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[INFOGRAPHIC] Fiverr Community Milestone: Two Million Reasons To Celebrate #IamFiverr

[INFOGRAPHIC] Fiverr Community Milestone: Two Million Reasons To Celebrate #IamFiverr
Fiverr Team
Data visualization of how we got to 2 million listed Gigs

Click on the image to see the data vizualizarion of this achievement

We’re excited to announce that Fiverr has reached Two million Gig listings, and it’s all thanks to you.

Since Fiverr’s humble beginnings just three short years ago, we’ve come so far on our journey to create a marketplace that represents the best of the Gig Economy. We saw the future belonging to you: creative, independent people achieving financial independence while doing what you love.

We put our trust in the Fiverr community and you exceeded our wildest dreams. Fiverr has become a hub for the world’s best and brightest, where over 4,000 Gigs are created every day, and a Gig is purchased every six seconds. Fiverr is a global phenomenon, where, for example, buyers from the U.S. and U.K. can purchase exceptional services from sellers in Australia, Canada and the rest of the world.

You continue to define the future of the Gig Economy in 120 categories: from design and content to writing and business services. The new Fiverr has delivered more tools and capabilities to both sellers and buyers, making the process of creating Gigs and purchasing world class services not only easy, but simple and fun.

Fiverr continues to be an amazing experience for all of us, and reaching two million Gigs is an incredible accomplishment. It’s an achievement for every Fiverr user, for buyers and sellers new and old alike, and a monument to the passion that drives the Gig Economy.

Thank you Fiverr community. This record milestone achievement would not have happened without you. Celebrate, share and be proud of yourselves but remember:

We’ve got so much further to go.

Fiverr 2 million Gigs milestone infographic




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  1. moo

    2 million congratulations! I’m pleased to be a part of this! 🙂

    • EddyProduction

      Congrats Fiverr :))

    • dazza

      Wish I was as happy as you lot!!!
      Not one single gig sold for me so far. As far as i can make out, the only ones who will have success in the future with Fiver are those that already have hundreds of positive feedback comments, or those that put fake likes on facebook pages or google+ pages.

      If Fiver wanted to help all its gig providers be successful then it would actively promote those that have not had any success. There is only so much I can do with my facebook page or twitter account. Surely it’s upto Fiver to help newbies like me get something out of this.

      The only “offers” I have received have been from obvious con-men!!!!!

      • alicesmiles

        I joined fiverr mainly to buy gigs for my projects, Eventually I would like to start selling; and one thing I noticed about your complain is that youare not a smart marketer AT ALL, Why do I say that since i hardly know you. Here is why. I read your complaint and I was ready to click through to you name and see what you are selling. I wanted buy from you if I needed what you are selling because i agree with you that not just Fiverr but the whole world is not a level playing field. But guess what? You did not even know that one of the reasons people post to congratulate others or post to complain as you – ONE OF THOSE REASONS IS TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES AND THEIR PRODUCT(S).

        I want you from now on to wise up to the marketing game. REMEMBER THE MOVIE LINE? “ALWAYS BE CLOSING!” It is a game of numbers in which YOU CLOSE PEOPLE BY TELLING THEM WHAT YOU ARE SELLING AND GIVING THEM ACCESS TO BUY (your link) SO THEY MAY BUY…

        • G how

          Where is your link?

    • Zohair

      You can visit my profile and see my success story and can surely relate to yours then.


    • Paul

      Congrats Fiverr and here’s to 2 million more!!!

    • ahyat5ver

      Yep, we all do! 🙂

    • izzi

      Congratulations for this great achievement !!! Good Job Fiverrist! I want to create a infovid (infographic on video) for you, may I ?

      izzi videomaker
      celebrate Level 2 on 60 days

    • Shahab sharif
    • Nadeeka

      I too Cheers! 😀

      Congratz Fiverr……….!!!!! 🙂

      Go for another 2 million!!!

      Wishes from,

    • Killer Ready Adsense Site fo $5

      Fiverr is best place for me,im on level1 and im planin this month to go on level 2.. will be pleasure to be parts of this big success.

      Check my best service :

  2. Manny Santos

    Congratulations Fiverr!! Well deserved, this is an amazing idea and even more amazing website.

  3. Manny Santos

    Check me out on Fiverr: I want to be a Fiverr success story!

  4. thomassnox

    YES #iamINFOGRAPHIC happy to works on
    username on fiver is thomassnox

  5. Amy

    Congratulations! We love fiverr! It’s an honor to be a part of this wonderful marketplace.

