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Going Mobile With Super Seller Ttzachii

Going Mobile With Super Seller Ttzachii
Fiverr Team

Mobile apps are hot, and no one knows this better perhaps than our newest Super Seller.

Meet Ttzachii (a.k.a. Tzachi), a very popular seller here on Fiverr who builds custom mobile apps for many eager and highly satisfied customers. He started his Fiverr journey as a buyer about a year ago and quickly graduated to selling his mobile programming services. He did however start with low expectations, posting his Gig and not expecting much attention, unaware how eager buyers would be for his services.

Now Fiverr is his main source of income. More importantly, he now averages $30 to $50 per order.

Ttzachii shares how he’s now achieving financial independence by selling on Fiverr. He reveals his secrets here, and a little inside wisdom as well:

How I Grew My Gig

I offer a full service: This means buyers can come and get a complete project made by me. When I first started on Fiverr, each $5 Gig was a different service that complemented the other, so that together, they made up a full project. Then I was promoting these other services both before and after the order was made. This helped me to earn more money and build my profile with feedback.

Once I earned my levels, I simply used all the extras I could: It didn’t take long to update the prices since I was ready and waiting for it. The idea is to provide the entire service in pieces and promote it as much as possible when talking to buyers. Make sure they know that there’s no need to pay higher fees somewhere else to complete their project. It’s better for them since they only need to explain what they need once and it’s taken care of.

The best part is: This strategy works no matter what services you offer.

The key is to think big and then make it work by breaking down each service into something you can do for $5. You’ll see that orders can really start to add up when you do this.

Make Your Buyer’s Life Easier

The Gig I offer is very complex. My buyer needs to choose content and functions for their app. To make it easier for my buyer (and myself), I built an online form for my Fiverr orders. This is a fast way for me and the buyer to understand what they not only require, but expect.

When the form is filled the information is sent to me. The buyer can also save it and review it to see if there’s anything that they want to change. This setup helps to save a lot of time.

Secrets to My Success

First, you need to have a great Gig with excellent communication. Your buyer should be so overwhelmed with what they get from your Gig that they see the value in adding Extras. When you deliver the Extras, they should be even more amazed. This way they might come back and even spread the word about you to others.

Use Them or Lose Them: Extra’s Are the Key

I see sellers that simply don’t offer them and this is a massive mistake. If you aren’t sure about what service to provide as extras, start thinking about your Gigs as a “one stop shop”. There are always services that someone buying your Gig will need. Add those to provide the complete package.

If your initial Gig already offers a full package, then maybe you are giving away too much for too little. Think of a way to break down this service into steps.

Always promote Your Extras

Let buyers know about your extras when you are chatting with them, both before they place the order and after. Your buyer can always add extras after the order was placed and even after it’s delivered. I know it sounds pushy, but trust me, it works 😉

Remember: Package, Promote and Profit!

Inspired by his story? Got some advice to share? We’d love to hear it! Please post in the comments below, on our forum or email us at

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  1. RouteandPortt

    Awesome tips Ttzachii, thank you!

    • Anita



      • Fully Ready Adsense site for cheap $5

        @Anita , im going to hire Ttzachi to make mobile website for my my profile 🙂

    • Teal

      Good ideas. I don’t have any extras yet, do you know any for a Pinterest service? Multiple pins maybe 🙂

    • rounder

      wow man, this is so awesome, so simple and yet so usefull, i’ve had it in front of my eyes this whole time, i’m a level 2 seller with only 2 gigs, but i never tought about offering one with the other, even as they match exactly for a full service, thanks for the tip, will do that from now on !

    • Alex

      To manage what you did…it requires a LOT of seriosity and perseverance. Congrats!

    • dosporto

      Thanks for all the blessings.

  2. Beyond seo

    Great tips, Thank you for sharing.

  3. garavogue

    Congrats, had a look at your profile, see what you mean about the extras.

