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The Man With a Business Plan: Fiverr Super Seller Bizgrowthcoach

The Man With a Business Plan: Fiverr Super Seller Bizgrowthcoach
Fiverr Team

Meet bizgrowthcoach (aka Marty). He’s a business consultant who offers his Gigs to startups, solopreneurs and small businesses on Fiverr. He created his first Gig in April 2012 and less than 4 months later, in July 2012, he was promoted to a Top Rated Seller.

Marty is a true Fiverr success story. We asked Marty to share some of his secrets and he said:

I’m giving away the farm here, but it’s not about me. I want every person to be successful on Fiverr like me.

Here’s more from our newest Fiverr Super Seller.

1.) Plan, Prepare, Launch, Engage

The best strategy is don’t think Fiverr is like Craigslist, where you put stuff up on a website and people just send you money. You need to make a plan, commit to success, discipline, persistence and hard work.

Before posting my first Gigs, I spent several weeks planning and preparing. I read every detail in Fiverr’s TOS [Terms of Service], did some research and learned which Gigs would be most popular.

Using the Google Keyword Tool [now Keyword Planner], I found the most relevant keywords and keyword combinations (low competition and high searches) for my Gigs. Then, I highlighted the top 5 to use over and over.

In summary, I followed my PPLE Method (Plan, Prepare, Launch, Engage) that I teach in my Gig.

I built my marketing plan, mapped out the places where I would engage people and compel them to go to my Fiverr Gigs.

2.) Gig Promotion is Paramount

Use your well researched keywords and implement them using multiple marketing channels.
Sites I post on include LinkedIn, Quora, my various blogs and some curated news sites like Twitter and Facebook posts are scheduled, and my tweets incorporate hashtags for keywords and #Fiverr.

I comment on other’s blogs. On visual media sites like Pinterest, I post the cover graphic of my Gigs and write a short, compelling call to action message.

With my complete social media marketing mix I build relationships, answer people’s questions, ask them thought provoking questions and show them where to find more information. I get them at their “Point of Want.” Only after they get to know me, like me and trust me they’ll buy my Gigs.

3.) Video Sells

I create 2 to 3 minute YouTube videos to introduce and inform about my top selling Gigs. These videos are posted on a wide range of social media sites. The goal here is to drive people to my YouTube page which then links back to my Fiverr Gigs.

I was surprised that quite a few blogs and article publishing sites picked up my YouTube video and posted it on their site. That really helped my search rankings and keyword exposure.

4.) Tracking Your Success

Sites like help measure promotional success. Check Google search to see where Gigs and videos rank in organic search results, Fiverr stats for Gigs and to monitor conversion rates. By refining descriptions, you can improve your conversion rates with time.

I created a spreadsheet to track my complete social media postings, results, and engagement levels. I consistently achieve an 18 to 25% conversion rate on my top two Gigs. If you follow eCommerce or any online marketing statistics, the average is around 1.5% and if you hit a 4% conversion rate – it’s been a great month.

Inspired by Marty’s story? Have advice to share? We’d love to hear it! Please post it in the comments below, on our forum or email us at



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  1. athul

    i am very impressed

    • jmhhacker

      Hi I joined fiverr 6 months ago and have delivered over 4,000 orders and 30 thousand us dollars…. Half my orders come from fiverr the other half from my own promotion. I use gplus pinterest instagram twitter and blog posts. Those networks reach over 300,000 people. I am building those networks every day. Ranked 560 in USA on Gplus now made a fiverr business page that ranks very well. Things like that…


        Congrats sir……….

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        Congratulation Jmhacker (Y)


    • jmhhacker

      I have a question how are the super sellers chosen on gig ideas and rating just curious as I thought I may have a sot Congrats Bizgrowthcoach

    • Handsome

      me too

  2. DTong Sports

    Congrats Coach! Sounds like a proven business strategy, I definitely took a couple points from this. I often change my Hash Tags when posting to Twitter, LinkedIn, and more importantly Google +. Some I keep consistent for SEO reasons of course, but changing them every once in awhile can help you expand your reach and hit a market you didn’t think you had a piece of!
    Can’t wait to see my cartoon character in the same cape soon!

  3. OldBittyGrandma

    Congratulations Marty!! Super fantastic tips too!! 🙂

  4. Daniel Lamb

    Love it! Congrats Marty!

