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How to Make the Most of the New Fiverr Storefront

How to Make the Most of the New Fiverr Storefront
Fiverr Team

New storefronts are coming and we want you to be ready to attract new and repeat sales. The new Fiverr optimizes the visual experience by allowing sellers to include more images, including a cover, that can drive potential buyers into your page. Think about what your virtual window should look like. Do you have a cover image ready?

Let’s take a look at some of the new image features so you can get ready for the new Fiverr right now — regardless of whether you have access to the new Fiverr now or not. Click any of the images on the right to enlarge them:

  • Cover Photo – This is your shopping window in the online world. Half the sale is done when people can see exactly what’s on offer. The new Fiverr allows sellers in some categories to do just that. Images must be at  1100 x 260  pixels, JPEG, full frame from side to side and a maximum of 2MB.
  1. You must own the image
  2. No Ads are allowed
  3. No text is allowed on your image
  • Gig Photos – The new and improved Gig gallery allows you to showcase three images as well as video. Images must be 682 x 459 pixels and can be no more than 2MB each. Keep in mind that adding a video can increase your sales by over 200%.
  • Gig Title – Your Gig title can be up to 80 characters. Make sure your title is short, clear and to the point.
  • Gig Description – You have 1200 characters (not words) to provide potential buyers a compelling description of your product or services. HTML formatting is acceptable. Be as descriptive as possible so buyers will know exactly what to expect. Be sure to classify your Gig with tags.
  • Editing Gigs – All you have to do is go to “My Gigs”, Go to the Gig you want to edit, click the settings icon and select edit. There you can make any changes you want to your Gig content.

If design is not your area of expertise, you might consider what some of our beta users have done and use a Fiverr seller to create the best image to sell your product.

Share your experience creating images that sell with the Fiverr community in the comments below.



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  1. Your new site

    it sucks, ever since it went live, my orders dropped to zero, because the search id faulty
    in the old site, I turn up under 15 different search terms. In the new site, just 1

    • ivan

      I agree to some extend!

      • Jakro

        Yeah I’ve experienced the same – the site overall looks gorgeous, so I doubt it is going to change. It won’t get easier, you must get better. Guess I’ll head to design covers…

        • Suoer Targeted Audience from UihosIm

          @jakro can I see now your design?

          I’m looking for some idea to create great design… 🙂

      • Fully Ready Adsense site for cheap $5

        @ivan ,I think gig description and tags is the key of gig to be ranked.


    • Samntha Anderson

      here is my gig i don’t know what is the weak point of this gig im very happy to listen some one show me how to get more sales on my gig
      thank you
      have a nice day

    • henryben

      I want to my gigs many visits, I have to do? go to my gigs and what I should change?

  2. Miranda

    The new site of fiverr is literally very slow and after three-four times of attempts probably you will be able to login once. Fed up of this new layout and such a slow speed. Please do something about this fiverr team. Sometimes I am just now able to log in and I feel that my account has been hacked because of not able to login or login errors.

    • Hi Miranda,

      Are you still experiencing slow loading? If so, have you Customer Support request? If not, please visit for assistance.

      Team Fiverr

      • Sam

        Also experiencing slowness, trouble logging in, lots of random errors that never used to exist, and lots of user experience bugs (“unknown errors” with file uploads, etc.). Sticking with the old version of the site until this is all resolved!

        • Daftdog

          I have to say the new Fiverr is not very user friendly. I have been using one of your competitors site’s…though now that i can change back to the old fiverr im back but when this becomes fulltime…well you may have lost a customer!

  3. wow, that is stupid. no text?! it even has text in the sample…

  4. carlos

    how do i get access to the storefront pic on the new fiverr I dont see it when I go to my profile

  5. Awesome new features on fiverr
    Thumbs up


  6. sir i wanted to ask..why my account has been restricted and my gigs are denied? what wrong did i do? I followed your TOS perfect than ….what is the problem…please

  7. Want you new cover photo to look its best? Give me a shout…..let’s get the ball rolling!

  8. Hi,
    Form the day new fiverr started I dint got a single order.
    This never happened before?
    No orders 🙁

  9. XD

    Cool 🙂
    I am in love with the new features of fiverr .

  10. Awesome new features on fiverr..)

  11. bill butler

    my pay pal states i order a gig but fiverr does not ??????

