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Inside Fiverr: A Musical Love Story with a Top Rated Seller

Inside Fiverr: A Musical Love Story with a Top Rated Seller Love Story - Fiverr TRS and Team Member
Fiverr Team

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sharon, our wonderful Director of Human Resources (HR). Sharon is definitely passionate about Fiverr®, but she also happens to be in love with a dedicated Fiverr seller.

So with Valentine’s Day soon approaching, we asked Sharon to share her story with and how the Gig® lifestyle touches both her professional and personal life.

Who is Sharon?

I have three children, two beautiful girls and a handsome boy—he’s still my baby even though he’s 17 years old. I love good ol’ rock music from the 1970s. My favorites are Creedence Clearwater Revival, Blood Sweat & Tears, and Led Zeppelin. I also have to say that I’m also a huge Bee Gees fan!

I’ve worked in human resources for 25 years, even though I actually studied statistics. I’m very passionate about working with people, which is why I pursued a career in human resources; it made more sense for me.

I’ve been working at Fiverr for almost two years. I love the fact that we are like a big family. As we grow beyond our startup roots, we work hard to keep that warm family atmosphere. That’s why my HR team and I are very selective when hiring new employees. In addition to level of professionalism, we look at personality to see that they fit our company culture.

First Comes Love..

I met Tal, who is now my significant other, in high school. We never dated but hung out with the same friends. He was a musician and always involved in something connected to music—he was one of the “cool guys”. But after graduation, we went our separate ways. We each got married, had kids, and got divorced. About 30 years later, just before our high school reunion, we connected on Facebook. We reconnected and the sparks flew. We’ve been together for about two and half years now.

Tal was still very much into music and had studied composition at the Manhattan School of Music, where he earned graduate and post-graduate degrees. But making a living from music was very difficult. He eventually accepted that being a professional musician wasn’t in his future, and he took a marketing job at a high-tech company.

…Then Comes Fiverr

It was half a year into our relationship that I started working at Fiverr. I became very passionate about it. I told Tal that it was an opportunity for him to make money doing what he loves. But at first it was very hard for him to get back into making music — the artist in him didn’t want to deal with disappointment. But I wouldn’t give up. Fiverr exists for people like Tal, and I finally convinced him to give it a try.

He set up some music writing Gigs and started getting orders. Soon after, he started getting repeat customers, and his business flourished.

Now he’s as passionate about Fiverr as I am. He even keeps his computer near the bed at night in case he gets an order or a message.

Fiverr Love Story - Director of HR and TRS

Living with a Fiverr Seller

Recently, Tal used his Fiverr income to surprise me with a trip to Europe. He also managed to upgrade his home music studio with top-of-the-line equipment from it.

However, it’s not always easy. A few months back, we had plans to travel for the weekend, but 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave, he got an order with Extra Fast Delivery. We had to cancel everything, so that he could complete the order!

What Does the Gig Economy Mean to You?

I have to admit that while I was passionate about Fiverr from the moment I joined, seeing first-hand how it can change someone’s life by allowing them to make money doing what they love is absolutely amazing.

Thanks to Fiverr, the artist in Tal has awakened. He’s even working on an album now. As his business grows, he hopes to turn Fiverr into his main source of income.

We’ll be chatting with more Fiverr team members in the coming months so remember to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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  1. Kymmypops

    Romance in Fiverr! 😮 I love it! 😀 Very cute story though! I’m really enjoying getting to know the team members! Wish you both all the best 🙂

  2. Dr. Jori Macarthy

    That was a very romantic and inspiring story. I really enjoyed it….just in time for Valentine’s Day! Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  3. RK

    WOW, Sharon is gorgeous and Tal looks cool. I think both are made for each other!
    Happy Valentines Day!! 🙂

  4. Adtolly20

    What a romantic and inspiring love story! What will be, will surely be… imagine after 30 years of going their separated way… they connected again via facebook… this is ordained union… Sharon Tal keep the love ball rolling …from my desk @

    • shamim rahman

      wow! what a nice love and romance story.Fiverr creating love between their.i like the story.i really injoy it……………..

  5. fabrichr

    beautiful! see my services http://WWW.FIVERR.COM/FABRICHR

  6. voiceoverwork

    Best wishes to you!!!

  7. Hamid

    Can fiverr really find me a date ? all other websites failed

  8. Diamond Bakare Babatunde

    The whole world will step aside for a man or woman who know where is going in life because love without money is meaningless.

  9. aziz

    i sent a lot of request about 24$ taken from my account since 10 days ago and after you had the bug but nothing made, i think you have a lazy customer support who can’t solve issues quickly even for 2nd level seller OOOOOOFFFFFFF

    • Fiverr Team

      Hello Aziz,

      We have spoken with our Customer Support Team on your behalf regarding your ticket. They have informed us that this is a technical issue and our Tech Department is working on a resolution for you. Customer Support will most certainly follow up with you as soon as they can. We appreciate your patience. Thank you.

  10. Zahid

    WOW,Beautiful!! Wish you both all the best.

  11. Donna

    Tal! That’s what the “suspend” or “vacation” button is for — so you can get away for the weekend! Good for you guys though! Rock on!

  12. Mark

    Congrats <3 Awesome story .

    Check out my gig about whiteboard animation .

  13. tahir
  14. fabrichr


  15. seyjan

    Nothing beats love and perseverance. Nice to meet you Sharon and thanks for sharing!

  16. bidesigner
  17. Sandy

    Beautiful Story!! Thanks Team Feverr for sharing..I wish you all luck and success.

  18. Victor

    What a very Lovely Story. A Big Thanks to Fiverr for providing such a Platform.
    I Agree with Adtolly20, what will be will be no matter how long it takes


    Im not really impress i want to see action in real life not in virtual world.

    ´´wake up the eyes are on you´´

    • Shinta

      In the end, outsourcing is a must to bcmoee more productive in your business. And finding this people to work with you is very crucial as you don’t want to hire people that will not give you quality work. In the next post, I will be covering where to outsource your business.

  20. Eric

    Nice story 🙂 well done

  21. davidh5h

    Excellent love story, I love it,I am really impressed. Thanks for sharing….!!!
    Excellent Offers On fiverr

  22. musicoptimist

    Great story!

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