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Fiverr Now Accepting Bitcoins

Fiverr Now Accepting Bitcoins
Fiverr Team

Starting today, you can buy Gigs® on Fiverr® with Bitcoin!

To make this happen, Fiverr has partnered with Coinbase, a popular Bitcoin wallet, to give you the option of buying Gigs with Bitcoins.

Here’s How it Works

Once you’ve placed your order by clicking the “Order Now” button, select Bitcoin as your payment option. Transactions will be processed through Coinbase, however the Bitcoins can come from any source. Payments will be settled in US dollars.

Bitcoins on Fiverr

Please note that you must be logged into your Fiverr account on the Fiverr website. Bitcoin is not currently supported on the Fiverr App, but will be soon.

On the seller side, it’s business as usual. Revenue is earned and withdrawn in US dollars. The option to withdraw revenue in Bitcoin is currently not available on Fiverr.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer online financial network and digital currency that enables secure instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world, without the use of a third party.

For more information on Bitcoin, check out this video:

Need more information? Read our Bitcoin FAQ.

Do you shop with Bitcoin? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Please share in the comments section below.

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  1. Wingle

    I am not excited for BITCOIN to be as payment method, but i am glad it will help decrease the ORDER BY MISTAKE ratio. As pressing the ORDER Now button will ask for 2 options 🙂

  2. gapmunky

    This is huge news. I’ve been a featured seller for two years and a bitcoin fanatic for the past few months.

    PLEASE tell me you will be giving the option to withdraw in bitcoin. Paypal already takes a lot of our earnings, so it would be great to be able to withdraw to a bitcoin wallet.

    • Liron S - Team Fiverr

      Thanks for the enthusiastic response. Currently it is only a payment option.

      • LB

        Please please PLEASE talk to your bosses at Fiverr and push to allow for us to get paid in Bitcoin. You have no idea how many people are waiting to find a site like this which pays out in Bitcoin for gigs.

        • Mehul

          You know Fiverr, I agree 100% with you LB.

      • sammi

        I see, I was worried it would be something like this. There really isn’t a reason why you should be able to accept it as payment but not let sellers withdraw in BTC if that is the payment method the buyer used.

        All I see here is a scheme for fiverr to take advantage of exchange rates and keep all the profits from that.

        I do hope your team can remedy the remittance issue soon because I love selling on your platform.

        • nef

          As I can see there is no scheme, Fiverr simply partnered with Coinbase gets the payment in bitcoins and exchange it instantly to the price at the moment to USD. Fiverr doesn’t touch bitcoins in any moment. To me Coinbase looks like the paypal but for bitcoins. There is no real reason to any merchant right now to not accept bitcoin if they have all the benefits that brings cash for them and much more, like no charge back, not high CC transaction fees, the money pass hand to hand without third parties. Thanks to fiverr! now I will use my bitcoins for all the transactions with them.

  3. Francesco Bonalume

    When the withdraw process will be in bitcoins?

    • Liron S - Team Fiverr

      We don’t have a date for that yet Francesco. We will continue to update the community when that becomes relevant.

  4. nipou


    Awesome news and great work! Do you plan to introduce withdrawals in BTC? That would be huuuuge!

    • Liron S - Team Fiverr

      Thanks! Not at the moment. We will be sure to update you if that happens 🙂

  5. Moataz

    Good news! This is going to be HUGE!

  6. CoinScout

    AWESOME! Now when can we paid in bitcoin?

    • Liron S - Team Fiverr

      That is not an option right now, we will update you if it becomes available.

  7. VinceSamios

    I would really like to receive bitcoins for fiverr gigs – is this possible please?

    • Lisette V - Team Fiverr

      This is not an option at the moment, but we will update you if it becomes available.

  8. Diogo

    I’m very excited for this. I hope to see bitcoin withdrawals as an option in a near future. 🙂

  9. Peter

    Thank you for this!
    Please make it so we can have our funds in bitcoin (not converting them to USD)!

  10. Cesar

    Uhmmm. so I’ll buy Gig with my BTCs when Bitcoin is low! I was hoping to withdrawal in BTC too.

    There is no point for the use not withdrawl in $US…

    Hopefully you can implement it soon.

  11. marcia

    I don’t get it? Why would I want to use Bitcoins?

    • jarod

      so as not to use paypal

      • Jorge

        You have to read up on Bitcoin. Its a new currency Marcia.

  12. Legitti

    What about payments made for seller?

  13. Shashikant Nishant Sharma

    This is really a great news. I have been using bitcoins and this will surely enhance my business and sells on Fiverr.

