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Super Seller Givemeapps – Paid off his Student Loans with Fiverr

Fiverr Team

Harold Everton, known on Fiverr as Givemeapps, is truly an icon of the Gig® Economy. He’s a singer/songwriter with an MBA. He teaches music to high school and college students, and is the CEO of the Givemeapps app store.

When he discovered Fiverr, he knew he’d found a place to make money while doing what he loves. Known for his “energetic” personality and sense of humor, Harold offers video testimonials, jingles, commercials, live interviews, and much more.

Congratulations Harold, you’re a Fiverr Super Seller!

Getting Started on Fiverr

When I got out of graduate school, I had a ton of student loan debt but wanted to start my app store business, even though I didn’t really know how to run and market an online business. I spent some time looking for a money tree, and when I couldn’t find one, I knew I had to figure out how to make my business blossom. After spending hours of time searching on the Internet, I found the greatest website ever, Fiverr. It was still in its infancy, but I saw it as the eBay for services. I thought, what better way to connect and network and build a huge customer base than through a site like this.

At first I just signed on to buy some marketing Gigs® to help promote my business, and these Gigs really taught me a lot about marketing in the online world. After two months, I started looking deeper into what people were offering. I spent about eight hours looking for the right Gig idea, and I chose something I was already good at, public speaking. I already had a small recording studio, so I offered video testimonials.

The offers started coming in slowly, and then I hit gold when my Gig was featured on the site. Suddenly I had 20 orders in my queue. It was like seven hurricanes converging on open territory. I had a full-time job, so I would inject coffee in my veins and stay up from 11 at night until 4 in the morning completing my orders.

Finally, I earned enough from my Fiverr Gigs to upgrade all of my video equipment to an HD camera, a teleprompter, and all the bells and whistles, so I could really put out high-quality productions.

An opportunity to do what I love and get paid!

Fiverr was a turning point in my life. It was really the launch pad for my online business, my music and my broadcasting career. It’s introduced me to people I would never have come across, and led to projects that mean a lot more to me than anything else I’ve worked on. When I got out of school, I chose to go into education, but I also really wanted to be a broadcaster. My idol has always been David Letterman. I grew up watching him. But I had no idea how to get into television.

When the Fiverr orders started pouring in, I realized this was my opportunity to create a demo reel and make broadcasting a real possibility. I created a fake late night television talk show that I use to frame my commercial Gigs, as well as three other television show ideas, so I’ve actually been able to build a small broadcast network out of these interview shows through Fiverr. This is what I love doing, and I’m getting paid for it!

Also, when I got out of graduate school, I was knee-deep in student loan debt. The question was, how was I going to fund all the projects I wanted to do and still pay down this exorbitant debt? I really thought I’d be in my 40s before I got it paid it off. But thanks to Fiverr, I’m done with my payments and I’m doing what I love!

Growing your Fiverr Business

When I looked into promoting my Fiverr Gigs, I went to the Fiverr Forum. I chatted with other Fiverr sellers and visited the LinkedIn group. They suggested using LinkedIn because it’s a professional network, which turned out to be huge for me. They also suggested creating a Facebook page and advertising on Google+. I also advertise on Craigslist.

The important thing is to go to related channels. When I started my boxing Gig, for example, I joined some boxing forums and engaged the people there. But I didn’t spam them. I communicated with them, and eventually I’d strike up a conversation and explain my Gig. By doing that, I was able to pick up two major commercials for boxing gyms in Europe. And now, because one person talks to another person and that person recommends me, there are people out there selling for me.

But you can’t rest on your laurels. You still have to promote yourself. Even when you’re successful, you still have to get new customers. Otherwise you won’t be in business for long.
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  1. Moo

    Well done, congratulations!

  2. Andy

    Awesome! Congrats!

  3. Sakith

    Congratulations Harold. Wish you all the success in the future!

  4. Wayne Austin (OzzieUK)

    Nice story ! Congratulations !

  5. Artric

    Congrats!! Keep up the good work!

  6. Niyatimav

    Hey that’s a very inspiring story. I’m looking at Fiverr to help for a home in Mumbai and I am going to keep at it. Reading success stories like yours keeps me inspired!

  7. Josh

    He does offer some very unique gigs, cool stuff. Awesome to see he was able to pay off his student loan.

  8. Brian

    Congrats! Awesome job!

  9. logo_business

    Congratulations Man!:>

  10. Amani

    Hi Harold,
    I noticed you when you first arrived on fiverr and saw you all the time when I logged on. A big congrats to you. Keep plugging along. All the best, Amani

  11. AllanB

    Great job man, wish you all the best for 2014 and beyond!

  12. thepromogirl

    Such an inspiring story, congrats to you Harold! Wishing you all the best in 2014! 🙂


  13. Jean

    Very inspiring. I took some notes too. Congratulations!