  6. shibin

    Congratulations….Very happy to be a part of this..

  7. kuvindu

    Two million congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m proud to be a part of this!

  8. Zach


  9. Sassygirl23

    Congratulations! I have been on Fivver for over a year and love it.

  10. Promo_Guy

    Congratulations!!! I’ve been here for 5 months as a seller and that’s a really great time.
    and It’s a great experience.

  11. Fiverr SEO Services

    Congratulation to all fiverr members


  12. Lamar Morgan

    Fiverr and the gig economy is more beneficial to people in career transition than the Workforce Investment Act that created a sea of OneStop Career Centers.

    Since the mortgage-backed security crisis back in 2008, people have needed Americans, in particular, have needed to cost-effectively “showcase their TRUE VALUE in the marketplace” and get paid for having done so. Fiverr provides that venue. Thank you for coming to the rescue of people around the world who desire a better future. Thanks for giving them a venue through which to showcase their value online, 24/7. I particularly like the press release gigs…because some of them belong to me…and they really do work.

    Lamar Morgan

  13. deadlock9x

    Congratulation!!!!!!!!!! I love Fiverr, Fiverr is my job, my company and my life. I hope Fiverr will development more and more!!!

  14. Channa Prasad

    2 Millions thank!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fiverr is my main income.

  15. Pathum Senaratna

    Congratulations 🙂 we love Fiverr 🙂

  16. manikahmed

    Really I am so happy because I am also a part of this celebration.

  17. Thewrightfantasy

    Proud to be part of this!

  18. WordPress Fixer Team

    It’s good to be with you guys. Hope this milestone will be doubled soon. 🙂

    – WordPress Fixer Team.
    ( )

  19. Buddy9700

    Wow!!!!!!!!! that’s nice to hear awesome growth… Congratulations fiverr team.

    I am also growing and would like to grow with you, like you.

    Many Thanks,

  20. nannubulbul2

    Congratulation all . thanks

  21. tharucreations

    My congragts FIVERR…you are great..god bless.

  22. teachmehow

    That’s great, may we celebrate more of it in Jesus Name. AMEN, To fiverr, To more profits.

  23. Wordinvestor

    I am also one of them.

  24. robiman3

    Congrats to all…fiverr and members because without any one of these two nothing would have been possible. Proud to be a member

  25. andvroid

    Big Congratulations for coming up with this idea and doing something unique…I have also Grown a lot with fiverr….High Five 🙂


  26. BizGrowthCoach

    Woo Hoo! Congrats Fiverr!!

  27. Rakesh Kumar

    Congratulations to all!!! I am happy to be a part of this…

  28. tubeth2000

    BRAVO!!!! Your earned that guys!

    Thumbs up from me!

  29. EditorWizard

    My 12 gigs are a part of those 2m gigs and I am excited to be a part of this awesome community and a part of team who helped to achieve this milestone.

  30. jana

    wow great news fiverr is great small market place .

  31. Tyron

    Congratulations Fiverr! I remember before I went in for my kidney transplant, I had to pause my gig, and a couple of days later you guys emailed me a photo of a staff member holding a Get Well Soon card. That really touched me deeply. Fiverr cares!

  32. Sures.R

    congrats fiverr, im proud to be part of it.


  33. Farzeen Ibrahim

    Hearty 2 million congratulations! Fiverr Rocks! I am delighted to be a part of this.


  34. draughtsman83

    Wow!!! Congratulations….Very happy to be a part of this..

  35. Fully Ready Adsense site for cheap $5

    Congratulations!!! Will be pleasure to be parts of this wonderful marketplace 🙂


  36. Harvest Media

    So great to be a part of this. I’ve only been selling on Fiverr for about ten days now and already I’ve met loads of great people. Love the clean new style too!

  37. Ben

    2000000 (two million) is a great multitude but if i may ask, is it two million sellers or two million buyers? and lastly since i joined, i have not gotten/received clients, what is the problem?. Please i need everyone opinion.

  38. bob

    Congratulations to all whose been involved. I’m also glad to be a part of this.

  39. penny92

    This is great!

    • penny92

      Sadly, Fiverr restricted me because of one customer’s complaint.
      All the review I got from my happy customers were of no use. 🙁
      And level 2 gone

  40. jhnbnk

    2 milion thnks! very cool, i have a nice gigs on fiverr

  41. comment_fixing

    Congrats Fiverr!

