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The Wait is Over – Fiverr for Android is Here!

The Wait is Over – Fiverr for Android is Here!
Fiverr Team

We’ve been working around the clock to design a beautiful Android app that meets our users expectations and supports all Android devices.

Today, we’re so happy to be able to share Fiverr® for Android. The Fiverr mobile experience gives our Android community instant access to over 3 million awesome services, starting at $5. With Fiverr for Android, you can now find the Gigs® you need, anytime, anywhere.

With a stunning User Interface, Fiverr for Android allows you to instantly manage all your business needs. You’ll experience search capability across our global marketplace, real-time notifications for fast and simple communication and the ability to purchase a Gig® quickly and effortlessly.

Fiverr for Android is part of our ongoing commitment to bring you the best Fiverr experience possible. Mobile will continue to be a major priority and this is only the beginning of the great things to come.

Get Fiverr for Android Today!


The app offers you a unique way to explore over 3 million Gigs on Fiverr.

Easily Discover Amazing Gigs on Fiverr

Easily Discover Amazing Gigs on Fiverr.


Our smart search and category navigation will help you find whatever you’re looking for, quickly and efficiently.

Find What You Need Quickly

Find What You Need Quickly.


Real-time push notifications will make sure you never miss a message or order update again.

Seamless communication between buyers and sellers

Seamless Discussions Between Buyers and Sellers.

Download now to start using Fiverr Mobile for Android today.


Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

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  1. bach3dfa

    Why is the Fiverr® for Android incompatible with my device? It’s Asus Nesux 7

    • Nuno

      Also in the same situation.
      My not-so-poor Google Nexus 7 device isn’t compatible with the Fiverr® for Android app?

    • Croasis

      Fiverr® for Android is incompatible with my Samsung Transform Ultra and it’s an Android phone. So… is it really for Android or …?????

  2. ZX


  3. Fully Ready Adsense site for cheap $5

    Another big changes from fiverr team,thank you 🙂


  4. Geniuskem

    I am so excited that the android fiverr app is now here. Hey Look out for me guys, with the new android app amma get crazy with my services. What this means for me is faster responsiveness as well instant updates on all my fiverr services.

    Am gonna be rocking it now with my Ultimate Amazon Affiliate website gig. Definitely gonna start selling more and start promoting more and start helping more customers. Check out my profile at . I will always be online and I will always be working on my Amazon Affiliate website gig, it is the ultimate amazon affiliate website check it out and message me on my fiverr android app from your fiverr app

  5. pjoee

    Hey fiverr team, why is the app incompatible with my device? 🙁 I have HTC desire C. Please rectify this soon. plsss

  6. rfearns

    Yet another who has found the fiverr android app incompatible with all my devices. What gives?

  7. Pete

    Yes, this would be so cool. But it’s not compatible with Asus Nexus 7!!!!!!! Very disappointing.

  8. Fraser

    Can you purchase gigs through Google Play instead of needing Paypal? So many folks can’t use Paypal!

    • Lisette V - Team Fiverr

      Currently, Gigs may only be purchased through Paypal. Additional payment providers will be available in the future.

  9. Rashid Rupani

    This app is incompatible with your device.

  10. Jim

    Hi, Sorry also incompatible with my HTC Desire HD 🙁

  11. kevthefont

    This app is incompatible with my Samsung Galaxy S2 – This is of no use to many Android users I fear…

  12. prologo1


  13. Wagmi

    Can we expect a Fiverr app for BlackBerry???

    • Wagmi

      Hey Fiver Team….any answer for my question…???

  14. Purity_k

    I am using the app but I am unable to find the button labeled “Transfer funds from all other sellers into my account…” Ha!

    Just kiddn 🙂

    Using the app and it is cruising like a breeze on my android 4.2… Thanks team fiverr

    • Lisette V - Team Fiverr

      You’re welcome! Have fun Fiverr-ing!

  15. Bobby

    not compitable with samsung tab 3

  16. esmita biswas

    _ professional looks which i expected?

  17. walcott314

    Thank you soooo much for finally creating an Android app! I love it!

  18. bilal

    thank you soo much fiverr team.

  19. chathurangacj

    woooooooooooow….. amazing,,,,,, 😀 now fiverr is on android…. can u believe this?????? 😛 lollll

  20. chathurangacj

    see how nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. yasithaperera

    Wow… Very Nice..
    Thank you so much Fiverr Team.

  22. alan mclaughlin

    I am shortly launching new ios/android app creation biz and i use the fiver app. I am looking for some projects for my portfolio if anybody would like to contra some services ill build you you ios or android apps in return – time is getting away from me on this project!

  23. Burak Demir

    This app is incompatible with your device. (Samsung GT-I8150)

    You might have intelligent developer team, please solve this problem.

  24. jan

    this is a great new feature

  25. Tessa

    The app doesn’t work with my phone. I can download it and I can see the starting screen, but if I try to sign in the app goes white and I can’t do anything. Is that the problem of my phone or is it a bug in the app?

    • Sagi Aviram

      Got the same problem

  26. Alexcreativity
  27. Tamir sasi

    The app helps me to continue to run my business well I’m not at the computer.
    The app allows me to service faster and better for my clients.
    You are doing a great job

  28. CoolBlast

    It’s nice to see. good work

  29. DynamicSEO

    I think Fiverr take very fast initiative for their Android app is working soon with all incompatible devices.

  30. Excelent design

    It’s not a another android app.It’s simple , awesome fast & very effective both buyers and sellers.I downloaded it at once because It’s great to use.thank you to fiverr to do more and more for your partners.Any flash screen designs ,ui designs i am the best of that works contact me exclusivity on fiverr.

  31. Martin Greguš

    I still can not enjoy the app :/ after I turn it on, all I see is the grey upbar with logo and white screen :/

    But I bet it is awesome 🙂

  32. Zümrüt Klima

    Yes , that would be very nice . But it is not compatible with the Asus Zenfo 5 !!!!!!! Very disappointing . zümrüt klima

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