  14. designs_graphics

    That is awesome! Well done! 🙂

  15. rizwanali

    Excellent…. Congratulations and Well done

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  16. Phanindrav

    Inspiring story . If he can every one can do it.
    I will secure and speed up your wordpress site for $5

  17. fabrichr

    Congrats to Givemeapps, I inspire to be like you someday.

  18. TrafficBustop

    Congratulations… Team #TrafficBustop…

  19. designersbd

    Great job man …… congratulations!

  20. Dan - its t axtime

    Way to go Harold! Following up on your suggestions and it makes a lot of sense – just started this week and looking forward to success.

  21. sunny Sharma

    A true and great inspiration for me and sellers like us.

  22. apprentice_need
  23. PHPService

    Congrats! and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  24. Heather Hummel

    I love reading all of these success stories. The common theme is building traction, and Givemeapps did a great job of doing that. Kudos to him.

    I write bios for people (because most people hate writing about themselves!).

  25. VideoViper

    That’s just AWESOME! Sending this to my young cousin who is struggling in college!

  26. Fast Solutionz

    Congrats man on staying aggressive and working hard to meet and exceed your goals! I have definitely bookmarked your unique gigs and will find a use for a couple of them very soon. You inspire me because my goal is to also become a Top Rated Seller very soon!

  27. Alan

    I really find this insulting when others are doing so great when i have only ever gotten 3 orders and still havent gotten paid for any of them because fiverr takes SO LONG to pay. Like idc if somone payed off their loans good for them. Now how can you guys help people get there? or do you help people? are you just going to showcase the people who dont need it? This really gets me heated with fiverr, like pay quickly or somthing. DO SOMTHING BETTER

    • Fast Solutionz

      Hi Alan while I am not an associate of Fiverr or speaking on their behalf per say, I did get to understand their reasoning behind the long payment period. It was set up to protect both sellers and buyers, especially times when a buyer can cancel a gig and request a refund. There are likely other reasons too, to which an associate might be able to better explain to you, but I was also annoyed and frustrated with this when I first started too. I suggest you visit the fiverr forums more frequently, post whatever it is you need help or clarification on, and someone will be able to jump in to help you. However success stories like this are supposed to be celebrated and motivate all of us to do even better than him/her. I believe the more effort you put into your gigs, the more Fiverr will repay you. All the best my friend.

  28. Annie

    Congratulations ! The HERO of Fiverr. Keep going!
    Best Wishes,

  29. marioland

    What an inspiring story!

  30. SoloAds100

    Just heard about the fiverr forum for the first time, hope that could help for maximum exposure to my TRAFFIC GIG? I will love to be a Great and Best Seller as Givemeapps sonest.

  31. nannubulbul2

    thanks, that is great.

  32. Hoztacom

    Great advice on getting clients.

  33. Alex

    wow pretty neat i hope my application will do as well

  34. jendralz

    its good advice, and i am the next Best Seller on fiverr

  35. Rohiii

    Great Idea. Congratulations!

  36. seocrab

    Nice to see so many people taking the opportunity to promote their gigs here…lol. Great story though, well done.

  37. subu

    well done. give me some tips.

  38. Nishit Dave

    Congratulations! Fiverr has been a real saver for me in 2013. I am glad to quit the job cycle and work full time on Fiverr. Made friends with many sellers. Expanded network with clients. Fiverr never stops inspiring me. Thank you Fiverr team.

  39. pete

    Love it! An integral part of our growth and services.

  40. andy

    Great job!


    All the Best and God Bless!

  41. Esheya

    Congratulations to you Mr. Harold Everton!

    Your fiverr story is truely an inspiring one.

    I offer copywriting services here on fiverr and I hope to become a super seller like you one day.

  42. Sonia Copeland

    Thanks for sharing and giving pointers Harold.

    I am inspired and highly motivated. May I suggest in our not so busy moments, we use that time to update the gigs and build a file of relevant material. I write blogs and articles on health and wellness. I also write lyrics for all genre of music.

    Have a great year on fiverr guys!

  43. Michel

    I ordered a presentation gig from him. Was really good and gained me lots of costumers 😀
    Good stuff to read this!

  44. MARI A


  45. octelsystems

    Great Nice Work!!

  46. Harish Kumar


  47. Harish Kumar
  49. Williams

    Congrats Harold!

  50. jmbauhaus

    Congrats! And a question – I peeked at your page and noticed that you’ve set up a gig to act as a tip jar. Interesting idea. How do you promote that one to your customers?

  51. brandon77

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  53. Rahul

    Congratulations GIVEMEAPPS! Actually this super seller is my regular customer and is great guy! God bless

  54. Luke

    Congrats to you my friend!

  55. Sanal

    Congratulation brother !

  56. Praveen S

    Congratulations. Thank you for sharing your story. Keep up the good work.

  57. Abdul Krygier

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  58. lkilady

    Congratulations Harold, your article is very inspiring.

    You mention a LinkedIn group – can you please post the group link or name.

  59. I just want to say I am very new to blogging and site-building and truly savored this page. Likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You surely come with fabulous posts. Thank you for sharing with us your webpage.

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