  42. james

    congratulations fivver, Its all by the power of fivver that i was able to pay a bride price for my wife. god bless fivver…2 million gigs for fivver = a wife 4 me. what a wonderful experience

  43. johnposka

    Congratulations fiverr team.

  44. easy_ways

    Congratulations Thank you for the great experience.

  45. Andy

    Congratulations Fiverr! The gig economy is here and Fiverr is the future.

  46. spqrdesign

    Congratulations! My pleasure to grow with fiverr!!!

  47. Chithalka

    Congratulations Fiverr! .Very happy to be a part of this..

  48. createwise

    Joined 4 months ago and not looking back! So glad to be a part of this!

  49. saatvi

    Congratulations….very happy to be a part of this…

  50. jonlising

    Congratulations FIVERR

  51. Benjamin Kong

    FIVERR is my first online working place, this is AWESOME!

  52. RosaErnes

    Congratulations Fiverr! It’s amazing !

  53. Rohit Singh

    This is the best place to work online where you get your true work reward. I love Fiverr.

  54. Umesh Singh

    Since I have joined fiverr I have made money as well as some good friends from all around the world. I think this is only place who provide you money as well as some good friends too. I love fiverr so much than any other thing on the internet.

  55. Nab

    2 Million Thanks for giving us a wonderful marketplace where we can share our talent as well as our hobbies to earn some bucks.
    Hope to earn 2 Million here.. B) 😉

  56. Yasir Lodhi

    2 million congratulations! I’m pleased to be a part of this. 🙂

  57. Kaspersky

    Congratulations Fiverr.we are with you.

  58. dho kro

    Congrats! fiveerrr

    • Liron Smadja


  59. seni2com

    Good Luck , we Love You Fiverr!

  60. Support24x7

    I’m so excited and also give you Two Million thanks for making Fiverr and brought happiness on millions of faces

    Wish you all the best and I also you progress by leaps and bounds and earn millions of dollars every single day 🙂

  61. Engineer Hasnain

    Its honor for me to be a part of that 🙂

  62. itxperts2015

    Wao great congratulations!!!!!!!

    i am part of it:

  63. Harvest Media on Fiverr

    Really glad to be a part of this. Exciting times!


  64. SiLent HeLL

    Good WOrk

    Keep Up

  65. Josh

    That awesome, amazing, great news! Fiverr has helped me bring in nearly $25k over the last year, and this years I might double that. This can truly be a full-time income job. LOVE it, LOVE IT!!

  66. John

    Congratulations Fiverr! I’m so proud to be part of a business that REALLY works. I feel so much at home here, that’s what “working from home” really means, isn’t it?

  67. FiverrFanatic

    Congrats Fiverr! Happy to be a part of this, will forever be a Fanatic!

  68. sohaa

    2 million congratulations! I’m pleased to be a part of this! 🙂

  69. Valiant Graphics

    Wow. 1 million additional gigs from the span of 1 year. That calls for a HUUGE marketplace.


    compliments 🙂

  71. yousuf mughal

    fiver is the best platform for buyer and seller.I LOVE FIVER

  72. Rohitha

    congratulations fiverr!!!!!

  73. Big_Bear

    Ossom, I wish it comes down to every second 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  74. Mike

    Just an awesome tool for website publishers and marketers, thanks so
    much for an amazing service.

  75. Gordon Currie

    Congrats! I used the service for the first time a week ago and love it! Very cool!

  76. Jessie Caturan


  77. Michael Gale

    Wow 2,000,000 gigs great congratulations!!!!!!!
    I use Fiverr quite often, great services…I recommend Fiverr to all the people I know that are wanting to get “stuff” done on a budget

  78. yuanyudistira

    Hey, I am proud tobe one of Fiverr Member. Thank You

  79. Glenda

    Congratulations! I am pleased and proud to be a part of this movement.

  80. Videomarketings
  81. JIMBO

    Congrats on achieving this milestone.

    As a new user of your service as a BUYER I found your site most difficult to use and spent inordinately large amounts of time trying to get something done. There is NO tutorial on how to use the site, there is an old version and a new, with nothing defining which to use nor how to use it.

    I would like to continue experimenting with whatever you offer and continue buying from your various vendors. However, the level of difficulty I have had in getting my first job done (still in limbo) makes me hesitant to try it again. A quick “How to Use” section would go along way toward guaranteeing you hit the 3,000,000 mark quickly.