  4. videographer

    Nice tips. But I don’t know why I am yet failing to have orders in fiverr. I tried almost everything(except spamming). Even I offered what seems to be impossible. Though no orders!

    Anybody have any suggestion for me?

    • DerpSandwich

      I’ve got one suggestion. There is a glaring grammatical error in your doodle video. Anything but perfect spelling and grammar makes people wary about the service’s professionalism.

    • Sylas

      Well for one you’re not offering a popular service, today’s factory video editing programs easily Work you through a template process. But once you do sell one your title will say express gig, and that will help

  5. deepoo

    Wow! that was cool. thanks for sharing. Wish I can do the same as you Ttzachii.


  6. data_solution

    great man… congrts..

  7. Rajesh Vinaykyaa

    Tips which have been helpful…:)

  8. RainboW

    Very very awesome tips Ttzachii, thank you so much 😀 😀 😀 !

  9. Killer Ready Adsense Site for only $5 |

    Congrats Ttzachii 🙂 Hope will doing good business with you on future.


  10. neophonic


    Please how you did the online form? I have tried to do it using google forms (without any contact info requested), but fiverr staff didnt accepted it.

    Congratulations for your badge!

    Best Regards,

  11. phitlogo

    Great man, congratulations and thanks for sharing. I don`t know how some get their gig displayed on fiverr`s first page quickly while some will have to wait for ages. I think getting the first sale depends on how fast you get your gig displayed and that is the problem i have right now.

  12. Jo

    Needed this; thanks Ttzachii!

  13. Janet Garcia

    Well done. Congratulations

  14. VContents

    Yes, you are right. We shall not offer everything for $5. We shall add extras because only true buyers understand the value of extras.


    • sevenseasons

      “maybe you are giving away too much for too little” – wise words. We should not devalue our works, if they are really good and needful. Hardest part is in the beginning. Sometimes I spend almost all day (or even several days) to find and to create a gig for $5, but when reached Level 1, I added Extras to compensate my time and my creativeness. If you’re good in what you’re doing you should value your work and true buyers understand that. Many customers want a lot for nothing, but many more understand that good product/service must match it’s price. Take one step more than promised and customers will love you.

  15. Marko - OranjeWebDesigns

    Nice work! Well deserved. You look like you are going to be flooded in sales!! Haha

  16. Anoop

    Congratulations Ttzachii !
    and thanks for sharing awsome tips.

    Best regards,

  17. aditya

    great ! congrats

  18. Nabankita

    Congrats ttzachi!! Great achievement!! :)You have written a very motivating post here. Thanks! ^_^

  19. Teguh

    Thanks for the tips Tzachii

    Best Regards,

  20. SmartPad

    Another Fiverr super seller (if not super hero). Congrats!!!

  21. saifal

    Thanks for advising about extras. Surely i am putting them in my profile.

  22. Allason


    I just got to Level Two and am really excited so can imagine just how happy you are!

    • Leon Banksy

      Well done on Level Two Allason! Great job!

  23. Zeshan

    Great work man…!! you are such an inspiration… 🙂

  24. russt77

    Congrats and WOW! One look at your profile shows exactly why you’re now a super seller. Take a look and take notes. I sure have.

  25. Ttzachii

    Hello everyone

    I am honored to be a seller on Fiverr

    Thank you all

  26. Al Eddy

    Congratulations Ttzachii !
    and thanks for sharing awsome tips.

  27. umernawaz

    Awesome Ttzachii,
    thank you!

  28. pats

    Great onfo, however it seems that when listing initially it is not possible to actually add an extra to your purchase, unless there is something i’ve missed in terms of how to do this.

    Anyone who knows how, i’d be delighed to find out?

  29. waynu

    nice tips for newbies like me

  30. Techsensee

    I am unable to add extra services in my gigs 🙁 please help

    • sevenseasons

      You must reach at least Level 1 in order to add an Extras. Keep going and you will do!

  31. OldBittyGrandma

    I really like your concept of an online form Tzachi! All of your tips here are FANTASTIC, not just for newbies but for seasoned sellers too!!