  5. apprentice blog comment

    Congratulations Marty!! Love it!

  6. Marty Koenig

    I am honored and humbled that fiverr chose me as their next Super Seller! It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of work, but doing business on fiverr absolutely pays off.

    Thanks again, fiverr!


  7. experts_

    Congratulations Marty!!

  8. sm_coverman

    Congratz for you, Coach and thanks for sharing great tips for us. Hope I can do the same strategy like you do.

    Love it /sm_coverman

  9. Chris Deals

    Congrats on your success Marty. This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m in the process of setting up my first gig and wanted a game plan. I had some ideas, but your have provided a proven strategy. I will be order one of your gigs, and I’m looking forward to interacting with you.


  10. wiliam

    ok, happy , happy,

  11. AJdrawings

    Congratulations.. Wow, 4 MONTHS! Amazing 🙂 Good luck Marty!

  12. fena3000

    Great tips indeed. It’s good to be able to learn from a person who carefully investigates the market before entering into it.

  13. Wow. Great information. I see why he became a top seller so fast. Congratulations! I definitely learned a few things. Thanks!


  14. congratulationsss!!! good tips 😀

  15. Deepak

    Nice post and secrets.

  16. Wow congratulation, and thank you for your tips and sharing with us here.

  17. Ádegbola Wale

    Congrats . Thanks for the tips

  18. monot


  19. himanshu

    earn money

  20. himanshu

    who wants to be natures drawing

  21. stevo872

    Well done, and on the not of promotion and making videos, if you need any voiceovers or audio editing check out my gigs – stevo871

  22. Chris

    Great tips, thanks for sharing 🙂

  23. Jaques Cilliers

    Congrate Biz Coach – It takes persistence and continually delivering quality to your buyers. Treat each customer like they are the beginning and end of everything and communicate any delays timeously.

    Great work


  24. Dilip

    Congrats Marty!

  25. Hahaa

    Congrats you suck

  26. nurul

    You Inspired me! congratulation bro!


    Can your plan/gigs work for offline biz too? Would be interested in knowing.
    Suppose a guy wants to start offline biz and has a product or products to sell can you help that guy from start to finish? if so what initial or info you would need to provide your expert guidance?

  28. GM KONOK

    To much excited suggestion. I like that.

  29. LoGo4


    I need to check out his gigs, I don’t know how I haven’t heard of him sooner!

  30. Deanna

    I’ve purchased some of his gigs. He’s awesome!

  31. Ashutosh Gupta

    Learned a lot from this…..

  32. mariano

    Congratulations! you are great keep the hard work buddy

  33. Djamee

    Congratulations marty, great source of Fiverr knowledge.

  34. Kabrina []

    Wow, well done! Thank you for sharing the tips with us all. I have them saved and am creating a lengthy but important to do list! I’m no super seller (yet) but my tips to new sellers would be:

    1. Be as clear as possible in your description and instructions when explaining what the gig includes and update them to resolve any ambiguity you find immediately. I learn from my customers every time they assume something is included or when my wording is confusing and always update my gigs to keep up with those issues.

    2. Remember what your work is worth and stick to your guns on what comes with the gig. The prices for your work are already very reasonable on Fiverr so don’t shy away from requiring those gig extras on certain orders.

    3. Use your extras wisely so they sound intriguing and make sense as an add-on to your gig. Think of who your customer is and what you would want to see offered as an extra service should you be in their shoes.

    I’m sure most people know this already but I figured I’d share anyway!



    Well for me, I really have no need of promoting my gigs as most of my buyers are returning clients and also referring others to me as the saying goes, he who has the honey does the bee pursue.

    I sell gigs to help marketers build their lists and so far, I have been getting lots and loads of clients!

    Fiverr has been a relief to my finances!


  36. Krista

    Congrats!!! You have some wonderful ideas that I never even thought about. This is why you are a SUPER SELLER 😀 Your one Class Act Sir!

  37. Kim

    Congrats Marty,

    You’re an excellent example to follow.


    Its really useful for us that you’re sharing your secrets.. I myself got some new ideas to promote my gigs now. Thanks for sharing your secrets with us. Wish you more success for your business.

  39. Roseann Haines (rohavoiceover)

    Wow! Marty you did so many things I would never have thought of…I need your gigs, lol! Congratulations and thanks for the business tips! I’m excited to give the ones I recognized a spin!

