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How to Make Your Personality Shine through Business Copywriting

How to Make Your Personality Shine through Business Copywriting

Branding is often thought of the appearance of the product. This can include the packaging, design, or logo of a product – among other things. But when marketing your products, setting a tone of voice for your company is equally important for building and creating a strong brand for your company. Different people respond to words in different ways. As a business copywriter, you have to write in a style that appeals to your target audience. At the same time you have to give your business a personality that connects with your customers on an emotional and meaningful level.

Business copywriting has undergone a dramatic shift over the last few years. Gone are the days of boring headlines and ordinary copy. Consumers today want more. They want to know more about you as a company, and more about what it would be like to work with you or buy your products.

When it comes to your company’s copywriting, one of your top priorities should be to take a long look at everything you’ve written, and ask yourself whether the copy you’re creating truly reflects you and your personality, and whether what you’ve written gives consumers a deeper look into the company behind the product you’re trying to sell.

Who Do You Want Your Brand to Be?

This is a question that you simply must be able to answer before you start writing. Do you want your messaging to be fun and playful like MailChimp, or a dependable classic like Coca-Cola? If you’re a long-established company, for example, you may want to not only write in a way that reflects that type of messaging, but also use such things as classic typefaces and fonts – in order to reflect your classic style.







However you decide to write and illustrate your copy, your brand’s voice should be clear and honest, and ultimately let the reader into your world to see what your business is all about. Your copy should be created and developed in a tone that accurately reflects your business, and that ensures that your messages gain the maximum amount of impact on your audience. This could include anything from writing about how your products can save your customers time and money, to the ability your products have to give customers something they’ve never known or experienced before.

You can also write about the unique features your product or service offers – which can include the added value your customers can get from your products, or the ways that you can go the extra mile to take care of your consumers.

Trust is Key

Keep in mind that trust is key. Online audiences are becoming increasingly weary of content that serves only to sell consumers a product or service. An emotional connection with a brand, product, or service is almost always needed for a buyer to make a purchasing decision. People want to buy from a company they trust and believe in, and one of the best ways to do that is by providing meaningful, genuine content for your audience.

Researching your audience and knowing their needs in advance is another great way of reaching out and connecting with your audience in a meaningful way. You can build trust with your consumers by sharing personal stories about how your products have created an impact on customers. This can come in many ways – from including personal anecdotes from people, to sharing testimonials from existing customers of your business.

Keep it Conversational

The internet can often feel like an impersonal place. Copywriting therefore needs to be as conversational and friendly as possible. Your writing can be serious or fun depending on the personality you want to portray, but the bottom line is that it should intrigue your readers and make them feel like they want to read and know more about who you are.

An approach like this will almost always attract people to your message, and create new and exciting opportunities for growing your business.


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