  12. thank you for featuring my store front on this post Fiverr!
    i LOVE the new changes!
    the header banner is something i’m especially excited about, that was a stroke of pure genius!!

  13. Dwayne

    The suggest feature is not on the new site?

  14. gles

    Hello, where can I edit the storefront? I can’t seem to find it/

  15. JB

    I don’t like that you only accept images in jpeg format. Most people have macs and use PNG. Annoying 🙁 – You are loosing gigs. And do some more testing on your new style especially with image uploads. I use a macbook pro.

  16. yes it is good
    i like it

  17. sandi billingslea

    I believe I found the right people to order from

    This sight is impossibly difficult order and track the order. I have tried to place 4 3d cover orders and 4 boos for e book conversion

    I do not know if I have properly ordered and where to follow up on the order status.


  18. looks awesome but it will take some time to get use to it . Over all design is great and awesome features .


      The new site is pretty interesting, you just have to get used to it i suppose…It might take awhile but what the hell, where do we have to go right???…lol…Awesome job Fiverr…KUDOS!

  19. Allison

    I dont like the new Fiverr It looks crowded and unattractive. Things are harder to find. Please leave the old version for folks like me. I felt turned off Fiverr when I saw the new rendering. Glad the old version is there

  20. Shoaib Rasheed

    Good New Features But Its Poor when it comes to user friendly layout, Find a better Designer 🙂

  21. hey Admin of

    I didn’t gets new order.I just don’t know why i have no order now. I have great feedback on me gigs services. And i posted one new gigs on article writing here it’s url

    when i search on article gigs where i didn’t see my gigs. If you can help me then it’s great for me.I just want that my gigs just shown on writing category. then i will gets some new order.


  22. Dave

    I like the new layout but it is somewhat slow. In the end I switch over. Sometimes the new hyped up look just doesn’t cut it. Like trying to make a new version of Pacman, sometimes the older look and style are more appealing. Maybe Im just old school. Haha

  23. playercoach

    I am VERY happy with the new store front. I’m not sure if it was the new design or perhaps there was a new search redesign–but since this was released my Fiverr business has increased dramatically.

  24. success

  25. It’s nice but this system has now an incredible amount of bugs. Some of them are literarily ruining everything I have been striving to do here.

  26. vinstone

    What happen to D quick pay in the new site? I signed up for it and used it before with the old site, but have to manually login to paypal with my most recent three purchases.

  27. Judy

    Too hard to find things on this new site. Wher4e is the seller dashboard? I want to take a look at my revenues…can’t find it??

  28. JEET3189

    The new Fiverr is Outstanding!! However I think Fiverr should add a auto notification pop up feature. You know, like facebook 🙂 Because I have to click on the notification tab and then it updates (Sometimes doesn’t) if anybody place any order or sent a message etc.. If Fiverr can add this feature then it will be absolutely great!!

    Thank you 🙂

  29. Store front and all the new “stuff” looks great 🙂

  30. Asiagirl

    Fiverr new site rocks ! Love the stats ! for all SEO on Asia.

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  33. First some of my gigs asked me to add a cover-photo and I did, now it’s gone again. What determines if a gig shows a cover-photo or not? Can anyone explain that?

  34. Bobby

    Storefront feature is just a joke from Fiverr.

    I have added my store front and it rejected without any specific reason given. I checked all possible reasons and my storefront does not fall in that category yet fiverr editors rejected that.

    And now storefront option is completely disabled for my any gigs or new gigs (for relevant storefront categories). I submit support ticket and its been 10 days its never assigned to anyone.

    Yet fiverr approved many storefronts in which user added text via photoshop etc.

    STOREFRONT is a disaster with pathetic checking by editors.

  35. Thomas

    i imagine Fiverr is making a lot of money every day – so i don’t understand why they are not able to fix bugs on the site

    everytime i try to upload workorder i am having a real hard time – an i am one out of millions who are facing the same problem i imagine

  36. Fred

    From A buyers perspective the new fiverr layout is 200% rubbish. Who was the idiot that designed it. Looking for Gigs now is a pain in the arrrse.

  37. Hi new design is really excellent, but what I feel is – after the new design my sales are decreased and even the number of messages are also decreased. May be its only with me, but I really experiencing it.