  82. EasyCash24


  83. Carol Cmeleon

    Great news for an amazing site!

  84. Rob

    All these comments are fake….

  85. Scott Gardner

    We are first time, working with Suzi Lindner. I’ve seen banners all over the place, but it wasn’t until I was just about to hire a video production company to create some intro videos for our new cloud solution,, that something piqued my interest about it and I finally decided to click on one of your banner ads. I clicked, I discovered Suzi, and we got started. Easy. And Suzi has been absolutely exceptional to work with, which makes one of the best discoveries I can ever recall making online. Thanks, and congrats to your growing success!!!

  86. ike thaler

    Congrats/Mazal Tov!!!
    You have actually allowed me to live a dream through your site and work on some projects that I would have never been able to do if it wasn’t for you.
    I tell everyone about you! Here’s to 5 million by next year!

  87. Bobby Kane - True Country Classics

    I needed an 8 sec promo for my Classic Country station featuring a couple of real Texas accents. John at Texas Voice Talent – pulled 2 voices together (male/female) and provided a great voice-over promo for me. Hear his promo at, Great job 🙂

  88. Richard McGirr

    You guys need to make it easier to work with a contractor for additional work after a successful gig.

    Also, a system for expanding a posted gig into a larger (but not pre specified) job.

    Even a simple invoice system where you guys take a cut would work.

    Getting a TOS violation after a successful gig is a major buzz kill.

  89. ceegee216

    Congratulations to you Fiverr!! I know there are more to come. Recommendations of Fiverr is suggested to people from my local tv station for people if they wish to look to make an income. Great job!!!

  90. Kirk

    Congratulations Fiverr! 2 million! This is one of the most fun places to go on the entire Internet!

  91. Facebooker

    Tiny little businesses. Prepare for Google and watch for abandonment. Just saying.

  92. jamie

    Fiverr is the best thing since the internet, lol. Awesome to see its taking off and the UI is improving, dig the new gig wanted posting feature!

  93. Facebooker

    You don’t find it the least bit curious that Fiverr needs to set up a comment section and then tag a moderation features with it. Clearly they have too much time on their hands.

  94. tarunsainiseo

    congo fiverrrrr,
    keep growing…

  95. PostItGhostIt

    Congrats fiverr!

    – Creating posts that dissapear like a ghost

  96. suntpshine

    I love Fiverr, glad to be part of explosive growth.

  97. Elizabeth Bailey

    Congratulations! As a regular Fiverr customer, I’m so glad you put this website together. Thanks to the guys who put up their gigs too.

  98. mooremoney01


  99. John Hoover

    Fiverr been berry, berry good for me.

    Congratulations to all.

  100. Brett T. Smith

    Fiverr has be a super great resource for my company at We find a lot of great talent here and consider Fiverr a real asset to our Web business. Looking forward to many more Gigs!


  101. BorrowFlex

    Congrats…I really like the one-stop-shop service of Fiverr.

  102. michael

    good now lets get the commission lower than 20% and we’ll have a winner…

  103. ruzica

    This is great. Very nice work. I am a new member I like Fiverr very, very much.
    I love your gigs they are ossom.
    Congrats Fiverr and more 2.000.000 gigs I wish you 🙂

  104. dazza

    I also can’t believe that I am the only person leaving a negative comment. i very much doubt it will be published. This one also 🙁

  105. Monkeys Money

    Awesome milestone. Here’s to two million more. Congrats!

  106. Green Earth

    Thank you Fiverr.

    – Team at Green Earth Group

  107. Michelle Pavel

    I have used for various requests, working on a video at the moment which is exciting. Congratulations for making it to 2,000,000.

  108. LIM


  109. ASR

    Congratulations!!! It is phenomenal growth to CELEBRATE!

  110. Sunny R Gupta

    Now lets have a small post about how your team handles all the traffic and requests.
    What technological hurdles you faced and how did you solve them. Will be waiting for such a post.

  111. Kavindu

    Congratulations to th Fiverr! Love it!

  112. Robinbird8020

    Let’s see, if just one percent of 2 million people order my gig… at $5 each….
    Let’s try it… search ZEN Journal, it come up first!

    Two million is a lot of gigs!

  113. AndyLA210

    I have been very fortunate and honoured since joining Fiverr to have had the service and some very astounding Gigs from fejoa. Thank you Fiverr, thank you fejoa.