  14. Alex Greene

    Tthis sounds awesome! Would like to see Bitcoin withdrawls even more though!

  15. Alexey

    Can I buy gigs with credit card? The last time I tried there were only PayPal option available.

    • Liron S - Team Fiverr

      We have several payment options, depending on where you are from.

    • RafiaUmer

      I have also the same question

  16. Stickunddruck

    Awesome news and great work!

    Looking forward!

    • imrulkayes624

      how ?

  17. jaycesin

    Doesn’t make any sense that you don’t let the users withdraw in bitcoin… we are trying to bypass paypal fees… let us withdraw in bitcoin.

  18. Giedrius

    THANK YOU FIVERR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Eric

    This has to be one of the biggest news of the year!! Congratulations on making Fiverr available to the WHOLE world!!

  20. joseph

    bitcoins? valued at $600-$1000 each for Fiver Jobs, so is this $100-2000$ instead of $5? please be clear. peace

    • Liron S - Team Fiverr

      Hi Joseph. The amount of the order will be removed from your Bitcoin wallet. so it will be a small fraction of what your Bitcoin is worth.

  21. smc

    bitcoin withdrawals for sellers would be a good idea

  22. James


  23. Stephen

    Fantastic, I often use this site and I would love to pay in bitcoin and litecoin for that matter. Not that I am against PayPal but I have a lot of experience with them and they are fantastic but I would love more of the fee going to the guys and girls who submit work here


  24. com8ma

    Awesome news and great work !

  25. haseeb

    wow!!! GooD News I am waiting for an option to have withdrawals in bitcoin. Since paypal takes too much

  26. Ahmed

    Please add Bitcoin Withdraw option ASAP!

    • Joy

      I love all your photos. My foivrate is #40 girl in field she is a beauty just like her mom. I am also a fan on facebook so apply the right number of votes! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  27. twistedweb123

    I would love to see Fiverr allow multiple balances like PayPal. For example, the user could have two settings in their Fiverr account:

    1. Have btc orders auto convert to USD and update USD balance
    2. Accept btc orders in a btc balance

    This way, users who wish to use BTC can do so, whilst those who don’t are not effected. On top of this, you don’t have to try and convert the whole sellers balance to btc for withdrawal (as that would be a difficult option).

    As the BTC value fluctuates, it would be great if sellers could take this on and maximise their order revenue by playing the btc trade market as well.

  28. AnarchoFighter

    The folk talking about PayPal fees must be using non US currency. As the paypal fee for US Sellers is $1 per withdrawal.

    That said, the ability to be paid in Bit Coins was such an obvious request that to have no enabled it was a real blunder.

    Let get payment in bitcoins.

  29. Cesar

    Honestly, as a fiverr lover and bitcoiner I really suggest to get the option to withdrawal with Bitcoin…… NO FEES TO PAYPAL!

  30. Cina

    Awesome news!
    However I’d love to be able to withdraw my earnings in bitcoins. Please make this possible!

  31. Ronnie Tucker

    I hope you’ll take it further and accept Litecoin, Dogecoin and XRP (Ripple) as I have wallets for all of them! 😀

  32. Eric

    pointless. We need faster withdrawal options and more options.. like not a 1 week wait for level 2 and up sellers and the option to withdraw in bitcoin.

    but I’m glad that you made another option for YOU to get paid.

  33. wajahatmalik

    Sounds gud..;)

  34. Romana

    It is Good

  35. Ghulam MurtazaAbbasi

    I will be very helpful if you also add skrill as payment method for purchasing. Also for withdraw because paypal doesn’t support whole world.

  36. Ricardo

    Your example above shows Bitcoin charges a “miner” (sic) fee to process. How much per Fiverr?

    • Ben

      Bitcoin Miner fees are almost nonexistent. For a gig on fiverr it would amount to something like 1/1000 of a penny. And that is only to help speed up the process of verification. So for all intents and purposes… it’s not really a fee worth noting.

  37. kenchris

    SUCH GOOD NEWS! But as everyone is saying, we need to be PAID in Bitcoin as well. This is the future and I’m SO pleased that Fiverr is forward-looking enough to embrace it.

    Thank You.

    PS. Please expedite the process to get PAID in Bitcoin.