    I think my gigs are not showing on search and not also on default listing, thats the reason.

  38. I definitely like the old version better…Everytime I login, I go directly to the ” switch to old fiverr link”…The new version just doesn’t do it for me…You guys should of improved on the old version instead of this new nonsense that you have going…

    Disappointed in Miami

  39. It all sounds great, but how do we get started? I don’t see any area to select to begin to make the change over to the new format for our store fronts.

    Thanks in advanc efor your help!


  40. Energygirl

    Where can I locate, or what is the size allotment for the email repsonses we provide to buyers, as well as the size allotment for attachments within same? It appears that since the recent upgrade, those have been greatly decreased, making it challenging to provide the buyer what I need to in order to fulfill the purchased gig. Thank you! 🙂

  41. Hi I have paid US$5.00 by my Paypal, but it is not clear the way to order please advice me .
    0065- 96732201

  42. the new site is slow and less friendly

  43. Looks like Fiverr cover photos good be a worthwhile Fiverr gig if you are good wih graphics!

  44. Ya New Fiverr is not really Very Good User Friendly

  45. I was on the new site of fiverr. Then I got back to the old one. The old site is very user friendly. I get very confused using the new version. Please make some improvements to it.

  46. I like the old site better.

  47. wow I really like this 🙂

  48. Mary

    The new storefront is buggy and slow and makes it hard to find gigs. I have literally done searches and gotten ONE gig as a result…and then I turn around and use the old version and get several! PLEASE get rid of this awful new interface until it’s truly ready for production–it is NOT ready yet, and I will be using the old version until the new version is actually in working order.

  49. Willie

    I’m not feeling the new site, its awfully slow

    I have been using the old site still which is faster

  50. radjaseotea

    Why do my gigs ‘RADJASEOTEA’ is not indexed on search Fiverr?? Please explain …. Fiverr versi2 very lousy, slow, declining sales. Please try to make SEO on the website,,, If this continues. Fiverr can bankrupt … Believe in me.

  51. I was getting lot of order from one of my youtube views gig. The gig rating is 100% . But, now i’m not finding any order from the gig. why? Some not rated yet sellers ranking in fiverr search is better than me. why?

  52. WebSage

    Is it just me, or I have no sales coming in after the new website was implemented. 🙁

  53. FiringArrows

    Over all, the new layout is excellent and very helpful for both sellers and buyers in more ways than one. Though it felt slow initially, it is now better and back to normal. However, there’s no way for sellers to check for “new requests” like the old layout and apply for those requests .. this means, unless someone hits them up for work, they can’t land in one .. if this old feature is also added would be a lot more better.


  54. yes i am surely ready to have my store with fiverr.thanks.

  55. I love the new fiverr. Apart from the new features which are simply great, sellers now have complete control over their gigs and how best to display them on their store. Thanks a lot for this remarkable improvement fiverr team.

  56. Amanda Barlow

    I cannot find my job on the new site – had to go back into the old format and find the notification. Even in there I don’t know how I’m supposed to close off the job and approve payment or message the seller???

    I also had trouble even trying to submit the job. Where are the work order forms? I have not found this experience on Fiverr very good at all – very frustrating. The seller has been fantastic – it’s just the process. I can’t find anything.

  57. bernard18

    I’m sure the changes inevitably lead to improvements in sales, but how can switch to the new format? I don’t see any area to select to begin to make the change. Help me please.

  58. FiverrQuestEx

    The Old Version of Fiverr.Com is WAAAY better than the newer version.

    The newer version takes too long to load and it’s more difficult for me to find links to the areas of the website I want to immediately go to.

    I prefer the older, classic Fiverr layout and every time I log onto Fiverr.Com, I ALWAYS switch back to the older version of the site. The new one sucks, period.

    • jojo21

      loved the old fiver, it was simple to access and navigate…why did you try to fix something that wasn’t broken?

      I have also recommended friends to fiverr and they find the new site really difficult to use!

      We LOVED the old site!!! It got successful because it was a great site. Throwing money at something doesn’t automatically make it better.


    • max

      Yes You right

  59. Jessyica

    I am so tired of this new fiverr version I was selling 1-3 gigs per day in the old version but now in this new version I can`t even be found in the search results and of course this has me selling 0 gigs day in day out …2 years of time building a reputation for all that hard work to go up in flames. Yes I contacted support and got a generic answer which means the 1000s and 1000s of hours filling orders and making $50-100 per week which was helping to feed the children and stopped I have no idea what to do about this nightmare!