    Congratulations on being honored with this most special Fiverr distinction and welcome to the FSS club my friend!! *Two thumbs up* !! 🙂

  32. ameer hamza

    Hello, that was a great piece of advice.

  33. Nab

    Congrats Ttzachii!
    Great tips to break the whole project/order into pieces and to exploit from Fiverr Extras. 🙂
    I wish, I also get back my LEVEL 2 🙁 Which I’ve lost last month due to writing those words that are not allowed on Fiverr and I didn’t know about it. :

  34. dbm811

    Thanks for the info, im hoping for the same resulte one day.

  35. bhanu

    Awesome tips…I must use them..


  36. technbizblogger

    Nice tips Ttzachii, congrats!

    Thank you,

  37. Yasir Imran

    Wonderful story and wonderful tips for increase in sales, yes it is true if you spent your time at fiverr you can really earn great.–2

  38. childish


  39. geekygood

    Thanks for great tips 🙂

  40. Edward

    I never thought about that. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips

  41. nannubulbul2

    thanks i must try its.

  42. DTong

    Great work and great advice! Congrats!
    Future Super Seller – DTong

  43. | Killer Amazon Store Seller

    WOnderfull Story.. Keep inspiring people

  44. dpeukert

    Awesome tips, thanks!

  45. Nasib Rahman

    Wonderful and creative approach to success. Way to go Tzachi

  46. Matt

    Thanks for the Great tips.

    Davis01 (Youtube views and likes Provider )

  47. D, Art Director

    Great tips Ttzachii, congrats!

  48. Mylex7

    Congratulations Ttzachii !
    and thanks for sharing awsome tips.~~!!~~

  49. ajb_graphics

    Thanks for the tips Tzachii


  50. trendsng

    Congratulation, I really feel you

  51. akashintros

    You are a awesome seller. Me just coming up to you. Already had over 260+ sales in just 2 months with more than 1500$ in Revenues section. Your tips are WONDERFUL and ATMOST help. CHECK OUT MY SERVICES right up here.


  52. Abdul Ghafoor

    dear thanks

  53. Brandon

    Thank you for the recommendations Ttzachii! I’ve used your gig before and you are amazing!
    I’m going to change my gig extras now.

  54. Ian MacCormick

    Awsome I will look at my gigs

  55. LostAwesomeness

    Yeah… how about $3.92 per gig instead of $5

  56. angshuy2k

    Congratulation and thank you for sharing. Hope to follow your footsteps in fiverr.

  57. Congratulations! I totally agree with the tips. Gig extras definitely makes working here worthwhile. Now if I can just get that “Top Rated Seller” badge, I could really get things going. 🙂

  58. Damon Ortiz

    thanks, very helpful

  59. Soulsix

    These are amazing tips. Thank you for sharing. I wish you continued luck.


  60. Orlando2Vegas

    nice article, appreciate the info! How long and gig sales from level 2 to Fiverr Super Seller

  61. designkd

    Nice tips. Everyone must follow these steps.

  62. designkd

    Nice tips. Everyone must follow these steps

  63. imgiovanni

    just blew my mind. thank you and thank the fiverr team for letting you share this.

  64. Raising_life

    To me getting orders and money is all about destiny.
    Fiverr works best for me and am really thankful to them for giving such a good oppurtunity.

    God Bless

  65. Raising_life

    Firstly, Thank you Ttzachii for such a awesome bunch of tips i will use them from today itself.
    To me getting orders and money is all about destiny.
    Fiverr works best for me and am really thankful to them for giving such a good oppurtunity.

    God Bless

  66. Fiverr SEO Services

    thanks for the tips Ttzachii

  67. Ilovebangkok

    Congrats TTzachii!! I’m a Lever 2 Seller and your sharing is very useful for my Gig Extra. I have just collected your gigs, hope to use your service in the future.