  40. asanka

    congrats sir, it will help me lot as a beginner. thanks you!

  41. Allyson Michelle

    Congrats Marty! I added your gig to my collection, Looking forward to working with you soon! xoxo

  42. danish

    Congrats Marty 🙂


    Hi there,

    Congrats, great results in just 4 months! I can relate to the fact that if your customer is satisfied, you’ll have a successful business. This is what I try to do too and it really pays off. Keep up the good work!


      Congratulations sir!

  44. rich77sm

    and i thought my 6000 over a year might have been on of the better successes. i am WAY off lol. Congrats!


    Congrats… You simply merited it! Thanks for the tips as well.

  46. bestinworld

    congratulation 🙂

    all plx check my gig also 🙂

  47. Paula Kruse

    Thank you for the details in the sharing. Very helpful and we appreciate the time.

  48. best qa

    Hey dude,

  49. Mcyrus

    That’s grate

    I think this services really helpful for new gigs but @ the end of the client all are depend on yourself.

  50. iamlegendryggs

    You are good……Thats just it…. Congratulations

  51. iamlegendryggs

    I just refreshed my page after my last comment to find out that i have just made “level 2” seller… haha, Fiverr is mouthed. How do I begin to show my gratitude to fiverr…

    I will make it brief… To have sold over 50 gigs ranging from Creating ‘catchy’ brand names, to Great company Logos and Business cards et al.. in the last two months is overwhelming.

    The Super seller and Kabrina above have said it all….
    but i must add, the impossibility of new buyers.

    We have difficult buyers who insist on seeing the done job before placing an order… which is the backwards of the fiverr procedure.

    I have had one too many of them, and what i did was first to lecture them on the fiverr rules and regulations of which most of them are new and have not taken their time to read the ‘regulations’.

    I am patient with them,i strike a deep conversation with them buy telling them the value of the job they want done, in real life, and how cheap it is here on fiverr. #AdvantagesOfFiverr.
    I welcome them to fiverr in some cases by doing that job for them as freebie because i want them to trust in fiverr and see integrity in the sellers here-in and of course the quality of job they can get for just $5.

    In all i end up winning them. They always return.
    Thank you fiverr.:*

  52. Felicia Holman

    OUTSTANDING tips, Marty! You’ve definitely earned the title, ‘bizgrowthcoach’! Lastly, congrats on your status upgrade here on Fiverr…I’m gonna check out your gigs now! 🙂

  53. fena3000

    Being level 2 is indeed cool, a lot new features are available and you can use them according to your needs 🙂

  54. Joyce Knake

    I just ran across this a few days ago and I’m anxious to get started. I could’nt get back to the rules to see if I would still own my article. I need to learn how to set it up and it looks like there is help out there including Marty. I will be checking it out to see what it takes to get on board.

  55. Lexie Smith

    Congratulations! I’m new to fiverr. Would love tips from you on how to be successful as a seller. Checking out your gigs as we speak! 🙂


    Awesome article!

  57. Thomas Storm

    Awesome tips and congratulations!

    I would advice new sellers to browse the web for relevant forums and communities on which they can become a contributing member. Karma will help them land some new orders in the lang run.



    You proved it again that hard-work pays off.

    Keep going!



    greate.. 🙂
    Please visit my gigs..


    Great information. I know anyone can put the tips in this page to great use. Learning how to be affiliate marketer just takes patience and devotion to the craft.

    Take a look at my gigs. I have special something to offer those looking to start a journey in the world of marketing online.

  61. donchard

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  62. jessi

    Creaive desing ideas

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  64. Peter

    Wow, so much valueable content shared on how to succeed on Fiverr. I will takes this at heart: not only the advice of our super seller but all of it. I bookmark it in my inspiration tab.

  65. Marty Koenig

    Once again, thanks for all the great comments. I’ve added some cool new gigs. Marketing Messaging, Strategic Marketing Planning, Kickstarter MBA, Business Consulting, etc.

    Marty Koenig

  66. bilal

    great fiverr you’re rocks.

  67. Ankara Masaj

    Thank you for sharing very useful shares

  68. Qualitywriteup

    great information, i really learnt alot frrom it and iam hoping to apply all this strategies to my gigs and account as a owl.

    Wishing you more success Mr. marty

  69. Stephen

    Great information, i really love it.

  70. Stephen

    Great information, am really blessed with this.

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