  60. hamad

    Please if you surely know i can be on your list just let know and reply me in my email.thanks.

  61. conceptcreative

    The new version is nice but I will always prefer the old version.. is more friendly, easy to use and classic…

    I love the old version… is the original fiverr.

  62. KeepTheOldFiverr

    Message from a Buyer:

    I used the new fiverr for more than two weeks and hate the cluttered “artsy” look.

    Look I come to fiverr to get things done. I’m not here to marvel at how awesome your site looks, how fancy the headers are nor the squiggly lines. It doesn’t matter to me and probably 99% of your buyers.

    The new design makes it harder to do simple things. It:
    – is slower.
    – makes it slower for me to do stuff. One of many examples… the top nav expands to fit the whole screen so on my 24″ monitor, I have to move the mouse way further than I should need to.

    I don’t care about a sellers “world domination”. Why not give me statistics that matter to me. Like enhanced status of my order… When the seller logged in and such.

    I probably am not going to use the new site as much if at all. I submitted a ticket pleading my case but it was dismissed without a thoughtful reply as I was expecting.

    While I understand the need to evolve to stay competitive, I absolutely have no idea why companies insist on regressing despite negative user feedback.

  63. soundcloudplay

    Different features between two fiverr versions, make me juggle back and forth, but that’s normal, and OK ! I’ll adjust.
    Same thing happened to soundcloud website, as it’s happening to fiverr website !!!

  64. Jim

    I hate the new web site!! It’s slow, the message notification won’t turn off, many features are missing. I hope they leave the old site up so I can keep using that.

  65. Biplob

    I am in love with the new features of fiverr but now I can’t find my gig anywhere on search please give me back my position …

  66. hamad

    I want to know how i can be a seller who is exactly planing to sell a product that can be use around the without display to the world.

  67. Donald D.

    Where is the mutual cancel gig? Have to agree… the new one looks cool and all but it is a lot harder to find things…. like the old one better.

  68. noyon mahmud

    how minimum money withdrawn from Fiverr ?

  69. Danny


    How can I add extra gig with different prices to my existing gig?


  70. Rick

    As a buyer the new design is totally unusable. Not sure how this has past revisions and tests from all involved people.

    I’m sticking to the old one and I hope you’re not going to turn that off, because it will make me use Fiverr way less because in an attempt to avoid the hassle.

  71. everlight

    I like changes on Fiverr..but orders are going slow.on fiverr neww…..what happened I dont know!!

  72. nannubulbul2

    yes the new fiverr slow. i get just 2-3 order. difficult to fine what you want. thanks.

  73. seopriority

    Some of my better selling gigs were getting denied despite me resubmitting with a correct size image. One even got deleted/denied right after an order was delivered. All of these were simply because fiverr said my images were incorrect. Oh well, back to the drawing board

  74. gursharan

    this is amazing!

  75. nwdutch

    I agree with a couple of the people posting here. I always go back to the classic Fiverr, for the same reasons given, e.g., too slow, difficult to find shopping areas, etc. The site seems disjointed or unfinished. I like Fiverr and hope the Fiverr team gets it all worked out.



  77. david

    having a problem to communicate with Video24
    delivery date overdue, i’ve sent a message, no reply and i need the video ASAP
    what can i do next?
    please advise promptly

  78. Zohair H.

    I really like the new site from the design and creative aspect but I still use the old website because it is really simple to use.

  79. radjaseotea

    Very stupid. Search from becoming 1.000.000 5.000.000 … That’s the genius programmers you. Happy. Fiverr will soon expire.

  80. Mohan Iyer

    The new site is useless.
    As a buyer I need to go and order multiple gigs. STOP. I cannot do that in the new one, I have to buy multiple ones and for each of them I have to provide information and it adds to just junk mail in my inbox.
    Till ytou guys sort out your website, I would suggest you remove the new version.

  81. featherstory

    Will there be no request gigs box on the new fiverr?

  82. freelancer Information

    Nice website. I like this site very much. visit

  83. Ahmad

    any gig that I am making its rejecting, I am not agree i was offering an ebook which was a bout Ebay as every one offering so i don’t know what is wrong with you!