  114. crisstar

    Fiverr does provide low cost ways to get things done and the concept was definitely a smart one for that. I wish Fiverr would do more to cut down on the scammy fiverr sellers.

    I had to deal with one recently and still the scam is still posted and the seller is taking people’s money despite my many complaints to Fiverr (buyer beware). That’s my biggest gripe with Fiverr. Other than that, it’s nice that Fiverr has hit this milestone!

  115. Allison King

    Congratulations Fiverr!!

  116. Bdseoexperts

    Congrats! go ahead in way of sky kissing success.
    We are working here and become benefited.

  117. Demi Game Studios

    Congrats! Fiverr has been great to me as well as the gigs! Looking forward to future gigs! 🙂

  118. Gigdeals

    Congratulations!!!! Very Happy !!!!!!

  119. spooky947

    Congrats Fiverr. We LOVE Fiverr

  120. Cathy

    Cool!!! I love Fiverr!! It’s been a real big help in my business Let’s keep up the good work!!

  121. Scott Gardner

    We were first time’ers and worked with Suzi Lindner. I had seen banners all over the place lately, but it wasn’t until I was just about to hire a video production company to create some intro videos for our new cloud solution,, that something piqued my interest about it and I finally decided to click on one of them. I clicked, I discovered Suzi, and we got started. Easy. Suzi was absolutely exceptional to work with, which makes one of the my best online discoveries ever. Thanks, and congrats to your growing success!!!

  122. Fenix

    Congratulations Fiverr!

  123. Richard Moultrie

    2 million congratulations! I’m pleased to be a part of this.

  124. Jim Bannon - YourPCGuruJim

    Let’s make in 3… in record time!

  125. kanchana616

    Congrats Fiver…………..

  126. creazza16

    Congratulations Fiverr! 2 million! I am pleased and proud to be a part of this movement.

  127. mark johnson

    Sellers and buyers should get something for free as a reward maybe ?

  128. Frank

    I LOVE FIVERR !!!!

  129. Tayyab Munir

    Congrats…!! and yes i am a part of it….!!

  130. Tayyab Munir

    Congratsssss…!!! and yeahhh i am glad to be a part of this success…!!!

  131. Alex Graph

    And thank you!

  132. Joan

    Congrats Fiverr Just the best place to buy and sell on the whole cosmos :))))

  133. ADiL

    Congratulation , I’m Proud to be Part Of Fiverr Community

  134. josh

    Congratulation fiverr 😉 best place for microworkers,

  135. Ajeet Khurana

    Cool. Please also share the total number of gigs that have been purchased so far. That could motivate a lot of sellers.

  136. Graphicforest

    Big Congratulations

  137. lilkebson

    Congratulations 🙂

  138. Corrine Manuel

    Congrats Fiverr! Knowing that it took Fiverr 2.5 years to reach over 2 million users (& counting..) is very inspiring!

  139. zzeuzz

    Fiverr kicked my ass… so now i am wake up… now I have a place in the world… Thanks Fiverr… love ya….:)

  140. YelloPenguin

    2 million congratulations Fiverr! The best place to buy and sell on the world 🙂

  141. michael mansary

    Many Congratulations Fiverr!!!

  142. Irfan

    Excellent! Good news… fiverr is great market place .

  143. wba.clemens

    awesome company awesome ppl that’s!!!!

  144. shakila winon

    Congratulations! I love Fivver and wish to more and more sucess””

  145. Dion Lynk

    It’s been a wonderful ride that has turbo boosted me into a new world. I’ve seen with my own two what can happen when you have a couple fiverr gig’s. Congrats fiverr and I will never forget what you have allowed me to do. You will forever be apart of my story!


  146. umernawaz

    Congratulations Fiverr!

  147. Kenneth

    Congratulations Fiverr for such an enviable success over the years. Fiver has given people all over the world the opportunity to better their lives and make a healthy income all from the comfort of their homes and i am happy to be a living testimony to this. Congrats once again to Fiverr and it’s Management.

  148. Sana

    Congrats fiverr for being the best freelance website!!

  149. WonderlandMedia

    Great Work Happy To Be Apart Of Fiverr

  150. Amandeep Singh

    Many congratulations ….
    Great pleasure to be a part of fiverr…

  151. STUDIOa

    congratz fiverr… web videos creator

  152. pubudurox

    Congratulations to th Fiverr! Love it!

