bachas85

    Seeing Fiverr grow so much over the past almost 3 years I’ve been a seller here has been a delight! Loving it! 🙂

  30. Skydesigner

    … i need 10 minutes to load one page and i see on forum that im not the only one …

  31. Cresencio Cantu

    This is pretty cool.

    I’ve only been a part of the community for several months and I’m really enjoying. I’m excited about the new sub-category features and I hope it brings some more buyers to my page.

    I only wish I had learned about it sooner!

  32. Ristagun

    Great news !!
    Thank you for all supported updates Fiverr made.

  33. LinneaS88

    Wow! That’s my photo on the voice over cover page! Thank you so much! Long live Fiverr!

  34. larry green

    may this improves our monthly income?

  35. kada ayoub

    Great news !
    Thats Amazing Thanks Fiverr 🙂
    and i am so glad to have been a part of Fiverr and see it’s transition from V2 to V3.

  36. Traffic_mania14

    WOW….Good news…!!!

  37. InkPetal

    I love the new front page with navigation areas over top rated gigs. It’s so much cleaner and more user friendly now. Great improvement there team.

  38. MaxTheMarketer

    Awesomely done Fiverr. Just one thing; there are no languages such as “Finnish”, “Norwegian”, “Danish” and “Swedish” in the sub-categories of translation.

    As a seller with over 400+ sales in translating English to Swedish, you should add these languages because if I lose sales because of this, you also lose incomce Fiverr! 😉

    Take Care & Have An Awesome Summer, fellow Fiverrs! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” K.


    Fantastic! I’m going to admit you guys find me more work then my real previous agents ever did here in Hollywood! 🙂 I’ve been doing videos off and on here on fiverr and I haven’t gone anywhere else! The only thing I’m waiting for is for you guys to become my real agent and let me post myself for bigger gigs for national commercials and tie into the real Hollywood work I’m use to doing!

    – Part of the Screen Actors Guild & Producers Guild of America!