  84. Nadifsd

    very nice i am agree this topic

  85. apprentice_need

    Hello ,

    I received your order and start working on it. Meanwhile you check other gigs on ” apprentice_need “,



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  86. badsite

    i have to say, the new site is very bad, simple is success.

    not like new site!

  87. badsite

    have lose many orders since new site online!

  88. khany

    The new site is very slow! You should make your site compatible to any device why just p.c?????? Please use your fivver senses!

  89. quetzalito

    The new version of Fiverr is NOT friendly. Please bring back the old version. Craigslist has not changed for years why did not have to make things more complicated?

    If you do not want to bring it back at least let users choose which one to use.

  90. Carol Covin

    I am trying to order a gig from a cartoonist i used a few months ago. I posted a message, but I don’t know if he’s still active. I got a message from fiverr about a new storefront and that it does not support ‘notifications’ from the old system. Is my message getting through?

    • Hi Carol,

      Please contact Customer Support at for assistance. We’ll do all we can to resolve this for you.

      Team Fiverr

  91. grammar teacher

    HATE the new fiverr….it is not the least bit user friendly, it takes forever to find what I’m looking for and then it takes forever to load. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

  92. D

    this new page is ass but I try it out

  93. namenamename

    I hate the new fiverr and will be using the old version for as long as possible.

  94. mohammad
  95. Shahin

    Nice new fiverr, but still now i did not get any offer from buyer. How can i?

  96. Dave

    No, no no! This is an absolute dog’s dinner of a site. Messy, disjointed and looks more like a cheap newbie blog. Hard to navigate too. Stop trying to fix what isn’t broke fiverr.

  97. Rick Blackmon

    I hate this new interface. I can’t find anything. The people on my favorite forum hate it also. I switch to the old format whenever I come on. Now you’ve taken notifications from the old format. Are you trying to drive me away? If someone else offered this kind of variety, I’d be gone.

  98. webmaster old

    Fiverr new mode is very slow, declining sales, Gigs I did not perform at the show. Round gigs unfair. There are some Fiverr shareholder, who sells gigs on Fiverr. Although their service for granted. They put it in the forefront.

  99. best seo

    Fiverr is a new website is very slow. Your script is very bad. It was like shut off the flow of funds Fiverr. Greatly decreased sales. Fiverr long more dynamic and very nice. Fiverr new very ugly. I really hate the new Fiverr. Please speed up this problem. Before everyone switched to another place.

  100. Kimberly Andrews

    I found this article to be very helpful in assisting us grow our business

  101. SaySu

    Like new layout, def more classy… It would be great if there was a simple EMAIL ICON to go directly to your inbox like old version — rather than the speak bubble, which consolidates everything in jarring fashion.

    SIDE NOTE: It would be great if Fiverr did not feature the same gigs all the time,over and over, been here a year and notice same faces/trend.. hmmmmm interesting.

    Also is there a way to change your handle name? Thx

  102. Charles

    The new site has killed my fiverr business…use to get 10 orders a I’m lucky to get 3 in a day..PLUS notifications of messages from buyers after a sale is non-existent. I am not getting all my correspondence and nor notifications on the old site habe been disabled. What am I to do if a buyer responds on a completed order and I’m not notified. What are you guys thinking over there.

  103. Angel

    The new storefront is confusing, useless and definitely not worth 5 bucks, go back to the old fiverr.

  104. RosaleeL

    The new site has caused me so many issues. I have tried with multiple browsers chrome, firefox, and safari on 3 different devices. It is slow, I have issues uploading new gigs, issues with messages, and issues with withdrawing revenue. Not good for business guys.

  105. Stewart

    I much prefer the OLD Fiverr. A lot easier to use. I always revert, but I don’t visit as much now as the new design has put me off. Sorry Guys.

  106. ayumu yoshi


    please help!

    i have been using the new fiverr interface but i accidentally clicked on the “switch to old fiverr” thingy. how do i get back to the new fiverr storefront?


  107. Dave

    Are these comments being cherry-picked and/or censored? My recent post about how this new site is a dogs dinner has gone, and so are a few others that said pretty much the same. Unless this site changes back, I’m off elsewhere.