  68. aqibarif74

    Great Ttzachii Congratulation
    Best Regards

  69. Alpha Graphs

    Thanks for the advice. I’ll apply these methods and expect a positive impact. Thanks again. -Alpha Graphs

  70. Dana

    Good tips. Hopefully I’ll be as successful as you some day. I hope you do continue to succeed.

  71. everlight

    Info!Good information…for the sellers…

  72. Greatgigsguy3

    Well done to you my friend!


    Thanks dear,
    It helps me to think positively and wait for the right time, ALLAH will help me…

  74. everlight

    Well done!!


  75. riaz

    its a good idea but depends on what youre offering the thing is the extras have to be thought out well so that it is natural for the buyer to want to buy these so only an extra push is needed to persuade them to purchase them.

  76. moo

    Great news! Congratulations!

  77. Jannet
  78. Lebanon R (nonontech)

    Congrats Ttzachii!! Great Tips indeed and in addition, EXTRAS have been helping me a lot, in the same way to my buyers.

  79. Nyasro

    Great post!

  80. Mikalea Pole

    Thank you for the awesome tips! I love fiverr.

  81. Genny Penny

    Thanks for this great tip you offered. I must start learning it right away.

  82. jidan
  83. NKesher

    צחי, המון מזל טוב

  84. Gigdeals

    Gr8!!..Thank you for sharing


    Congrats 🙂

  86. twitter_rht

    Great 🙂 Cheers Man Keep It Up 🙂

    Hoping For my self
    Best twitter gig with all Positive Feedback 🙂

  87. Ben Foster

    Thanks for the tips will definitely be using some of these!

  88. Dilip

    Thanks for advice


  89. NitroGo

    Great ideas to increase revenue per order! This forum is a great place! I’m quite new here on Fiverr and still trying to get the knack of it all. I just recently powered up to Level 1 and am really stoked about that! With all the great info here on this fiverr forum…Level 2 is inevitable!!!! THANKS FOR SHARING EVERYONE!!!!

  90. dipakdarji

    Congrates. I also want to be top rated seller.

  91. Usman

    Great story!!!

  92. redberry

    congrats 🙂

    well done, thanks for sharing great tips.

  93. Ali

    It’s amazing. I am definitely going to implement some of these tips.

  94. Travis Alexander

    Thanks for sharing your tips.
    I got a reply to my gig, and looks like I will be getting some orders.

    Keep up the good work.

  95. Joan

    Congratulations All the best in your spotlight moment we all look up to you to make it there one day 🙂


  96. MaxTheMarketer

    Awesome story and tips. I love your idea of creating several gigs that build up to a complete project as it would really be “stealing” if you built a complete app for just $5.

    This gives me ideas to build “piece gigs” in my own business which is mainly English to Swedish translation services. I thinking of creating an interpreter gig where I would facilitate communication when a client is making business with a Swedish company or business owner.

    Thanks once again for sharing and inspiring us! 😉

    Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” Karlstedt. – The #1 English to Swedish Translator On Fiverr

  97. AnarchoFighter

    Wow, fantastic. I love the flail they made for you too! Welcome to the Club!

  98. Sterling

    I think this is great! I just hit over 10 fiverr gigs, and I have not got the next level I wonder why? well I guess it will update when I do these other fiverr gigs. Thanks fiverr!

  99. Syam de bono

    super ideas, although I do not ahlidalam programming. I can take you to the way services are another product. you are really very extraordinary …. ttzachii, thank you

  100. bijayadoam

    Awesome idea.I am also going to implement this in my profile too.
    Professional and cheapest graphics design in fiverr

  101. adtract2u_com

    Great idea! I am new to fiverr and was wondering how to increase my sales.

  102. lnnyoussef

    Well done. Congratulations
    Keep up the good work.

  103. VideoMarketings

    Nice tips! You got superb plan there..thanks for sharing

  104. akashintros

    Hello Fiverr CS team…please reply to my tickets in fiverr support. i really need your help fast !!