    • Sedad

      Yes, fiver is a good place to outsource thgnis you are not able to do well or there is no time available for you to do it. Although this post is a good introduction, I think you need to expand a little bit. Better, how about creating a second post about fiverr? There are some important thgnis people should know first in order to make efficient choices. You can talk about the levels, about what to look when you want to choose somebody. One example. Always look for samples and check them in order to see how professional that person really is. To your success!Teo

  38. Watson

    Please How Can I get Account With Bitcoin.Thanks

  39. David

    Would be better to receive payments in Bitcoin. Please set it up so that we can receive bitcoin withdrawals.

  40. Rasna

    I have payza account only. Can I buy some service from fiverr?

    • Fiverr Team

      Currently we do not accept payza as a payment option. The payment options that you may use are: Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, and in certain countries Skrill or Dwolla.

  41. margaretelivingston

    It is great news fiverr now accepting bitcoins

  42. kulhead

    Good news for buyers…opposite for sellers, anyway Kudos Fiverr Team, but what country support Credit card payment?

  43. Rob Lindeman

    I am not seeing the pay with bitcoin option on my Mac OSX-run laptop. I came to Fiverr specifically because I thought I could purchase things with bitcoin. I’m a little disappointed

    • Fiverr Team

      Purchases can be made on, from any Bitcoin wallet. You have to be logged in to Fiverr in order to see the Bitcoin option when you place an order. Currently you will not be able to pay using Bitcoin from the Fiverr App but this option will be added soon. – See more at: If you feel there is a technical issue, Contact our CS team directly here:

  44. Guy Manningham

    This is great to see. Damn the Man! Decentralized currencies like Bitcoin are the only way to ensure economic solvency in my opinion. America is so far off the gold standard, it’s laughable. also accepts Bitcoin now. Check it out here:

    • Nutsuda

      Peter thank you! I’ll check the fiverr site out and see what they offer. I just fisehnid my first ebook and it is true doing everything on my own is killing me! Without money to spend on help, the only choice is doing everything myself but, if this site works that is a thing of the past. The hardest part for me is keeping up with my blogs while writing or creating an ecover and all the other million things I have to do. I want to update my blogs myself, but having someone build a squidoo lens or a hubpage or any of the other traffic getting sources, would really take a load off. Thank you so much!

  45. Caulon

    Good idea for fiverr and users. I would love them to accept ripple, they have fees less than 1 penny = good for fiverr and users.

  46. joeyperezwest

    Bitcoin. nuff. said.

    thanks homie fiverr.

  47. ChrisBaylor

    Its been more than a month, Fiverr. I really urge you to let sellers withdraw in BTC, just look at the comments above and you’ll see how much we really want this to happen. The response to your accepting Bitcoin has been overwhelming, but it will be even more when you let sellers withdraw in Bitcoin.
    Without any Paypal fees, sellers earn more. More earnings means more sellers. More sellers means more gigs. More gigs means more revenue for Fiverr. It’s that simple. Thanks!

  48. Coolgfx

    WE WANT BTC Withdrawl option!

  49. kaloyan

    Please add option to withdraw in bitcoins.

  50. Grover Hazelrig

    Thanks !! Good Job !!

  51. sofia_

    I would like to have the option to withraw my funds with Bitcoin. Paypal takes a cut of your reveniew every time you transfer funds, and they do it again later if your local currency is not US dollars. I am starting to generate sells on Fiverr, but the paypal fees (same thing with fiverr card) have made ​​me consider to look for another source of income, and I am sure I am not the only one.

    For this reason, I am sure that adding the option to wihraw your earnings with Bitcoin would be a smart move from Fiverr.

  52. Albert

    Thanks, that’s great news!!

  53. Travis

    Pleeeease Bitcoin Withdrawals. I barely use Fiverr at all; tiny revenues with huuuuge fees, and everybody expects so much for so little. Honestly though, if I were working for BTC, I would at least double my efforts here, probably more-so.

    Plus you would draw intelligent freelancers to your site, people who understand Bitcoin. That community is really the future of the world, and it would be good for you guys to have them here.

  54. Movidose

    Bes gigs for explainer videis

  55. Carl Evangelista

    i am totally supporting fiverr on this move. I have spent over $4,000 on fiverr in the last 2 years I will now be doing 100% of my transactions in bitcoin. I am also supporting the withdraw with bitcoin movement. I would live to see you guys offer that

  56. Roger

    Hello, Please add withdraw by bitcoin wallet. Thank you

  57. robertkennedy

    I would love to have be able to withdraw by bitcoin wallet as well. Hope you add this feature soon.

  58. chickenthewolf

    Is it possible to get PAID in bitcoins??

  59. mathew

    Thanks for this original post. It very helpful to me. Also, it will be big treat for every fiverr customers. They can happy purchase your product using bitcoin payment.

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