    • Hi Dave,

      We approve comments as soon as we can. Some post instantly, if the community member has had prior posts approved. We welcome and value honest feedback and an open dialogue!

      Team Fiverr

  108. naveen


    Fiverr blocked my my account , I want to buy gig on seo , please un block my account.



  109. Andy

    The new design is bad on so many levels!

    For buyers it just got so user unfriendly.

    I especially miss the thumbnails of the word done for previous customers, also in the customer reviews there should be thumbnails.

    This is just one thing, overall it’s just a bad buying experience and I’m already looking for alternatives and will shop less here in future since many providers also offer their services at other places.

    Luckily it’s a free market economy and by introducing your new design other platforms get a new chance.

  110. arewatech

    I don’t know whats wrong but orders have completely stopped overnight. Fiverr revenues puts me in university & now facing an un-sure future. I worked hard with sleepless nights to make sure i make enough to pay my tuition & registration fees. Now a first year undergraduate, i’m afraid if i can finish this semester talkless of paying next year’s school fees.

  111. endlessoptions

    Definitely prefer the old format.

  112. Fiverr Virtual Assistant

    Order quantity is drastically reduced. I hope Fiverr team is working on the same.

  113. nwdutch

    First, Fiverr is obviously a great idea and website providing a platform for an enormous number of people–professionals and non-professionals–even a few kooks. 🙂 However, this old-timer, having been in business for about 40 years, if I was a part of the good Fiverr Team, would pay close attention to the majority of comments about the “new” approach being inefficient, slow and seemingly not easy for customers to find services. Reluctantly, I add my humble voice that I have difficulty navigating the new site; I can’t find my own two gigs; and I’m less enthusiastic to complete my first goal of getting 20 gigs operational. I’m worried about sending traffic to my gigs lest they get lost and can’t complete the happy “Order.” I’m not agreeing with some comments to shut the new site down; that would be extreme and very costly to the Fiverr team. But I do think lots of attention should be paid to the stated issues of navigation, speed, locating gigs, and customer-pay protocol (the “quick-pay” was super)as a beginning.

  114. tubeth2000

    Thanks a lot for the info! useful…

  115. Malini Sinha


    I m also in fiverr since 6 months, I want to be like you friend.
    I m doing Excellent services where Buyer will get more benefit threw my service. there are many visitor come to they link and they can get more traffic and best to sells their products..

    my profile here :


    I Dont Know Where Is The Fault In My gigs 🙁

  117. Joseph

    Yes, I can see that the new storefront presents more opportunity for sellers to Optimize their Gigs. Fiverr Team is creative!

  118. Jorggray

    Chack out my Awesome services~!

  119. fabrichr

    I have some great services

  120. Michelle

    Oh my word. This picture debacle is holding me up for days.. how comes the sample has text in it anyways..

    • Fiverr Team

      Hi Grace, contact us directly at Customer Support at this link and provide your username and details of the issue and we will help you.

  121. Harish Kumar

    It’s a great achievement.

  122. TrafficGeek777

    I love the new Fiver store front. I believe it’s going to be a real good plus+. Quite innovative.

  123. lukuman

    please my people educate me how to make money on viverr

  124. Kris

    Awesome stuff fiverr!We followed the tips from your blog and got promoted to level 1 on fiverr in just one month after joining.Here is our new psd to wordpress / html gig
    100% satisfaction guaraanteed!.

  125. Larry

    I believe in feverr.

  126. Manami

    On blogger all the posts have a share this bar added to the btotom of each post as a default. No extra steps necessary.What you can add are reactions. Where people can click if they thought the article was cool or funny or helpful. But other than just showing how popular you are, I don’t think the reactions affect your SEO that much.

  127. Kishore Ganesh

    I have been on Fiverr only for a short time, but after comparing the old Design to the new One, I say the new One has an amazing Design, with a few performance tradeoffs, which is absolutely worth it. Just hope Fiverr tweaks the search in V4, as many sellers have been complaining about less sales.

    Profile Link:

  128. udeh raphael

    please am new here,can someone explain to me how things are done here.please

  129. webtelly

    So, I guess I am still confused why we have to make our image sizes to such exacting, arbitrary dimensions. It is maddening. With all the good coding on this website, why can’t Fiverr have a built-in image editor, or just automatically scale the images like most other websites do? It would really help.

  130. Ali

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