    • Leon Banksy

      Hey, What is your tickets number? Thanks, Leon

  105. Sandrieh

    Well done. Congratulations..!!

  106. Ttzachii

    Hi All

    Thanks so much.

  107. Tobi

    Please how do i make my giggs have extras ?

    • Leon Banksy

      Hi Tobi,

      Click on Seller> My Gigs> select the Gig you want > At the bottom you will see the option to add a Gig extra.
      Remember, you need to be a level seller in order to get Gig extras.

      I hope that helps, enjoy the rest of your day.

  108. Maureen

    Nice insight,

    please take a look at my gigs:-) Level 2 with 100% Gig rating.
    Any advise would be highly appreciated.

    Warm regards

  109. DecentDevil

    Congrats ttzachii, and thanks for sharing such wonderful tips… Happy Fiverring…

  110. SeoTube

    Congratulations Keep up the good work Well done

  111. Fawadyk

    Great tips… i learn lots of from your tips 🙂 Great

  112. Tobi

    Please how do i get much exposure to my giggs so as to become a level seller ?

  113. Le

    Good ideas. I’m using extras and promoting them after the gig completed but I’ll do so on every communication. Remember to offer value and they’ll be back for more.

  114. Tinemarie

    Congrats ttzachii!

    In need of transcription services at affordable rates? Check out my gig :)

  115. Johnny

    Pretty nice income, I just started with fiverr selling, do you think my gigs have potential to make sales?

  116. D, Art Director

    Wow thanks for the “Best Tips” Ttzachii!

    As of now since my latest post I’ve had an increase in sales
    and am now Fiverr Level 2 Seller!

    If you need any graphic design help or marketing check out my gigs,I’ll help you in return!


  117. Opeyemi

    Congrat Ttzachii, i will work with your ideal good of you.

  118. Palewind

    Nice,congratulations on you success. This article actually gave me some ideas for my own gigs aswell,although not as ambitious as what you do.
    But I guess you never know what happens,what pieces starts to move,when you get a little “success boost”.
    Good stuff

  119. amber

    Once you have levels its all easy! Ive sold over 300 gigs and over 100 positive feedback. Only 5 negative in 6 months due to buyerz trying to scam me. Still no levels though. And of course when i ask why i get bad attitudes and unanswerred questions by the staff. Yeah sure…levels…just good luck to you if they some unknown chip on their shoulder about you.

  120. Tom

    How do u add extras service on a gig ?

    • Nat

      As you gain experience on Fiverr, you can Level up. When you do you earn more tools like Extras to help you expand your business on Fiverr. For more details on this check out:

      • tom

        ty- i will sell more then 😉

  121. Andrew

    Great tips! I’m loving Fiverr!

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  123. brick

    That’s all good, but why not have a system that lets you set your own price? That’s essentially what this guy is doing, except I expect you have to go through quite a bit more rigamarole.

  124. Ibrahim

    Hey, i rili love this post, hope to see more great tips fro you, get the most fro my gigs, i never believe five was great until i made my first sale and am hopping to get more sales soon, Thank you fiverr.

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    Be free to check my profile and hope you guys will be interested on it… thanks. =) (I’m new for fiverr)

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  130. sir i wanted to ask..why my account has been restricted and my gigs are denied? what wrong did i do? I followed your TOS perfect than ….what is the problem…please

  131. Congrats for being Super Seller, My dream is the same too. One day i will reach Super Seller badge. Your info and thoughts are good. see you soon

  132. Jayden

    Great Help! Thanks!
    I Hope to be a Super Seller too! 🙂

  133. shahzaib khatri

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  135. Buddy9700

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  136. Ehsan

    Hi, Can any one please tell me how to add extra Gigs in your offer. I am offering smartphone app reviews and video testimonials here

    But i don’t know how to add “Extra Gigs” in my offer.


  137. Kimberly Andrews

    We are very proud of you and your success that you’ve obtained on Fiverr. So I must say on behalf of all of us here at Thank you for your help and good business!

  138. haolong

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