  153. Dhanshka

    Well done fiverr!! my congratzz!!!!!!!!!

  154. drribroshan

    I am also one of them.Congratulations Fiverr!!!

    Thanks to fiverr team.

  155. drribroshan

    I am also one of them.Congratulations Fiverr!!!

    Thanks to fiverr team.

  156. HappyGuy

    Happy to know those facts about our fev website 🙂

  157. Amil

    Congratulations Fiverr! very happy t part of this.

  158. Dev

    Congo congo! Party..!!!!!!

  159. Mayankh1

    Very Elated after seeing this . Its Really Great .

    Feeling very proud that i am also involved in this success .

    In love with FIVERRRR! ! !

  160. WordpressBoss

    Congratulation to you guyes. I am enjoying fiverr and I am loving your services. Its really a great feelings when I think I am also part of it. cheers

  161. twribe

    Means fiverr acutally makes 400K from fees per month…wow!

  162. imran khan

    Congratulations! I am pleased and proud to be a part of this movement.

  163. Ankit

    Congratulations Fiverr Team!

  164. Nabankita

    Congratulations Fiverr!! Fiverr’s always my favorite. ^_^

  165. GigChamp

    Congratulations on your achievements.Keep aiming higher! The sky is the limit!


  166. Varun

    I got my first earning from Fiverr ,

    Congratulations Fiverr .

    Proud to be part of 2 Million gigs 🙂

  167. megalink

    Congratulations Fiverr!

  168. Iwan Zulfi

    Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. alex demion

    My congragts FIVERR…you are great..god bless.
    got promoted to Level 2 Seller on Fiverr . and have done a little over 294 dlls in revenue in that time frame. It may not be much, but it’s sooo cool !
    Fiverr cares!Thank you Fiverr!! Great Job!!

  170. Osho

    Congo (y)
    Time To Party 🙂 🙂 🙂

  171. gig_state

    Congratulations Fiverr
    Good going and wish you all the best..

  172. gig_state

    Congratulations Fiverr…
    Good going and wish you all the best….

  173. Grabitnow

    Congratulations, Soon it will be 100 million.
    Love you fiverr.

  174. ahyat5ver

    Congratulation! May this become success to everyone 🙂

  175. shahed FC

    Congratulation for amazing achievement.

  176. RealLogoStar

    Congratulations FIVERR ! Love you forever 🙂

  177. Nab

    2 Million thanks and good wishes for you Fiverr. 🙂
    Congratulations for rapid growth of this marketplace.
    It’s just awesome. 🙂

    Many thanks

  178. adsense_india

    Fiverr rocking!!!!!!!! hope you might cross facebook revenue.

  179. Twitter storm

    Cheers. Glad to be a part of this family

  180. shohelkowser

    Congratulations Fiverr!! Fiverr’s always my favorite. ^_^
    Cool!!! I love Fiverr!! It’s been a real big help in my business Let’s keep up the good work!!

  181. Prololo1

    I am a level 2 seller. I lovo Fiverr.

    I a gig purchased every 6 seconds. Fiverr annual gross profit is

    (24*60*60)/6*365*$1 = $5,256,000

  182. Diamondblexx

    Loving Fiverr

  183. Wpseobuddy

    Thank you Fiverr

  184. merianda

    Congratulation & Keep up the Excellent Work fiverr members.

  185. asART 3D and motion graphics

    Great news .. Congrats!

  186. Fiverr Virtual Assistant

    We’re very proud to Fiverr. Kudos to Fiverr development team who had developed a genius solution.

  187. Ad_design

    Best wishes fiverr.

  188. Sanrexsoft96

    Congratulations! I have been on Fiverr for over a year and love it. Good Luck…!!

  189. RobertG

    Congrats! Fiverr is really a great platform for us, small business owners. Brilliant Idea.

  190. Shan

    WOW! I’m speechless – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Good Stuff!!!

  191. Devonceration

    Congratulations!! Pleasure to grow with fiverr!!!

  192. Neoblaster

    Well done fiverr. Many happy wishes from me. Proud to be a part of the Fiverr community. 😀

  193. iShawon

    really happy with fiverr. Check me:

  194. createwise

    I am so happy to be a part of fiverr! Eternally grateful for the opportunity to freelance from home…I quit my day job! A success story long overdue..see me at http://www.fiverr/createwise

  195. rizu_14

    Congratulations for this great achievement !!It’s been a real big help in my business.Keep aiming higher!

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